Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Weaving and Interweaving of the Universe

The Weaving and Interweaving of the Universe
July 19, 2008

Everything in life is for a reason, yet there is no reason, there is no cause, and there is no cause to seek. From the vantage of Earth, there isn't a way to understand all the weaving and interweaving of the Universe and life and your life. Your life can only be a puzzle, not to unwind, but to enter into. Your life is like putting your cards down on the table. The cards cannot always be held in your hands. And yet what is revealed when the cards are put down is a simple number, and no more than that. Who can figure out how those particular cards happen to be the hand you held? It seems that you were dealt a hand by chance, and yet ... you were the one who picked the cards from the deck. If someone else had picked the cards from that pack of cards at the same moment you did, would they have picked the same cards? How will you ever know?

Did you know where you would be now? Do you know where you will be tomorrow? You can have an educated guess, but you don't know. No one knows.

And no one really knows the machinations of his or her past. You cannot unravel it. No one is an expert in life, and no two lives are alike. Even the same life is different from different points of view.

In a way it is like when Superman was spotted, and it was asked: "What is that? Is it a plane?" Life is like that. It is fleeting. It passes by so quickly, you can only gasp: "What was it? What happened? What didn't happen?"

Beloveds, it is fine to have questions. Questions are good. Only spending time on the answers, on the meaning of possible answers, can be an ungainly pursuit. It is like a dog's chasing his tail.

What is the most you can know? You can know you are a Human Being on Earth, on a seeming Earth, and you are a certain Child of God. Is there more to say? The rest can only be details. Born here, went to school there, married this woman, not that, had this many children or none, worked hard, bought a house, went on vacations, lived to a ripe old age or died young. And what does all that amount to? Only details. When all is said and done, insignificant details, beloveds. Perhaps details of import to a census-taker yet not all that significant when a life is looked at as a whole.

What matters in your life is that you live it and that you give love along the way. Let love be the trail of your life. Let your befriending the world be the description of your life. Describe your life in terms of the love given, and also in terms of love received, for your receiving love is also great giving. Is it not a gift you give to receive love from where it comes?

I do not usually suggest that you look back on your life. I have been saying not to look back on life and ask so many questions about it. However, I would like to ask you to think of three things recently where you gave love. Your answers do not have to be profound.

Actually, let's just take yesterday. What three instances of love did you give yesterday? Can you remember? Okay, you smiled at a child and he smiled back. You welcomed an old friend who had distanced himself from you. You found something good to say to someone effortlessly.

What three instances of love will you give today? Well, then, just give them.