Monday, April 18, 2011

Communication with the Federation Of Light

Communication with the Federation Of Light
Received by Blossom Goodchild
April 15, 2011

Well my friends ... just couldn't sleep because the energy in my head is SO strong ... I couldn't find out if you want to communicate with me ... so instead of lying there wondering what's going on .... here I am . If you are here you are , if not .... night night.

Indeed beloved one we are here with you and in gratitude that you have heeded our call.

I used to feel a bit funny about the 'beloved one' stuff ... but now I think to 'be - loved' is actually very nice. What is it that you need to say that couldn't wait till the morning?

It is more so do to with the corresponding alignment that is able to conduct a suitable resonance with us and yourself at this particular time. The reason that you are feeling so Light-headed is because we are able to correspond with You very strongly at this moment.

Let it be known at this time that those in service to all that is taking place in this transitional circuit are being 'upgraded' during these coming days that are upon you. By this ... we mean in your time of Now. This is why so many of you are feeling so 'off planet' as you would say. We would say this is because much of yourself is 'exactly that' whilst transformations are taking place within the soul level of yourselves. You are being transformed into that which is more compatible and necessary for the mutual coergence of both planetary and individual uprising.

Much that is taking place within the deeper components of the physical being is causing the soul self to feel uncomfortable and out of sorts. Therefore there is an agreement with the Higher Self that certain aspects pertaining to this transfiguration is widely known to be more resourceful by conceding to allow this to take place of it's own accord with out matters of the mind interfering with the necessary arrangements. Many of you are adjusting beautifully and when allowing the fuller self to re-enter back within the physical ... one will find that their understanding has reached a level that is able to free themselves of much triviality that has withheld the self from accomplishing much that is desired. Therefore we ask of you not to be deterred or disturbed by feelings of "Light - headedness.' The wording we choose is to our liking for indeed it is so that the Light force is streaming into your 'head' and conducting itself in order to allow a blending of the newer Higher energy of this earthly aspect of yourself to 'do it's work.'

There can be no denial surely when one assesses how one is Feeling in these times that a change is taking place. How is it possible for you to Know in your heartself of this Feeling that is so strong and detectable at almost every moment through out your day? Can any one of you Truthfully say that you are Not Feeling the difference in the vibration of yourself and that which surrounds you? When you conduct your daily routines can you not notice the level of self that one has arisen to? Within your communication levels with another can you not Feel the manner in which you 'think' has lifted to a greater understanding of that other soul and allowing that soul to be who they are for what and where they are in this moment of Their existence? Have you not taken on board how much you have ceased judgment? Have you noticed how much Gratitude is Now just part of your everyday existence?

Friends of Earth .... look inside .... recognize the pace in which all these things are affecting you. This 'rush' of energy that is pouring into your Beings and into your planet is of a delightful resonance. It is soothing that which is in pain. It is teaching you to accept that what is ... Is. This New Energy that is entering on your behalf is of the Highest quality. Yet we wish you to acknowledge that it could not assume it's rightful place with in your planet unless You were at a vantage point that is able to receive it. Therefore ... it is You that is allowing this wonderful outcome to come about. You who are working your magic in order to receive it. You who sometimes Feels unworthy and lacking in spirit energy ... Yes you ... each one of you who reads these words ... are fulfilling your purpose... and yet most of you do not even realise that this is being accomplished.

Open up your hearts dearest souls .... open up your Beings to the knowledge that you are doing ALL that is required. You ponder and question on so many matters. You Feel that your world is falling into rack and ruin. Yet with all Love and Respect we ask you to look at how far you have come. Concentrate on the glorification that awaits you. For you have come to fulfill a prophecy once spoken of and you are making sure that nothing shall deter this prophecy from taking its rightful place within the Universal plans.

You speak of free will and wonder if it is still so. We ask you to do this little experiment in this moment. Ask your heart now ... whether or not it can be duped by that which is not of Truth in Any Form. What did it answer? We know of this solution. Yet so many return to the fear they have created for themselves through alternative methods of what is considered to be reliance of the self.

Yes, we would say that much brain washing has taken place and settled deeply within the mind. Yet mindset can be suitably transformed and set free when one allows the heart to do the suggesting. For the heart cannot be 'conned.' There maybe immediate disagreeance by some over that remark ... yet we confirm that this is a Truth. Your heart is your monitor. Your heart can always be relied upon to speak to you and offer guidance. Yet you have been regulated to listen to the fears within your mind. Fears that take over and take control of your actions. Release fear of all things.

We have said to you many times ... There Is Nothing to Fear. If you listen to what your heart is telling you in its Truth .... you would accept that there is Nothing that can take hold and disrupt when you are in Full Knowing of Who You Are.

Who Are You ?

You Are Love.

Can Love Be Fear?

No! Love Can Only Be Love ... and You Are Love.

Understand this Truth ... You Are Love.

Recognise this Truth ... You Are Love

Know this Truth ... You Are Love

Be this Truth ... Love.

For we say to you .... that the more you attune yourselves to this as a fact .... the more you will appreciate who you are . The more you appreciate who you are ... the quicker you and all around You shall Ascend. You cannot and will not fail to bring this New World into existence. You are already within it . You just have to Know of this as Truth so that the level of Love that you are walking into with each step that you are taking ... brings this into Being.

Thank you . Yep ... the hour is up ... have to say though the Light headedness is still here. I thought after a chat with you it might ease a bit.

It will take it's time to settle within for each one ... for it is of a new strength. Think of the Feeling within the head as a Light and visualize it traveling through your Being. Lighting You Up. As you do so ... you shine Light onto your planet also. This blends with the Light that your Mother Earth is emanating in her New strength and as the energy merges into the same Light the Ascension process takes on a new level.

And I'll say it for you ........... Hold On To Your Hats!!

Indeed! We thank you for taking this time and we bid you the sweetest of dreams.

Jolly dee. I look forward to them. Goodnight ... although it is now morning! In Love and thanks my friends ... from us all.

Blossom Goodchild is a professional 'direct voice' channeling medium working with spirit and cosmic energies. * *