Friday, July 18, 2008

8:8:8 – Windows of Abundance Celebration

8:8:8 – Windows of Abundance Celebration
Channelled through Michelle Eloff©
Johannesburg, 08 July 2008

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Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you.
You will energetically be linked with the Channelling being and a
similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as
being in the presence of the channelling Master; however the effects
are just as powerful.

Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the
participants in the channelling. You will be taken through a similar
one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to
greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of
new awakening, new levels of energy, illumination and deep insight.
Greetings beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather
with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart
of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Precious ones this 8:8:8 celebration is one that will turn the world
inside out and upside down, in a manner of speaking that is. This
celebration is one that brings forth a level of new energy unlike
anything humanity has experienced before. It is at this time that I,
Kuthumi, am accompanied by the Lord Ra, Horus, Lord Soltec, Akhenaton
and the Sun Goddesses of the Worlds of Light. As we gather together
with each of you upon this celebration day we are ensuring that all
the windows of abundance are wide open for every human being to fully
embrace this powerful surge of new abundance consciousness. This is
the time where we begin the powerful activations of the Sun Chakra and
the new chakras that will be birthed through this, which Akhenaton and
the Sun Goddesses are responsible for anchoring on Earth with those
willing Lightworkers.

Your energy field is being prepared to receive additional dimensions
of consciousness, which are programmed into the Sun Chakra, which will
fully weave itself into the sacred grid of your unique divine plan
upon the day of the 21st of December 2008. At that time those of you
who are willing to receive your new chakras through the Sun Portal of
Akhenaton will be activated on many levels so that the calling to
receive this particular initiation will be heard loud and clear, and
felt deeply within your heart, your body, your mind and your spirit.

This celebration of abundance is presenting humanity with an
opportunity to completely turn away from poverty consciousness. From
this time of the 8:8:8 celebration up until the 21st of December 2008
those who have chosen to allow poverty consciousness to still
influence thoughts, decisions and choices will be challenged to the
very ends of their willpower. This my beloved ones is by no means
something that is meant in a threatening fashion all it is, is
information preparing you for what is, and the opportunity that you
and the collective consciousness of humanity now are able to tap into.
These particular abundance grids are very powerful. They are
unprecedented. This means it is in your best interest and that of
humanity for you to open your heart now and to seriously take action
in the direction that will secure your future within the fluid grids
of this very powerful abundance consciousness.

When the Sun Chakra was first anchored in its full power in the year
2003, humanity began to feel the birthing of the Golden Age, the sun
being the golden energy. Every year at the 8:8 celebration another
level or another dimension of this very powerful energy has been
presented to humanity. The golden lions and the white lions have been
guarding that energy for all of this time and now they are ready to
release that full responsibility to the humans who are willing and
ready, and of course prepared to use this energy to it’s full extent.
We are preparing many, many levels of energy for the Lightworkers who
are willing to embark upon this journey, which will then result in the
birthing of the alchemists of the new earth, which is specifically the
focus of the sacred journey that this channel will be leading in Egypt
in the month of February 2009. That particular journey is one of
immense intensity and where we will fully anchor the Feminine White
Fire Element. There are specific processes that we will take you
through, the reclaiming of certain energies and sacred grids that
Akhenaton and the Sun Goddesses will be responsible for doing, and now
they are laying the grids for this.

For many, many years, many centuries in fact, humanity has been
bombarded with poverty consciousness. The primary experience for souls
has been poverty, abuse, deprivation and desperation. Today that
signature changes, and it is upon this day that the creatures you know
as Alpacas will flood the earth with this sacred vibration by acting
as the receptive physical energies, and channelling it out to the
human beings. The Alpacas hold the energy of the Sixth Dimensional
fluid love within their genetic structure. It is through their fleece
that one can access these very pure energies. These creatures hold a
very high vibration. We will attune your energies to the sacred
vibration of the Alpacas. This links you to all the sacred vortices
around the planet that access the Sixth Universe. It is only through
the fluid consciousness of fluid love that one can penetrate the
realms of the abundance we speak of, this means that each and every
one of you who are ready for this now step into a new level of your
own power - another dimension of discovering the alchemist within.

The sacred White Fire Element has already taken you through some
intensive initiations, and what you have gotten in touch with has
revealed to you many aspects of yourself that you could not have
imagined were possible, or a part of you a few months ago. Now the
world, and by this we mean Gaia, is open, wide open and fully
receptive to receive this influx of new Sun Chakra energy. She is
soaking up the rays of this powerful light so that the sacred discs
can be activated in her body. These particular discs hold frequencies
that we will encode you with at the right time. This information has
been held sacred within specific areas - sacred sites, that many
people do not even know exist.

