Thursday, April 7, 2011

SaLuSa: Lightworkers Are Leading The Way, You Need But Follow

SaLuSa: Lightworkers Are Leading The Way, You Need But Follow
April 6, 2011

All of a sudden a number of events that you have been anticipating, can be seen by us to be taking place although you are not gifted with knowing the outcome. Yes, you know what is being aimed for but the results we seek can come about in more than one way. So make allowances for changes and know that in the long run everything will work out as planned. The Middle East has been a focal point for many years, and has held the key to your future. It could have easily brought about a situation that would have led to another world war. It has been diverted with our help, by preventing any small confrontation becoming a major war with the use of nuclear weapons. It is because we have the divine authority to intervene in such circumstances, that an escalation has not taken place. Following the coming changes in leadership and governments the whole world will be a safer place, and that will bring our open contact with you a lot nearer.

We are aware of the frustration felt by many of you that matters seem to drag on, but in reality they are moving quite quickly and fulfilling the expectations we have. So to say, you have to put your house in order and show the desire to complete this cycle by achieving Ascension. It really is all that matters and the reason for what you are going through. Mother Earth will of course benefit from your help but could nevertheless make her own way forward if necessary. We foresee a change in many people's attitudes once they understand the true purpose of life, as hitherto you have been going around with your eyes closed. It has not necessarily been your fault, but you have succumbed to the idea that you are separated from each other and God. Now you are beginning to see how dependent you are on each other, and that your actions affect everyone else. It explains how you are collectively responsible for your reality, and makes you realize that you can also change it.

The Lightworkers lead the way and use their energies to bring more Light to the Earth. Through their ability to keep calm and focus them wherever they are required, they have cleared so much of the lower energies that were clogging the arteries of Mother Earth. The more success they have, the more easily it will become to totally break the hold the dark Ones have had upon you. They have now become more disjointed and even desperate as their power has been seriously weakened, and there is no way back. However care has to be taken, as at such times they become dangerous as they seek some way out of their predicament. We have offered such a solution on many occasions, but it is only now that they see there are not many options left. They must leave their positions of power and in that they have no choice. It is the time for those of the Light to take over, and lead you on the final journey to freedom.

It is a strange situation that you find yourselves in, as you still prepare for your normal day-to-day living yet know that in the not too distant future your lives will change quite considerably. Bear in mind that Ascension is a process that is continually occurring, and does not just stop because of the end times. The biggest changes will be the ones happening to you, and already many of you are registering new levels of consciousness. With such an expansion comes a better realization and understanding of the power of love, and how it can be used for the good of all. To be at peace with yourself and one with the world is something wonderful to aim for and quite achievable.

The experiences you are carrying forward have not been gained without considerable sacrifices on your part. However that is the reason you came to Earth, and nowhere else would you have progressed so quickly. Duality was the ideal playing field to test your ability to live through the challenges between the Light and dark forces. You have played on both sides to make your experiences complete, and today you are clearing up any remaining karma which is why your present life can be quite demanding. So take the last challenges in your stride, knowing that your karma will be cleared before you rise up into the higher dimensions.

The most wonderful gifts are about to be bestowed upon you, and come with the rising up of your consciousness. In time you will become more psychic and your knowledge will know no bounds. You will travel wherever you desire and become a part of the great family of Space Beings. As a member of the Galactic Federation you can explore the Universe, and serve other people who like you at present are seeking their way home to the higher dimensions. The past and future will have become one, and time will cease to exist as you now understand it. Little will remain that relates to your third dimensional experiences, and life will be so different and enjoyable without the chores that you now endure. Perhaps the most attractive aspect to you at present would be the thought of having a light-body, one that does not age and suffers no ills or diseases. One that you can also change through pure creative thought that allows you to present yourself as you wish.

You may wonder who would knowingly say no to a new life in the higher dimensions. Yet some souls are unsure of themselves and cling to what they know, being reluctant to make a commitment at this time. It comes in part from a lack of understanding, because they cannot perceive what life off Earth can be like. Certainly at times your Earth life has its pleasant experiences, but they pale into insignificance compared to what lays ahead for you. If only you could glimpse it then your worries would seem of so little concern, plus the fact that your future is assured as nothing can change your destiny.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased that through various channels you at least have sources of news about Ascension. If left to your media you would hear little or nothing about it, because the dark Ones do not want you to know of the opportunity to leave the cycle of duality. They would rather depict the end as the Armageddon, playing on the death and destruction associated with it. In fact they planned events to coincide with the prophecies, to frighten people into believing in the end of the World. Fear not Dear Ones, as we will ensure that it is as easy as it can be made, and life will continue according to your freewill and well into the future.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey