Monday, April 18, 2011

Archangel Michael: Behold the Soul of Light

Archangel Michael: Behold the Soul of Light
Channled by Adele Linsalata
April 7, 2011

Welcome and Hello to you this day the energies are really liking to mess with things and as always they are right on schedule with what is going on. It is all in how we apply the changes in our lives and as I sit here I know every week I give to my students exactly what is going on with the energies and it still amazes me how with this information as one goes through the physical aspect of this lifetime how the importance of the energies are often times over looked.

Right now we are going through the mass changes that are equivalent to the times that have cycled through Mother Earth for millions of years. And yes, this is exactly what I have been talking about for what it seems just as long.

As you know we are in Mercury Retrograde, a time for accomplishing all things that we have been putting on hold and a time when we need to step back and see what we have created. A time when what we place out into the Universe shall either support us or bring about the subconscious way of what we are truly doing. Whether that is good, bad or indifferent is all in the eyes of the one who holds their own future in their hands. To those who hold the World's future in their hands it is a time when there shall be no conflict going on but many of us see it anyway.

We see each day as we walk out into the world, so much conflict that it boggles the mind, why do they not see what the World sees they are displaying is beyond words. Many individuals are waking up to know that they have been living and accepting what is being handed to them every day. They are adapting to what is being told to them to adapt to, as this is the way of life. And many are refusing to adept in anyway there is. This is conflict on a massive proportion that does not have to be but is also the energies that we are living. As I said before it is not the year of 2012 that concerns us but the years leading up to 2012. And we are living those times right now in such a massive proportion it is consuming the lives of everyone it touches. And that does not leave out many in our populations. These are the times of truth rising to epic proportions and the times when there shall be those who will fight it as we say "tooth and nail."

I have been giving to my students the updates with the energies and that as I have been shown that we are all going through trails on such a level as not to be copied again. During this time we shall be tested to make decisions that we have never faced before. These decisions will place us against our belief structures and those around us. We will have to make decisions that will change our lives in ways that we have heard about but have not lived in this lifetime. We will be choosing between our loved ones, friends and family and the choices that we make. most. will not like at all. This is the Christ Light energies still at play to see if you are walking your light or not. This will be the turning point for all future dealings you have with those around you.

What is it that you can live without, because right now you have been living without more than you ever thought before? Think about it, you have said you cannot live without money but you have. You have said you cannot live without gas and still you pay the price you pay. You say you cannot live without so much and still here you are still living and still making it through some of the hardest times that you have ever seen. All of this is being given to you to adapt to and you are doing it. You are being told there are no more free rides and yet you find ways to get around obstacles before you. You have politicians doing everything imaginable to you as a human being that you say you will no longer put up with, but here you are going about surviving as they know you will and they expect it. They are here to cause that uproar in our society for the changes in which they have created long ago but no one. until now has caught on to. And they are working very hard to cover the path they have created so that it disappears as if never walked.

So what are the trails you live each day that have become more and more apparent in your life? The decisions you make will be that which finds its way to your door no matter where you are. For the energies of the Christ shall always find the way to shine the light to give to each living soul here on Mother Earth. Remember along the way to love each other as you would and need to be loved, for that shall be the savings grace on your journey.

We have seen the fight among one another for so long we have just adapted our lives around it and there are those who are finding the warrior in themselves to stand up to say no more. But truly what are they fighting? The truth? I have to laugh as Archangel Michael stands beside me and shows me once again how he gave to us the words long ago:

"The world shall see such epic violations of the soul self as the gauntlet has been thrown, for those who believe they stand on the side of righteousness shall see their knees weaken and fall. There is no time for division among those who walk the true path of light. There shall be many upheavals and trials to know the light when it comes to you. For those who say they are of the light shall be known by their sword of light and words. For in the words of the Lord all shall hear what they shall hear and those will follow the light to not which they know but that which they feel in the depth of the heart.

"Many shall be false in who they say they are, they shall take your hand and lead you astray, but to those who have ever been true to the one God shall be at my side as I shall be with them in might. Do not take the meek for granted as others have done, for those who do not rise up in defense but choose to do what needs to be done from the heart for that which comes from the heart are those who have my sword at their side. The time of division is not to be wasted as the time of truth shall be your downfall as to not see before you that your truth must be seen as God sees, your truth must be that in which God's truths are and in all things when your heart is filled with hate you are not of the light but within the self of pain and anguish like you have never seen. Take the words of God and allow it to enter your heart to clearly see all the past pains are just a stepping stones to that which is before you. Do not perjure the messenger but follow its words to the true soul recognition that is God. The Messiah of High comes before you and shall you show shame or that of the Heart? I say to you clear all the pain away to know the true love as it is meant to be and the light shall shine within, take time to deliver to others your acceptance that you have seen the dark and shall never more know that pain. Open your heart to those who stand alone but beside you and God shall give to you all the love that beholds from within the soul of Light. AA Michael"

Much Love and thank you Archangel Michael for you have given to us much that we all need to take a step back to look at and how much we are all grateful to your assistance in these words.

Do not go about with unkindly words to say about others as that which you say just may be that which applies to self. Is that what we are not looking at these days, have we gotten to a level where we are so ingrained on what we have accepted that we no longer can find that place of truth. That we wish to place upon others as we do not get our way?

This energy is pushing each and every one of us to truly see what we have never seen before; it is pushing us to not accept that which is happening around us but also, to look at what we can do more to assist each other.

Truth is not something that everyone can accept in their lives. They will find ways to turn it around to suit their own purpose without really looking at it with an objective view to begin with. That when someone is down others feel it is their right to join in on taking advantage of the individual who is on their knees. That in numbers that can destroy all that they cannot destroy on their own, so they seek numbers to gain. They find it important to assemble those who feel that they need justification in doing what they are doing. All at the same time they are not living their own truth. They need those around them to feel justified in the course of action they have set. In this way they feel as if they are no longer alone in the perception of truth, they just need to make sure they have the numbers as to not be alone. They hide behind others to speak for them, they hide because that is what they have always been doing hiding. And when someone comes along to expose their hiding place they frantically look for ways to keep covered the illusions they have always created. Why is it one hides from one another and that of one's own self? Why is it one always likes to place upon another all that they have created themselves?

This is mostly as what society has taught in the form of disclosure, why should one disclose their true self when no one around them ever has? We see this each day as we watch the world around us.

We send our Love and prayers out to all of the heartland of Japan to all the beautiful individuals who have been displaced, confused, starving and suffer the pain of the World around them, for truly this is a World problem not just that of Japan. Whenever we have an epic proportion of this nature to me it is not just the Nation/Country/Continent that needs to find and correct what Mother Earth has given out, but it is the World in which needs to work the solution together hand in hand. There should be no politics when this happens, there should not be any. this is your problem alone. It is the World's problem as it affects the whole World at such a level we have not seen before, but have we?

Have we not been challenged this way before? Have we not been challenged with pain, suffering, hunger, death and birth before? Every time anywhere in the World has been deluged with disaster then yes, we have been challenged before and have we not learned that we need one another to be able to go forth and continue to live? Why do we keep saying this is a wakeup call and still no one answers the phone? Oh.. that's right, we create committee's and organizations to help us correct and heal, to try to make sense out of what happened and still the same thing keeps happening again and again. We have lost to many souls in this lifetime alone to not know by now we need one another here on Mother Earth and that maybe. just maybe.. that is her Message to the World.

The phone is ringing are we going to answer or let it go to the answering machine? And what shall the answer be...

Love, Laughter and Light,

Adele Marie

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