Sunday, July 27, 2008

Set the Tone of Your Vibrational Matches

Set the Tone of Your Vibrational MatchesIf you are not appreciating the contrast of your time and place, if you are still sifting through the stuff and saying, "These things I want and these things I don't want and these things I would like to come to me and those things I would like to go away from me," you are like most physical humans in your approach. But you are having trouble, because you cannot push anything out of your experience. Those things that you do not want, as you hold them in your consciousness you hold them in your vibration. And so you cannot say, "No" to something and get rid of it, because the Universe does not understand words. The Universe is responding purely to vibration. When your vibration is, "No, I do not want that" you are holding your vibration in harmony with that thing you do not want, and by Law of Attraction you cannot separate yourself from the thing you are saying you do not want. There is no such thing as exclusion in all of the Universe. There is only inclusion. And the way you include is by your attention to something. This is always true. "What I think and what I feel and what I vibrate are always a match. Therefore, what I think and what I feel and what I vibrate and what I receive are always a match." And with most of you, "What I think and what I feel and what I vibrate and what I receive and what I keep talking about is always a match." We're wanting to show you that you have been thinking it and you have been feeling it and you have been receiving it, but right now, you can stop talking about it. Right now, you can ignore whatever it is, just for a moment, and give your thoughts some place else, and for that moment you will free yourself from the vibrational magnet that is bringing that in. That's the thing that trips most of you up. This vibrational magnet that is bringing things to you that you do not want, is also bringing you to this thing you do not want. It's hard to let go of the complaining thoughts, but when you do it, just for a moment, and you see the Universe's quick response to your different thought, before you know it, you can begin to exercise true Creative control of your own experience. You are living the exaggerated, finely tuned physical manifestation result of vibration. And in your physical format you have learned to interpret vibrations rather well. What you see with your eyes is your physical apparatus' interpretation of vibration. Your differentiation between the colors in your color spectrum is your literal deciphering of the different vibrational frequencies in the color spectrum. That's why red looks different to you than blue. They are vibrationally different and you're visually interpreting the difference. You interpret vibration through your ears, every sound you hear is your physical interpretation of vibration. What you feel with your skin, what you smell with your nose, what you taste with your tongue, these are interpretations of vibrations. Do you know that the reason sugar tastes sweet and lemon tastes sour is because they have different vibrations, and your body interprets the vibrations differently? We are wanting to assist you in utilizing a sensor or interpretator of a most subtle vibration, the vibration by which all things are created: The emotions that you feel are still another interpreter of vibration. When you feel elation or joy or appreciation or love or passion or enthusiasm, those feelings are interpretations of vibration. When you feel anger or fear or blame or guilt or disgust or any of those negative emotions, those feelings are interpretations of vibration. You are physical extensions a much bigger part of you that is expressing that Energy Force, and your physical mechanism is the receiver and interpreter of the Energy, or the Spirit or the Soul of that which you are. As you stand in these physical bodies, you are a literal extension of the Nonphysical you, and when you are in harmony, when you are vibrationally a match, when you are vibrationally up to speed with that Core Energy, that's when you feel those positive emotions. The more in sync with Source Energy you are, the better you feel. And the more out of sync with Source Energy you are, the worse you feel. The more in sync with Source Energy you are, the better you feel. And the more out of sync with Source Energy you are, the worse you feel. Imagine a cork, floating on a body of water, as being your connected point of view. That's when you are soaring, that's where your appreciation is high. You are tuned in, tapped in, turned on. You're up there in that high natural frequency. Now take hold of the cork and hold it under the water. That's what negative emotion is. That's where you are ornery or irritated or insecure or fitful or frustrated or overwhelmed or blameful or guilty. That's the negative emotion. The good news is, in the moment that you take your attention away from whatever it is that's holding you in that vibration, you let go of the cork and it floats right back to the top. And that is perhaps the most important thing that we want you to hear from us today. It is natural for your cork to float. It is natural for you to feel good. That is what is natural. Anything less than that is not natural. And that's why we see, with so many of you, a true and justified indignation when you find yourself, by virtue of whatever it is that you are observing, feeling less good than you naturally would if you were left to your Nonphysical Energy current. Imagine yourself at a buffet with all of this food prepared by some other nation and you are really not sure what it is. But you fill your plate, anyway, because everyone else did. And when you get it in your mouth it is horrible. What would you do next? You would spit it out. Wouldn't you? We don't think you would eat more. Your vibrational interpretation has shown you you have something that does not suit your palette, and so you do not tolerate it. And what we want to encourage you to begin doing, from this point forward, is, when you bring something into your vibrational arena that causes your cork to go down under the water, we want you to be as unwilling to allow that as you would to put something icky in your mouth. We would