Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NorthPoint Astrology Journal

NorthPoint Astrology Journal

For July 28 to August 3, 2008

Highlighted Interaspects for July 28 to August 3, 2008
Monday: Chiron opposite Venus; Tuesday: Mercury conjunct Sun, Uranus sesquisquare Mercury and Sun; Wednesday: Uranus inconjunct Venus; Thursday: Neptune opposite Venus, Mars inconjunct North Node; Friday: Total Solar Eclipse 3:13am PDT, Pluto inconjunct Pallas Athena, Uranus trine Ceres, Chiron inconjunct Mars, Pluto sesquisquare Mercury; Saturday: Jupiter inconjunct Mercury; Sunday: Saturn semisquare Ceres, Neptune inconjunct Ceres, Pluto contraparallel Sun and Mercury, Mercury parallel Sun

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The keyword and theme for this Friday's Solar Eclipse/New Moon is "Transfiguration." In light of everything we have been dealing with of late -- both individually and globally -- this word seems especially appropriate as a description of these times, and gives us hope for the new forms being created.

Current planetary and personal changes are part of the larger transformation underway, as we move out of the lower-vibrational expressions of self into alignment with our higher Self. To get there, we have been wading through old patterns of fear, so that we might unhook them from our energy fields.

The Sabian symbol for 10 degrees of Leo, the location of this eclipse, indicates that it is time to realize the important gains we've made in our process of healing and expansion:

"Early morning dew sparkles as sunlight floods the field; The exalted feeling that rises within the soul of the individual who has successfully passed through the long night which has tested his strength and his faith."

Many of us have been experiencing "long nights" in the past year, and it is now time to realize just how far we have come. As we look back from where we now stand, we benefit most from focusing on the positive growth that has occurred, rather than reliving the emotions and events that precipitated that growth.

This is, after all, a Solar Eclipse -- which, like any New Moon, indicates a time of beginnings. But an eclipse emphasizes the theme of initiation even more powerfully than a regular lunation. And the fact that this eclipse is in Leo, the sign of creative self-expression, means we are literally in charge of where we go from here.

The description of the Sabian symbol in Dane Rudhyar's book An Astrological Mandala continues:

"The cold air of night having precipitated upon the field of consciousness the moisture of our deepest feelings, this widely spread dew is blessed with the light of significance by the rising sun of the new day. Even tears can be transformed into jewels in the light of victory over night and sorrow."

The highlighted words are those we must embody now, if we are to proceed on the path of enhanced evolution and enlightenment we came into this lifetime to experience. The current location of the South Node in Leo indicates that we are meant to let go of attachments to the old creation, to honor its place in our lives but not to dwell overlong on what was.

The Leo South Node means that we also are learning to leave behind a tendency to overdramatize events. When we want to make it clear to others just how much something has impacted us, we not only recount events, we also tend to exaggerate them. What we may not always realize is that in replaying the events and their emotional toll, we keep them alive in our energy fields.

This doesn't mean that we ignore our pain and the need to share and grieve a loss, for we are emotional beings and must process events as they occur. As the teachings of Abraham remind us, it doesn't work to put a smiley-face sticker on top of the gas gauge that reads "empty." We need to acknowledge where we feel empty and be responsible for taking the steps to refill our tanks.

But each of us has the awareness of when we cross the line of healthy processing and slip into melodrama. This eclipse gives us the opportunity to see that demarcation even more clearly, and to emphasize the positives that we have gained through the tears.

One more pertinent quote from Rudhyar's book about this eclipse degree:

"The building of a new society, and of one's renewed personality as well, is just as much a process of artistic creation as the making of a delicate glass vase or a symphony."

Each of us is a work-in-progress, and we stand at an important shift-point with these August eclipses. The Solar Eclipse on August 1 and Lunar Eclipse on August 16 offer a new beginning and an enhanced awareness meant to both reassure and inspire. Viewing ourselves as a creation underway allows us both to appreciate how far we've come and to apply our creative energies to what remains to be done.

Mercury is aligned with the Sun and Moon at the time of Friday's eclipse, giving us the imperative of initiating a new way of thinking now -- one that is in better alignment with our soul/higher self/inner being.

We came into this life with clear intentions. It is time to remember those intentions, to claim our creative right to that life, and to begin anew.




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