Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Make The World Go Away

Make The World Go Away
by Alec Gabbitas

All or many of us are patiently awaiting the day when we have totally
integrated our 'higher selves' into this our current physicality of
third / fourth dimensionality and it is with patience and utmost
servitude that we encourage and invoke this integration into the
current now time, as we measure it. There are some that have this
already achieved and are learning, or should we say remembering, the
joys and delights that this fait-accompli affords in the sure knowing
that as they have so aspired and readily achieved, then is the die
cast and the pathway indelibly etched in the ethers for all whom seek
this heightened measure of expression and en-lighten-ment.

As the situations upon and within the beloved planet continue to
bubble forth to surface for all to visibly see and bear witness to,
then are they whom witness these indiscretions in a far clearer space
to positively assist and focus their love unconditional and highest
divine intent to the crystal heart centre of the beloved planet,
Mother Earth, where all donations are so gratefully and honourably
received. These, as afore indicated are then so lovingly, expertly,
and precisely submitted to the varying areas that will benefit most.
As more and more lightworkers outgrow their outmoded and restrictive
chrysalis' laying them aside in finality then is the increase of
'light quotient' ever growing and enhancing the wealth and health of
the planet.

'Making the world go away' is the antidote for releasing the old and
malaligned energies of stagnative content that are well past their
'sell by date' and are increasingly being duly jettisoned off the
planet and individuals into the violet-silver transmuting flames of
pure alchemising energies - transforming all back to perfectly aligned
atoms and molecules. As the heavens are now descending into Mother
Earth and to all upon and within her, the need for more radiant
light-workers is more requisite than ever before and the planet will
expand her lightbodies in equal proportion to the light quotient held
by said light workers! Everything progresses interdependently, hand in
hand, and all is in perfect divine order.

As the old world is beginning to fall apart at the seams, so to speak,
the new world is being intricately infused with exact and precise
measures of new energy injections, overseen by the divine alchemists
and law lords of the universal hierarchy and of course ably assisted
by the Light / Mother ships Omega Central, New Jerusalem, Pleaides and
New Ventura with many others. The task is being attended to
multidimensionally and multifacetedly and all are in perfect unison
with their endeavours - and highest divine intent is ever the
precedent at all times. There are a veritable armada of assistiive and
supportive fellow travellers and star family within the local universe
and all eyes are indeed upon beloved Mother Earth. As she glides so
progressively and purposefully onwards, are all within the universe
synchronistically affected and in turn realigning to each and every
vibrational adjustment. The whole universe is at one with Ascension.

Dear Mary Magdalene has reaffirmed that her possible physical sojourn
upon the planet is no longer on 'go,' and it is deemed unnecessary and
possibly too dangerous for her in the present climate within the
'ruling' Sectarian Authorities and bodies who would freak out and
would NOT handle her presence at this now time, with joy or welcome -
or safety!

The all powerful 'Magdalene' energies are flooding and fortifying all
upon the planet and of course will continue so to do, challenging all
outmoded macho' patternings that are in urgent need of dispelling and
realigning. The merging and melding of the male / female energies is
on full ahead and is accountable for the many variations of cleansing
and readjustments that are now in motion, in both planetary and
universal flow! Lady Mary will present herself to those with eyes to
see, and does and will continue to utilise worthy channels world wide
to present her image to the many, whenever it is so needed, and her
energies glow thro' the eyes of another, soul recognition, blessed indeed!

Make the old world go away, allowing new light to emerge! Allow the
mal-aligned obsolete energies to totally ebb away invoking a pure
virginal space of rebirth to be readily and progressively expansive
within each and every heart, mind body and soul. The rhythm of duality
consciousness will gradually be replaced and replenished by the ever
growing melodic unity consciousness that is fast becoming the current
blueprint on planet for the ensuing days ahead. The die has been cast,
the pathway is etched most surely in the ethers as man, woman and
child; animal, birds and elementals; nature in all many expressions;
flora and fauna and all upon and within this world; have now moved
into the imminent birthing of the new vista and opportunity that is
now afforded. It has been countersigned by all, on varying levels of
'knowing,' and IS the ascending reality from this day forward. Triple
faceted Ascension - personal, planetary and universal.

Always hold dear to your heart the knowing that you are here with
untold merit and a host of 'brownie points' to your credit account!
You have earned the divine right to be part of these magnificent times
of change that would NOT take place without YOU being here!

Hand picked - yes! Chosen - Yes! Worthy - Yes! And you also chose your
wonderful self in conjunction with All That Is to be here at this
almighty time; to be the wayshowers, to be the light bearers, to be
the chosen ones that walk daily the planet with near mastery and
Christed energy pure! Yes, YOU are the ones . . . don't forget it, you
are God incarnate!

(c)2008 Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind.

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