Thursday, July 31, 2008

08/08/08 and the Seven Sacred Rays

08/08/08 and the Seven Sacred Rays
Adama & KyraNamu - through Kata

Greetings to the Masters,

This is Adama here.
I am honored to be here now with a member of The Great Diamond
Sisterhood, KyraNamu. The Sisterhood represents from ancient Lemurian
times the reawakened Divine Feminine which is as you are all fully
aware has the same significance in reaching your final state of Divine
Balance as has the Divine Masculine in its milliard manifestations. We
are here now together to talk to your hearts. Reading our words one
thing, letting into your cells the energy of our ancient wisdom
through them is an other. The topic for today is connected to the
energies of this very intense period of time, especially the Gate what
you call 8/8/8 in your linear system.

We are here to help in your preparation for all that will reach our
common beloved planet very very soon.
The intense energy manifestation that I described to you earlier can
be handled properly if you prepare yourselves according to your
highest wisdom. The New Reality at your door as I told you. I am here
to suggest to let the Sisterhood help you in your preparations. The
wonder of what 888 represents can be the closest harmony with your
newly awakening divinity if you help for these waves to reach your
very core.

KyraNamu is here to speak now.
Beloved Ones, as an ambassador of a Sisterhood it does not mean I wish
to speak only to ladies. Almost the opposite, finding your long
forgotten divine balance needs its feminine aspect's reconnection and
it is so very true for everyone disregarding of recent genders.
As you are all aware from many different communications the recently
arriving universal energies have a tremendous amount of transformative
power. It will bring a lot of changes inside and outside of your
wonderful 'teaching field', that you call your recent lifetime. THIS
IS THE TIME when the veil can be literally blown away. If you make
certain preparations it can bring a huge positive impact into your
recent reality. 888 can be imagined as a huge vibrant powerful gate
that you can walk through in your highest consciousness to experience
what your New Reality means, what our New Earth will manifest. It can
be a 'preview' for many, however if your preparation allows it, it can
be your recent life's biggest achievement which can last forever.

You are so very close to experience all that has been taken away from
you through the limitations of your recent dimensions. We are here to
remind you that your ancient task is to walk beyond these limitations.
Please take the help of the arriving special energies and experience
with your senses and divine heart what we are talking about.

As you all know so well the seven chakras are your greatest tools
right now to experience your real beingness, including your recent
limitation. The Seven Sacred Rays were from ancient times the tools to
help to look within and look beyond these limitations.
Seven magical days will await you in this special August timeframe
before entering to the 888. Use these seven days according to your
inner guides' wisdom. Our suggestion is to invoke one of the Sacred
Rays to work with it every day. Use your intuition and reawakened
ability to connect these Sacred Rays for experience divine Oneness
through them easily.

Friday - the White Ray of Ascension
Saturday - the Violet Ray of Transmutation
Sunday - the Yellow Ray of Illumination and Wisdom
Monday - the Blue Ray of Will of God
Tuesday - the Pink Ray of Divine Love
Wednesday - the Green Ray of Healing
Thursday - the Golden Ray of Resurrection

Plesae note that the order of the flames/rays is not mandatory as
nothing in the higher realms can be handled that way. It is a kind
suggestion from our side to use them this way, seeing a bigger piece
from Divine Mastery that your recent senses make available for you in
this very moment. This message does not aim to deal with the details
of these wonderful Sacred Ray formations. We know so well that if you
feel the resonance in your heart, the right help will be manifested in
your lives immediately. Use your guidance and wisdom as always on your
en-lighted journey. We are here to assist upon your request at every step.

And a gentle reminder at the end. The Great Diamond Sisterhood is here
again to help on your personal journey aswell as help to our beloved
Gaia on her very same sacred path. If you feel to work intensely with
these sacred flames on the upcoming days, please always ask the
beneficent effect of a certain flame not only for your personal
purposes but also for the well being of our beloved planet. The Golden
Yellow, the Violet, the Emerald and all the others can be at the
highest service for you and for planetary reasons for the entire
humanity at the same time.
The intensity of the upcoming energies can be fully at your service.
This is the gift of the Universe for all those who are ready for
accepting it. We are so close to help, just call for our assistance if
you feel so. Please enjoy all the wonders of this magnificent period
of our common journey.
It is always a privilege to talk to you.
We are at your service.
Bliss Beyond,
KyraNamu & Adama

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