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Adamantine Particles and the Power of Love

Adamantine Particles and the Power of Love
by Mary Mageau

‘Let There Be Light: and there was Light.’ (Genesis, 1 - 3)

In our English language the word, adamantine, refers to something that
is extremely hard or unyielding. Taken from the Greek word, adamas,
(meaning invincible), adamantine can also function as an adjective to
describe something hard and brilliant, like a diamond. If one would
say, ‘I’m adamant about this,’ it would mean that the one speaking is
either firmly accepting or opposing your request.

When the term particle appears with adamantine it derives from quantum
theory. Thus adamantine particles describe all fundamental, subatomic
particles. These particles form all of the elements in the universe by
assembling the atoms of all the original substances such as oxygen,
hydrogen, iron, etc. They are the basis of everything that exists,
including our bodies and are the smallest particles that cannot be
divided any further. Quantum physicists have already discovered these
particles but have selected other names by which to identify them:
electrons, quarks, muons, neutrinos etc. These pure particles are so
small and simple that they represent an absolute and so are one of the
constants of the universe. Adamantine particles are crystalline
particles of infinity that all contain the stored potential to
manifest any original substance or element. These particles are
encoded with a type of universal ‘DNA’ somewhat like stem cells, which
allow the particles to form any possible type of atom.

The Power of Love

Adamantine particles require power to build other particles and atoms.
However, only one other type of energy is compatible with them. This
energy is the magnetic power of love, which pervades the universe in
the form of the Universal Life force, or chi. ki, prana etc. Love is
not only a most beautiful feeling, but is the power which ignites and
directs adamantine particles into manifestation.

Jeshua Ben Joseph, (Jesus Christ, Sananda, or by whichever name you
choose to call him) has given us this explanation of adamantine
particles through Glenda Green’s book, Love Without End.

“Adamantine particles represent a continuous flow of high frequency
potential, which manifests into discrete forms and arrangements under
the command of love. The knowledge of adamantine particles is not
limited to particle physics, galactic travel or ethereal realms. When
love is present, there is a free exchange of adamantine particles,
which accounts for the dynamic interaction of all living entities.
These subatomic particles are the building blocks of all complex forms
in the universe and because they are under the command of love, they
are especially fluid in organic life.

Every manifestation is a revelation of adamantine particles, emerging
from the infinite ocean of Spirit, under the directing intent of love.
This phenomenon pervades and sustains all existence without end. The
sharing of adamantine particles is the breath of life. There is an
ongoing exchange of these particles throughout existence. They not
only comprise organic life, but also the planet, the wind and every
substance that is. Everything breathes for the whole of its duration.
Inhaling and exhaling, these particles bring vital balance and
connections to life.

Adamantine particles belong to both the infinite world and the limited
realm of physical existence. They were the ‘First Light of Creation.’
They are forever the light of consciousness. They provide the fuel and
dynamic energy to propel thoughts into manifestation. They give flesh
to spirit as well as new life, nourishment and healing to life.
Because they are commanded by love and conform to the nature and will
of spirit, adamantine particles belong to all dimensions. Remember
that adamantine particles respond to magnetic attraction and with
regard to human potential, it is by your love that you command them.

Understanding adamantine particles and the conscious utilization of
them belongs to the realms of higher consciousness. The Greater law of
ownership always prevails and that law states that ownership belongs
to love, to responsible custody, and the utilization of power for the
good of all.

You must first learn about the Sacred Heart and learn how to centre
your life around it completely. Only the true Sacred Heart can sense
the vital flow and charge of the particle energy. When the Sacred
Heart comes to life again and its fire glows within you will begin to
magnetize a fresh supply of adamantine particles from an infinitely
abundant universe. There is no limit to the adamantine particles that
can be drawn to you. These can be used for empowering your life, for
healing it and lifting it to a higher state of performance. The Sacred
Heart is a Holy Chamber. This is the place where true prayer takes
place. It is a place of peace and solitude, a place so powerfully
connected to your Source, that all you have to do is enter it for
prayer to occur. You don’t even have to say anything, as being with
God is the prayer and entering the Sacred Heart/Holy Chamber is a
sacred act.” Partially accessed from the website: http://www.Awakenin
g-Healing. com and from Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman’s book,
Revealed Truths for the New Age (Revised Edition).

Mary Mageau

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