Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Polaris: April 2011: The Underground Wave

Polaris: April 2011: The Underground Wave
Channeled by Karen Murphy

Rolling beneath you right now are the reverberations of what has now become years of foundational activity. This manifested physically last month as the devastating and planetary game-changing earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but continues still as movement underneath, behind the scenes, and growing momentum for supported global change. Are you ready?

Whether or not you feel you are now in a position to assume the mantle of your life purpose and to step firmly onto your path, rest assured that yes, you are ready. As a member of a global community, you are already engaged in what it is you need to do in order to play your part in the overall whole and to weave in your thread in the global communal tapestry of creation. How do we know this? Simply because we are all connected, now more than ever and increasingly on a conscious level -- the world response to the Japan tsunami brought that to bear clearly. Understand that no one need be consciously aware of this connection - it exists regardless of individual awareness and will continue to be strengthened by world events.

What does this mean to you, to your family, to your community, and to the planet? Things are moving underneath at a rapid rate. You may feel off balance, as if you are spinning at a different rate than the planet's motion. Vertigo. Uncertainty. Wanting to feel the ground firmly under your feet. Relationships strengthen considerably or move farther apart in a widening chasm. Political polarization continues, while each end of the spectrum becomes more aligned with itself. Communities strengthen intention through shared experience or begin to fall apart. People make rapid and often dramatic changes.

If you feel personally off balance at any time, try this:

Sitting quietly and comfortably, breathe down into the soles of your feet. Allow your breath to gather there, and really feel your feet. Notice any sensations of warmth, tingling, pins and needles, vibration, or nothing at all. After a minute or two, send this gathered breath down deep into the center, the core, of the Earth. Feel your breath traveling deep and far. Feel your connection to the solid surface beneath your feet. Continue noticing any sensations. Allow your breath to touch the very center, the core, of the Earth and then bring that breath back up through your feet and into your heart.

Understand that this underground wave will test you to the very core of your being. If ever there was a time to tune in and listen to your heart, it is now. The constant roil of the wave will unground you, rip you from the moorings that you thought you had, and make you feel as if you are required to find a new lifeboat, new moorings, a new vantage point from which to retire from the world and be safe.


Go within this month and listen to your heart.

Feel your heart beating. Start from there. It is all you have, but there are untold riches within your own heart. There is an infinite space within. Just breathe. Feel your heart beating. Remember that you are alive, you are in a body, and you live on this planet. This month, that is enough.


This is a month of significant and dramatic shifts. Expect new job offers, moves to new homes, relationships ending or beginning, projects begun or ended. Strong ups and downs are also possible on a number of levels, as biorhythms fluctuate and energies supporting the physical, mental and emotional cycles run rampant this month. Pay attention to your personal cycles, both within a day and over a longer period of time, and expect change. Notice what foods or activities precipitate a drop or increase in energy, focus, or feeling, and adjust your activities according to how you would like to feel. This is a very good month to get in closer touch with your own personal rhythms.

On a physical-spiritual level, there is an increase this month for many people in the overall sense of being connected on a global level. In the aftermath of Japan's tsunami and shared radiation exposure increases through seawater dumps, cloud seeding, and atmospheric absorption, there is a greater sense of being connected on all levels, that what affects one affects many. This is not an accident and will have far-reaching cumulative effects as choices and decisions on regional and national levels begin to be made with the overall global community in mind. Although these increasingly mindful choices may not be occurring consciously, rest assured that the overall trend is fast moving toward considered choosing based on the needs of the global community.

You may be moving through periods of intense fear, uncertainty, loss, loneliness, or other intense emotions this month. The sense of underlying uncertainty brings whatever you have been holding on to up to the surface. Understand this and look to these emotions are your teacher. Allow them to free you. This is your opportunity to see your patterns and to learn from them. Look within and love yourself, love your fragile-yet-strong humanity.

Sharing your journey with others in your life has an amazing healing quality and helps create a sense of connection that will assist in rebuilding your new foundation of awareness.

Affirmation: I AM alive.


Relationships will be sorely tested this month as people struggle to find personal safety. It is easy to project and then go onto a blaming space with the people closest to you. I feel uncomfortable, and you are here, so you must have done something to cause this! Understand that of course you are closely connected to the people near you. You cannot help but be affected by their fears, by their pain, by their journey. If you are feeling unbalanced, unsafe, and unloved, look within rather that at those around you. Your safe place in any relationship begins with your Self. Look within at your own heart and work from there.

Remember that those around you hurt and are as afraid as you are. Hold space for them to move through their own journey by looking within at your own heart.

Affirmation: I AM the root of compassion for those around me. I am loved by loving more.


Communities continue to form and dissolve as people react and respond to the energies within them. Understand that these are growing pains, a necessary part of the overall collective journey we have embarked upon, and try to hold compassion for the journey of those around you. Trying to bend people to your will and make them respond in ways that feel better to you will not work. In this case, think of yourself as the willow: strong and yet resilient bending to the wind and rain yet ever standing.

As with personal relationships, try not to make any hard and fast choices this month about whom to ally yourself with or about how you will proceed within community. Try to be the willow. Find your security, again, by looking within. Breathe and breathe compassion into the spaces around you. Remember that whatever you see outside you is a mirror to that which is within.

Affirmation: I AM holding space for the evolution I desire.

Global Politics

As internal fears mount, polarization and fear-based alliances continue. Expect pettiness, quarreling and name-calling as the global collective begins to examine and eventually move through and dismiss childishness in relating. This is a lengthy process, however, and this period of childishness in global relating will likely last a while. The underground current, the roiling wave, will mount in intensity regarding global politics and you may expect some surprising changes later this year as the balance of power among nations continues to shift. Economic pressures create additional movement opportunity. It would not be a surprise for complete 180-degree reversals to occur on policy or war-making from several previously regarded "power" countries, especially the U.S and European nations.

Affirmation: I AM ever mindful that the choices I make affect the world.

Earth Changes

Had enough yet of nature's capriciousness? It is not over yet, not by a long shot. Still to come this year is a major event that affects a large population: earthquakes and volcanoes are the strongest potential. Beyond that, expect nature fun like greater-than-normal temperature fluctuations, strong winds and hurricanes/typhoons, and unusually high amounts of regional rainfall.

These extreme events affect people on a visceral level - when your home and community are threatened, it is difficult to feel safe. Even if you are not the one being directly threatened by events that occur outside your ability to control them, the collective energy of fear and uncertainty has its affect. You have already seen this with Japan, and in fact those effects have not yet reached their pinnacle.

You can again reconnect to the foundation you are building by looking within to your heart and its innate wisdom, and imagining yourself as the willow, flexible yet resilient. Remember the enduring nature of humanity. Tap into the timelessness of the space deep within the planet. Breathe and remember that the world breathes with you.

Affirmation: I AM as old as the Earth.

Global Spiritual Changes

The collective growing pains of a species feels like an unendurable burden sometimes. It is not your load to bear. Set it down and allow yourself to move into a space of trust. Things are changing. You are a part of this. Your work, your life, your breath all makes a difference. But beyond this? There is no obligation to bear the burden of holing space the collective evolution of humanity unless you look within and find that this is indeed your path. Just because you desire something does not mean it is your path to create it. Sometime, simply breathing and being alive is enough. The deeper you move into your own humanity, with all its messiness, the greater a positive effect you can have on the collective consciousness. Let you breath be enough.

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