encourage you to spit it out right away, and turn your attention to something that feels better so that your cork floats. Because when you are reaching for feelings that make your cork float and make your heart sing, then you have chosen to give your attention to something that is vibrationally up to speed with who you really are. And we've noticed, as we watch you, that you are never more pure in your vibration than when you are in the mode of appreciation. The Universe is responding to the vibration that you are offering, and while it is true that often the words you offer are a reflection of your vibration, you don't have to speak it in order to offer it. Everything in the Universe is offering a vibration, and everything else in the Universe is responding to the vibration. It is Law. What we are wanting to assist you in doing is to consciously offer thought that causes you to offer a vibration that is in harmony with Source Energy so that you can be the extension of the Nonphysical Energy that is you, so that you can do what you came to do, and most of all, so that you can live happily ever after. We want you to vibrate on purpose. We want you to say, "Nothing is more important than that I feel good, because when I feel good, that means I'm a vibrational match to my Core Energy. And when I'm a vibrational match to my Core Energy, I'm fulfilling my reason for being here, and I'm of advantage to anyone and everyone with whom I interact, even those that I focus upon from afar. Usually, the emotion that you are feeling is one of these three: It is either blame or it is guilt or it is appreciation. Now imagine one of those pie charts that shows percentages. Blame is two/thirds of this pie chart, and guilt is the next biggest piece. Then appreciation is a nice little sliver, in there somewhere, for most of you. We're wanting you to reverse that, so that appreciation is the biggest chunk of it and eventually the whole of it. When in the vibration of appreciation, you are in perfect harmony with your core, and you are in perfect harmony with all that you consider to be good and truly with all that is good. When you are in the mode of blame or guilt or fear or anger or any of those emotions that feel so awful, what it always means is, "In this moment I'm giving my attention to something I do not want. I've included it in my vibration, and I am now holding myself in vibrational disharmony with what I do want and in vibrational harmony with what I don't want." So let's say you are in an interaction with someone at work and they are just being themselves, and whatever they're being is annoying you in this moment, and you can feel discomfort in your stomach. Your cork is well under the water. And you stop in that moment and ask yourself, "Is this blame, guilt or appreciation?" It's probably going to be blame. And so, in that moment, say to yourself, "Does this benefit me or them? Is this who I really am? Is this a vibrational match to who I am? Or am I wanting to rise above this? Am I wanting to set the Tone? Am I wanting to vibrate differently than this circumstance is calling forth from me? I get to choose. I have absolute freedom to pick any object of attention and, therefore, establish my Vibrational Tone anywhere I want to." And as you stand there right in the middle of this uncomfortable moment and you decide, "I am an appreciator," and you look for something to appreciate. Maybe it's within this situation. Maybe it's far outside of this situation. But as you find something to appreciate, your cork begins to float as your vibration begins to raise. And all of a sudden it is as if that person stepped into another time/space reality, because you and that person are no longer a vibrational match. He just lost contact with your signal and you've just lost contact with his. He is getting static and so are you. Nothing further can happen here, because you are not on the same vibrational wavelength. And in the moment that you do that, other things that are a vibrational match to you will come into your play. And we promise you, it is not different time-wise than changing the signal on your radio dial. In other words, the new Tone can come that quickly. Somebody walks into your space, or the telephone rings and somebody rings into your space. In other words, all kinds of things happen. Everything that is my object of attention benefits by being my object of attention as long as I am connected to Source Energy while I'm holding them as my object of attention. Do you realize the gift that you have to give? Do you realize that you are uplifters? Now, what is an uplifter? An uplifter is someone who, some way or another, connects to Core Energy so that you are vibrating in harmony with Source Energy and then holds that Tone, no matter what, so that others may acclimate to it. That is the true definition of an uplifter. Setting your Tone. Most people don't set their own Tone. Most people let the circumstances that they are observing set the Tone. So if there is something good that they are observing, they feel great. But if there is something bad that they are observing, they feel awful. And that is the reason that, as humans, you try to do something that isn't possible. You think you have to control the behavior of each other. You think that you have to control the conditions around you before you can feel good. And so, you embark upon an impossible task of legislation and rules and laws and punishments and monitoring that never gets you anywhere except confused and buried and further from Source Energy. It is absolutely accurate to say that if there is something that you want that is not coming, you are not yet matching it with your vibration. Or if there is something that you've got that you would like to go away, it cannot leave because you are matching it vibrationally. The Universe is standing by ready and willing and capable, beyond our ability to find words to describe, to give you, in every moment of your day, exactly what you are vibrating. It is doing it constantly. So if you're wanting a real bird's eye view of how you're doing vibrationally, look around. Because what's happening around you is the perfect match. It is the perfect reflection of whatever it is that you're sending out in your signal. Good.