Thursday, July 31, 2008

Uriel's Message -- You are a Master

Uriel's Message -- You are a Master

There are many levels of spiritual mastery and each of you becomes a master with every lesson you learn. You have entered this lifetime with a contract to fulfill, karma to heal, and a path that would allow you to accomplish the work you came to do. You also have certain levels of mastery that you have already achieved that will allow you to complete this work. Some of your lessons are challenging and seem to take longer than others. Every lesson is important and provides you with access to a new level of mastery, raising your vibration, lifting your veil and closing the gap between the material and spiritual.

Each lifetime is your soul's journey, in physical form, to bring alignment to unbalanced energies that have been accumulated over many lifetimes. These energies exist in your individual reality as well as on the planet. Every instance of forgiveness, healing and release is translated into a shift in the energy of the earth grids and a recalibration of the planet's energies. And for you it is the achievement of another level of mastery.

The Christ Consciousness energy has always been available to humanity but it is only at this time that many have been able to assimilate it into their soul journey. This represents a level of mastery but there is no specific level that you must aspire to. Each of you attains the level of mastery that your soul requires. Just as you are each individual expressions of the Source, your soul growth reflects levels of individual mastery that cannot be duplicated or attained by anyone else. Nor can you attain the exact level of mastery that anyone else has attained.

Reward yourself for each lesson you have accomplished, for every victory that you have achieved. These are such significant accomplishments for you and are celebrated by the angels and all Beings of Light. Recognize yourself as a Master and acknowledge that every step forward on your path, every new understanding and increase in your vibrations is an achievement that you have worked towards through many lifetimes. Recognize others for their mastery and celebrate their achievements, remembering that you are each on your own path and you will each attain your own mastery. You are a Master at every level of your learning and with each new step on your path you take on the challenge of new levels of mastery that raise your vibrations, create new opportunities for peace and unconditional love in your life and for the planet, you lift your own and the collective veil and bring heaven on earth.

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