In the very near future we will be asking this vessel; our channel, to
travel to these places and all of those of you who are willing to
participate we urge you to travel, to join in and to absorb these
energies because now the signatures of all the sacred sites around
your planet, the old ones and the new ones that we will lead you to
will change completely, the blueprint will change. Some sacred sites
have shut down their energy. People have travelled to them and have
felt that there is a deadness; a numbness at these sites. That has
happened for a specific reason because many of those sites have become
dormant because they are in preparation for these activations that I,
Kuthumi, am responsible for bringing to your planet during the year of

The Unity Goddesses who hold the Priestess Consciousness, shall be
delivering this to humanity as well are preparing each of you through
the sacred ceremonies of the Alchemy of Quantum Tantra. And I assure
you your life will never be the same again. This is now the time to
exercise your spiritual muscles, to exercise your will, your desire to
live the best life ever and most important, this is the time for you
to drop all poverty consciousness and to focus your concentration on
reclaiming your divine right of abundance in all it’s forms of light.
I have said before you can have an abundance of negativity and poverty
if you like, you can also have an abundance of positivity and
prosperity if you like. No longer can you use the excuse that your
programming and your genes are what keep you trapped in poverty. You
are your own individual sacred being. You have a willpower that is
unique unto you, a divine grid that is yours alone. Your lineage does
not have the power over you that it did in the old paradigm, you are
the alchemists of the new earth this means using your magic, using the
power of love, which is the magic I refer to and that power of love is
the light of Tantra, the sacred weave of love to bring the magic and
miracles that you seek into manifestation.

So this celebration beloved ones is you embarking upon the most
important journey of your lifetime where I, Kuthumi, with the Unity
Goddesses and the Sun Beings of Light take you through one of your
most intensive series of initiations into poverty consciousness. This
means you will be challenged to drop your poverty consciousness at an
accelerated rate, therefore I ask you do you have what it takes to do
this? Do you want it badly enough? Nothing can compare to where you
are going to.

So beloved ones if you are willing to embark upon this journey, this
wild ride where you will befriend and merge with your authentic self
in a way like never before, you will see that your fears were simply
little irritations trying to distract you. And I make a promise to you
today that you will rejoice from the very core of your heart that you
had the will, the strength and the desire to move beyond poverty and
step into what you will experience. Yes there will challenges, I will
not fool you however those challenges are stripping you of the
illusions that have been created by your poverty consciousness,
therefore everything that holds you, traps you in any state of poverty
will be removed be it a thought, an attitude, a person, a habit or an
addiction. Again I ask you - are you ready to let go and to trust like
never before and I emphasise that – like never before? I assure you
the rewards will be vast. You precious ones are laying the grids for
the new earth post 2012. You have the most incredible opportunity at
your disposal now because history past or post 2012 has not been
written as such. Where the Mayan Calendar ends is where the
predictions end, it is where the history of the future ends, therefore
you are in a position to create the new world and to make it that
which your deepest heart desires most, and the desire that comes from
the fluidity of the sacred universes of pure divine cosmic and solar
love. You cannot even begin to fathom what that is and I will not even
ask you to try and imagine it because right now it is impossible. All
you need to do now is feel the power that is filtering into your body
through this 8:8:8 vibration and consciously choose to open yourselves
and let it receive.

Now I ask you to welcome into your space a mighty lion called Thor. He
is a white lion, and he is accompanied by his brother who is known in
his earth body as Greg. He too is a lion. These two energies symbolise
the active fire of the golden Kundalini. I want you now to imagine an
exquisite golden lioness her name is Damara, accompanied by her sister
Maya, also a golden lioness. Their energies symbolise the two fire
frequencies of the Feminine White Flame and the light of the Sun
Goddesses. Lions symbolise truth and authenticity, their voice is the
roar of truth.

Imagine Goddess Sekhmet now entering your sacred space. I want you to
imagine the lions expressing a deep roar as they welcome her into the
space. She is one of the Goddesses of War and Destruction, however her
solar power is very strong and it is this power that you will utilise
to destroy the old paradigms of poverty consciousness that lurk within
the corners of your shadow self, and that lurk within the dimensions
of the subconscious, which are fuelled by the unconscious, which will
soon become conscious to you. Goddess Sekhmet extends her hands to
you, as you hold her hands imagine a powerful surge of fire energy
pulsating through your body up your arms, into your shoulders and down
your spine to an area between your base chakra and your sacral chakra,
which is the location of your Sun Chakra.

Use your imagination to see this golden energy, this bright liquid
fire-light inside the gold swimming around inside your Sun Chakra. The
heat of this energy extends into your astral body and that flows like
liquid lava into the tapestry of your wounded self. This liquid lava
flows into your emotional body, your mental body and your spiritual
body and seeks out every wounded part of you, especially the wounds
that have resulted in poverty consciousness. The intense heat of the
gold and fire energies melt those wounds, all the frozen concepts that
you took on that influence you unconsciously and subconsciously
resulting in you behaving fearfully, still believing in poverty and
deprivation and I ask you now to simply surrender, to turn your head
to the heavens, to extend your arms out, to open your heart chakra and
to just let it happen. With your arms extended I want you to turn the
palms of your hands over, you will lay one hand upon the crown chakra
of the lion Thor and the other upon the crown chakra of the lioness
Damara and feel the powerful pulsations of truth and love being
extended into your body through your palm chakras as their purr
borders on a gentle roar. Surrender and receive.