Saturday, July 26, 2008

Selacia's Council Of 12 Message

Note from Selacia
This month the focus is on power and how to connect with more lightness of being in our lives.

As The Council of 12 speaks about this month, a key factor in our creating a more enlightened world is to shift our power source. They have suggested that I address some of the basic concepts of what this means for each of us.
Power is traditionally defined as the ability to do or act. In political terms, the word power is linked with political strength or control over others.
This ego-based approach to power is playing out today on the world stage. The countries with the oil or other valuable commodity are seen as powerful. Countries seeking to control resources, and wanting to assure that they are self-sufficient in resources, go to war with nations that have supplies. The wars are often put in motion under the guise of "national security," "terrorist threats," and "threats to democracy."
In 2000, when I was asked to address S.E.A.T. at the United Nations, The Council of 12 spoke about the shift in power sources. They discussed the crucial need to change how we "power" ourselves, our society's institutions, and our national governments.

We see all around us what happens when humanity refuses to budge from the old patterns. In 2008, the need for a mass waking up to these truths is now more important than ever. Even a decade ago, we were not as interdependent with one another as we are now. The globalization of world trade and other factors make this a very small world indeed!

What's needed, as we move forward, is to learn how to operate from the heart and to embrace our Divine power. This is really the most natural way to "be," yet our worldly training did not give us the tools.

Operating from Divine power involves a set of skills we will need to relearn (remember) and discover how to effectively utilize in everyday life.
Specifics of what this means in practice, and how to go about applying it in your own life, are included in The Council's August channeled message.

When we discover how to operate from our Divine power, we also reconnect with a more enlightened expression of our humanness.
On the road to becoming skilled in sourcing our Divine power, we oftentimes discover roadblocks and fall back into our familiar old paradigm training. A key obstacle we face lies within our own DNA, a recordkeeper of who we are at every level of our being.
Within the morphogenic field around the DNA are belief systems recorded in our subconscious mind. Since many of these beliefs carry a negative spin impacting our view of self and empowerment, they can keep us imprisoned in a cycle of ego-based power responses.
These beliefs, out of view in the subconscious, cause us to give our power away to others. They give us the false impression that we are "small," need defending, and can't make our own decisions.

A key element of healing at the DNA level involves being able to intuitively identify our limiting belief systems, and then being able to change them at their origination point within the DNA itself. In my experience, working with myself and clients, this is a life-changing approach that allows us to reclaim our authentic power.