Thursday, April 14, 2011

Message from Melchizedek

Message from Melchizedek
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff
April 12, 2011

Beloved Lightworkers,

You are all deep into your transformations now, shedding all that is not in alignment with the higher aspect of yourselves that you wish to bring in and anchor into your physical being. It is a tedious and challenging process or it can be the most wonderfully enlightening and empowering process of self actualization ever experienced by anyone on Earth with the exception of those who understood the process in ages past and overcame all the temptations that befall Souls in a physical body experience. The choice is ever and always up to you how you choose to perceive it. Remember, Dear Ones, that mind is the builder or it can be the destroyer, if you allow thoughts that are not in alignment with your highest vision to take root and fester with poison.

The majority of you who are reading this message are very determined and purposeful in your intentions to become Masters of Life upon the Earth plane and this is what these testing times are all about. Here upon this plane of life, you have been learning and testing your mettle, for each of you come with specific intentions to learn specific lessons in order for you to move forward in your evolutional journey. It is in this now time that the Awakenings to your greater Being, your unlimited and totally loving Divine Self has the greatest and most wonderful opportunity to blossom forth in expanded consciousness. Each of you are Divine alchemists, tweaking this formula and adding a few drops here and there, to discover, once again, that it is you who are Creator in a human form manifesting in and through you.

As you have become more attuned to the energies that spiral around you, you are learning to consciously direct these energies to specific purposes such as your personal spiritual growth and the raising up of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to the levels of Ascension, to the levels of the higher dimensions of Life. Every discipline that has come to your attention and which you now practice is programmed to increase your frequency levels to a higher and higher state. There are simple practices such as deep breathing for a cycle of seven counts, in and out without a break between the in breath and the out breath which helps to clear your energy fields and fill you with a greater amount of Light or pranic force. This is something that each person can do and it is within the capabilities of everyone. The secret is in the doing of it each day without fail.

There are many ways to help yourselves as you are releasing all that no longer aligns with your Christ Self. We have given you these in previous messages. They are all simple things that each and everyone can do. Taking long walks in nature, breathing great gulps of fresh, clean air, finding things to laugh about, soaking for a long time in a tub of very warm water with some Epsom salts added to the bath water, singing, toning, listening to highly uplifting music, making love, helping someone in need, volunteering your time to an organization that tangibly provides assistance to others, cooking, baking, painting, writing poetry and novels, sleeping, rest, and so on. These are all simple things that do not cost any money in the doing of them but can provide the much needed solace and grounding time that is necessary in order that you feel renewed in mind, body and spirit. Lest we forget, drinking at least 8 glasses of clean water daily is vitally important in this regimen.

Most of you are learning how to nurture yourselves through these times by doing some of the things mentioned, at one time or another in your daily lives in order to help you reconnect with your inner core, within which resides your true Being. By honoring that inner core within you and acknowledging your need to replenish your sustenance, you are learning that the process of releasing can be accomplished with greater equilibrium and balance. Do not forget to honor and love yourselves in these ways, for as you give love and nurturing to yourselves you are filled with the capacity to share this love with others. Tell yourselves often that everything is perfect, that all is in Divine order and so it is, Beloved Ones.

I AM Melchizedek

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,