Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ELOHEIM: A New Way to Look at Lack of Money

ELOHEIM: A New Way to Look at Lack of Money

Last Wednesday Eloheim deepened the discussion about lack and how lack
operates in our lives. The discussion covers how `arguing with the
now' energetically aligns you with lack.

I had never made this connection before and this information really
shifted my perspective.

I added the very beginning of the meeting to the front of this clip so
you can experience how Eloheim comes in. Margy Henderson, Sound
Healer, http://www.spiralsounds.net shares intuitive sounds at the
beginning and end of each meeting as Eloheim comes in and leaves.

These quotes really stood out for me:

Whenever you argue with (the) Now, you are aligning yourself with
lack. Because of habitual response, when you internally experience
lack, even unconsciously, the slippery slope you end up at the bottom
of is - the lack of money.

The feeling attached with any state is based on judgment and
habitual response. Remember, (a) feeling is an option not a mandate.
(A) Feeling is indicating a place where you need to make a Spiritual

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