Thursday, April 21, 2011

Message from Melchizedek

Message from Melchizedek
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff
April 1, 201

Beloved Ones,

The time that is now before you that can either be a time of the manifestation of all the good you have ever desired or it can be a testing time. By holding your thoughts on that which you desire and by focusing your attentions and intentions upon these, you will bring these to you. Your faith in all things good will be going through periods when you can see before you all that is not. For where there is one there is also the other, and each trying and challenging situation just means that a wondrous door of opportunity is opening.

This is a time when belief and nurturance of Self is of the utmost importance and following your intuitive promptings will bring many unexpected and delightful blessings. By following your heart rather than your logic, you will be brought to places of great potential that you never believed possible before. As you become willing to let go of the previous standards or beliefs and surrender yourselves to what is or seems to be transpiring in front of you, you thereby gain enormously in terms of spiritual understandings and insight.

Surrender involves a deep letting go of all that has burdened you for too long. It is a complete letting go of all fears and doubts that arise from deep within you and being willing to face those by giving up that which seemed impossible to do before. As your attachments to things, people and situations falls away, life becomes filled with a flow of loving and benevolent synchronicities that come to you without effort or stress. Learning to live each day in this way allows your innate Spirit to begin to bring into your daily existence all of your highest good and blessings. All that you once resisted begins to change into the greatest miracles and blessings you have ever known.

Allowing Spirit to guide your way and being willing to surrender by affirming 'not my will, God, but thine be done in and through me' may sound simple and it is, but the principle behind this practice is that it allows a greater force and greater Light to now work in and through you without resistance to the good that Spirit desires for you. Each of you is most deserving of experiencing life as joyous, rewarding and prosperous and this requires a willingness to let go and let God. Look for the signs that Spirit is working with you, there are always signs. You will be prompted to go somewhere at a certain time or there will be a repetition of certain words by several different people in succession, or perhaps you are on the internet and all of a sudden you find yourself on a website where the answers you have been looking for are found.

Work with these benevolent and loving energies for it will gently and gracefully move you in the direction of your highest and greatest good. All that is good in your lives will prosper and grow and all that has held you back will fade away as though it never existed. Faith and trust require the belief that Creator desires to give you all the riches of Creator's Kingdom and that the experience of joy, happiness and fulfillment is your Divine birthright. Believe, Beloved Ones, in the goodness of a life well lived, with honor and the highest integrity, for in doing so, it will be manifest.

We remind you again that your thoughts are powerful and that by carefully cultivating positive emotions when thinking about what you desire as the most benevolent and highest outcome that you could ever imagine, you will begin to experience the fulfillment of these. Watch your repetitive thought patterns and try to discern and record when these happen and you will begin to see a pattern emerge. Become the discerning observer in all aspects of your life and practice patience and you will learn much about yourselves that will bring empowerment to you.

In the coming weeks, be very good to yourselves and all your loved ones. Practice the Golden Rule until it is second nature to you for it is Universal Law that what you give out, you in turn receive. Above all, never give up or let discouragement lead you in a downward spiral, for you must remember that allowing yourselves a period of contemplation or even a good, long sleep, will bring a different and usually, more uplifted perspective. Ask the Angels and your Guides to give you the insights that you need and even ask them to uplift your spirit when you feel tired or depleted. Help is all around you now and every request is most eagerly attended.

I AM Melchizedek

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,