Thursday, April 21, 2011

SaLuSa: Change Is The Only Constant That Exists

SaLuSa: Change Is The Only Constant That Exists
April 18, 2011

Never let your chins drop as the plan for Ascension proceeds to its final conclusion. There are difficult periods to come but they will be followed by changes for the benefit of you all. The plan has been moving into your level for many years, and modified according to the different situations that have arisen. Part of this comes from a better understanding of your needs, and to cater for the changes in your circumstances. As strange as it may seem, we have to make allowances for the actions of the dark Ones as within certain boundaries, they also have freewill. However, their time has all but run out as they try to delay or stop our activities. They know what it is planned for you because we have informed them, and made it clear that we will not tolerate any level of interference with our allies. They are protected and guided by us to fulfill their part of bringing about the long awaited changes.

Different aspects of the intended changes are well advanced and as they are so far reaching and extending to the whole world, you will understand that the timing is critical. It is particularly relevant to financial changes, as they require acceptance and full support if they are to quickly be set in place. The net result will be that your money will be safe and not subject to so many changes in value. The speculators that can devalue it through their rogue trading will no longer have that option, and eventually investments will become secure. A new currency waits in the wings, and in future will hold its value as it is supported by precious metals. Printing money without such backing will no longer be allowed. Agreement to the changes is generally accepted, as it is seen as the only way out of the mess previously created by irresponsible banking. There have been many unlawful practices, and those who have lost out because of them will be compensated. Once all of that is straightened out you will find that monetary wealth will be apportioned fairly, so that all enjoy in the prosperity that will emerge.

The scene has to be set, so that as you approach Ascension you are already beginning to enjoy the benefits that are awaiting you. As we have often informed you, your life will become so different to what it is now. The happiness you seek and the comforts that are your entitlement will become yours quite quickly. They will bridge that gap that exists now, and take you from lack to abundance in every way. The most inviting aspect will be the realization that you will have more than adequate time for yourself, to follow your own pursuits. There will be no more class distinction such as the "have" and "have nots" as every person will be considered equal when it comes to sharing the results of your labors. Much of it will in any event become so automated and computers so advanced, that you will hardly be involved at all. Leisure time and creative interests will more than fulfill your desire to develop your personal skills. Even what you term as "work" will be satisfying and enjoyable, and in no way the chore or bore that you often experience now.

So Dear Ones, keep your eyes on the future and do not worry about any loss you experience now. All will be made up to you, so that you come out of it far more happy and assured than previously. Young people will be nurtured and cared for in such a way, that they will be given exactly what is required for their advancement. The days of putting them all through the same system will change in favor of more personal tuition. In fact care will be taken to address it in accordance with their intended life plan. The trend will follow individual needs, and not compulsory education. Even the methods will change so that time is used sensibly, without the need for endless hours spent swotting or taking exams. Information will be "fed" into each student and retained by them for immediate recall. You must bear in mind that as time passes the levels of consciousness are rapidly expanding, so education must also change with it.

When you think that after hundreds and thousands of years living through many experiences on Earth, you are being released from the lower dimensions it is an occasion for much joy and happiness. Your fulfillment lies in the higher dimensions that are your true home. People speak of a Hell, but in reality it has partly been of your own making and has existed on Earth. Now you can put it behind you, as it cannot touch you once your vibrations have lifted up. Through the Law of Attraction you are being drawn to the New Earth and are also part of the creative energies that are bringing about its manifestation. When Ascension finally takes place in 2012, only those of you who are of the higher vibration can lift up with the new Earth. Those souls that for various reasons have decided to remain in the 3rd. dimension, will stay to continue their evolution. Some day in their future the opportunity to ascend will come up for them again, and so the cycles of life continue.

All through the Universe life in its various forms is evolving, and nothing stands still for long. As you have learnt, change is the only constant that exists including the breathing "In and Out" from the Source. The Creator has set up the rules and through you experiences all that manifests within all creation. The mysteries of life are too much to fully comprehend when you are in a limited state of consciousness. However, you will in course of time move up through the dimensions and reach a stage of full comprehension and understanding. You are given what is considered appropriate for each stage of your recovery, and return to the level you were prior to entering the lower dimensions.

So you are no strangers to the truth, and upon learning it you will find it will resonate with you. Clearly you need to have an open mind and be prepared to let go of some of your cherished beliefs. In most people's lives there have been periods that are mostly in the "learning years," when teachings are given that are accepted because you trust your superiors. In fact as a result you can easily develop a rigid mindset, which is difficult to penetrate. Be bold and be curious and if you have a trusted source, use it as a measure against anything that challenges it. These times are so important to you and your immediate future, so set your sights on what you want out of it and hopefully it will be your Ascension. We send our Love to you all, to assist you in the final stages of your journey towards the Golden Age.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey