Friday, July 18, 2008

Serving As Guide and Mentor for Your Past Selves

Serving As Guide and Mentor for Your Past Selves
by D L Zeta

One of the most important steps to creating an advanced future self
capable of serving as wise and loving guide for your present moment is
to serve as a "future self," for your past selves. By past selves, we
mean all those selves who hold fewer understandings than you hold in
your present moment.

As you go about learning to mentor younger and less aware aspects of
your self, you begin to develop knowledge and skill that will allow
you to mentor your self through time. By setting down this framework
in your present moment, you learn how to "reach back" in consciousness
and assist all your younger aspects. You learn how it is these past
aspects can most directly contact you in consciousness and the types
of mentoring and assistance you can offer. In time, you will become
fluent and adept in this form of "time travel" in consciousness. This
is the surest way to ensure that your future self will be able to work
with you now – to become within your present moment what you wish to
create for your future.

Connecting with Past Selves in Consciousness

At first, you will be connecting with your past selves in your present
lifetime. You have walked the path these selves are walking and know
well the moments when they have "reached out" asking for guidance and
assistance. Hold these moments in consciousness as energetic
frequencies. As you observe these frequencies, one of them will
signal to you more strongly than the others. This is a past self that
is most open in this moment and most resonant with your energy. Once
you have this frequency locked into your "internal navigation system,"
attune your focus to this location in time.

Next, enter a meditative trance through breathing. As you breathe
deeply, set an intention to bring your entire focus to this past
moment in time. Your intention serves as a filter, screening out all
other energies and distractions, allowing your consciousness to fully
align with that of your past self. When you see your self within a
moment from your past, you have reached back and connected with your
past self in consciousness.

How Your Past Self Perceives You

Your past self will respond to your energy through the lens of its
belief system. You can think back and recall how you perceived unseen
energies around your self in that time frame. Do not be dismayed if
your past self fails to recognize you as a future self. Relatively
few on the Earth fully embrace the infinite nature of their being at
this time. As you continue to make contact with your past selves, you
will become adept at communicating with them. In time, you will be
able to "download" information directly into their consciousness and
they will learn to translate these downloads.

At first, this information will most likely play out on the movie
screen of their nightly dreams. As they receive these dream messages,
they will begin to awaken to new levels of their existence, eventually
opening them to recognize the existence of a future self.

Contacting a Past Life Self

While your first explorations are likely to bring you into contact
with past selves from your present lifetime, you will eventually find
you are also able to contact past selves from other lifetimes.

As you are able to perceive and understand past-life selves, you can
begin offering them guidance and assistance. Most likely, you will
become aware of past-life energies influencing your present lifetime.
If, for example, you hold an irrational fear of water in this
lifetime, a closer examination may reveal that in a previous life, you
drowned or suffered some other traumatic event involving water. While
you will not be able to reach back and change the physical events of
that lifetime, you can travel back and meet with this self in
consciousness to help it gain the understanding that was being sought
by creating the event. You can begin this process by observing that
lifetime to see the traumatic or fatal event crystallizing in that
self's energetic field.

Once you understand the reason for creating this event, you can
download the understanding into this past self's consciousness. At
the moment of the event, this self will "reach up" asking for
assistance and the knowing will be brought into the conscious mind
within that moment. Even in the case of death, the spirit will "cross
over" with a full knowledge and understanding of what has occurred.
In this way, there is no further need to carry forward this situation
for resolution in a future existence. This frees your present moment
of this fear, which was serving as a bookmark to bring your
consciousness back to this moment for healing and release.

Next week we will describe ways you can work with your future self
within your present moment to begin raising the vibration of your
present lifetime. Because your future self has walked the path that
stretches before you, it can help you focus your mind and energies to
embrace rather than resist the times to come.

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