Sunday, July 27, 2008

Astrology Aspects For Sunday July 27, 2008

Sunday July 27, 2008

Things lighten up in the daytime And the heat turns up
in the eveningToday at 8:55am we end the v/c and the moon movesTo more lively and friendly Gemini. Communication should be Great today from 1:44pm until about 9pm tonight as our ideasAnd our emotions have an opportunity to balance each otherOut.AKA We have a Great mercury Aspects: in Astrology talk at 1:44pm then at 5:44pm the sun in the sign of LEO makes A wonderful aspect with the moon in Gemini creating A fiery and air mix. And fun is in the air and conversations Are lively.At 8:59pm the moon in Gemini wanting information andConnections makes a square or rough aspect with Saturn inVirgo. Saturn in Virgo would like it all healthy and to bePerfect so This mix asks that we get all the details correct and also Brings in a bit of that control aspect up in some.At this moment we need to pause to discuss the main issuesOver this next month for all of us.WHAT ABOUT ME. I NEED TO BE SPECIAL isThe theme right now. And toss in a bit of a desire to control andYou have the picture. So, make YOURSELF special byDoing things you enjoy and honoring yourself. Do notExpect others to applaud you as they seem really busyRight now trying to get their own needs met.Do you know the difference between healthy selfCare and self centered? Self centered never getsEnough and SELF care gets their own needs takenCare of by themselves. So, lets do the self care thingey this next Month and realize others are truly a bit more needy Than normal.I NEVER think anything is BAD::: this aspect goingOn so strongly until the End of August is to show usWhat we need.and for many of us to learn how to Supply this need to self care. So, lets
- Color today PURPLE for spiritual connection- Use Amethyst, Iolite, or Chrysoprase for the same- Oil of Sandalwood, which is great antiseptic and spiritual oilAnd our Kiss (keep it simple sweetie) for today shall be
Something sent to me by a reader and a saying I have alwaysLoved: it's whom you've been seeking to be there with no endto give your life meaning and to be your best friend the one to protect you and the one to be truefor higher and better... your beloved is you~ Rumi-inspired~(Rumi, (30 September 1207-17 December 1273)


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