Monday, July 28, 2008

Separation Consciousness and the I Am Self

Separation Consciousness and the I Am Self

Separation consciousness is an illusory state of consciousness. It is the prevalent state of everyone still living in the reality we call 3D or third dimensional. In this reality, time is experienced as linear, when, in fact, our existence is moving in the flow of one present moment to the next present moment. We see ourselves, in 3D, as alone in a Universe where we are dependent on others, whether in human form or an energetic or spiritual Deity.

This evidenced by many humans feeling they need another human to be complete, whether friend, romantic partner, co-worker, family member, teacher, preacher or leader. We feel less than whole, all the while desiring someone else fill us up, fix us or be responsible for us. A correlation to this is a mind set that has many humans believing they are victims, rather than embracing this life experience as the product of their Soul’s plan for them to learn or experience in this human form. Our Soul chooses to experience life in a human body because all the challenges and obstacles present opportunities for more rapid growth and understanding than available in Spirit form only.

As each of us moves to embrace all of our life experiences, feel joy and gratitude for them, and BE responsible for our own creation, we will also begin to experience our own love of self transmuting that which drew those less than desirable experiences to us. This will initiate us clearing our physical bodies so we may more easily experience our I Am Self or Soul as an intimate part of us, rather than.

Blessed IS,
Jody & Jeremiah