Sunday, July 27, 2008


8-8-8 * OPENING THE GALACTIC INFINITY GATEWAYBeloved Masters, many time/event triggers within the Sacred Heart coreof humanity and within the crystalline construct of the Earth arebeing activated as ALL Creation within this universal experience movesmore rapidly along the spiral of evolutionary ascension. One of themajor time triggers for the activation of the eighth-dimensionalInfinity Gateway will occur on your calendar date of August 8, 2008 or8-8-8. An important cosmic moment will take place at that time, forthe eighth-dimensional portal will be accessible to those of you whoare diligently working to balance and harmonize your frequencypatterns so that you will be able to integrate the maximum CreatorLight during these times of unprecedented opportunity for spiritualgrowth. By doing so you, the vanguard, are opening and clearing thepathway for those following behind you. Even though there is no lineartime in the higher realms, these event triggers are initiated duringspecific times which are important to humanity and, therefore, willmore readily inspire participation and remembrance of the event. Beginning with the Total Eclipse of the Sun in the sign of Leo onAugust 1, 2008, humanity and the Earth will experience another cycleof acceleration and expansion of consciousness. There will also be apartial Eclipse of the Moon on August 16, 2008 in Aquarius, the solarsign of the coming Golden Age. August 16th is also the anniversary ofthe Harmonic Convergence which took place 21 years ago in 1987. Atthat time, many people around the Earth awakened, for a cosmic alarmclock went off which triggered a massive Divine discontent among theStar Seed who came to Earth to be the wayshowers and the advance guardfor the ascension process that is now in full swing. THE FIGURE EIGHT TURNED ON ITS SIDE IS THE INFINITY SIGN OF ETERNALLIFE and connects you with the brightness and blessings of ourFather/Mother God and the Supreme Creator. The 8-8-8 Galactic Gatewayis being flung open to allow the full measure of Adamantine Particlesto flow forth from the heart center of the Supreme Creator via ourFather/Mother God. These particles, which are filled with unlimitedpotential, are being made available for all those who have preparedtheir human vessels to receive this gift of Life/Light. It will be ofgreat benefit if you make your preparations now for the 8-8-8 GalacticGateway activation. It has been called the Lion’s gate; however, itcould better be called the Royal Gateway, for it is the gateway toyour Divine heritage and the true beginning of your return journey toyour many mansions in the heavenly realms that you created on yourjourney into density. You are being prepared to meet and merge withmany of the facets of your Higher Self that you left in a multitude ofPyramids of Light throughout this universe. Those of you on the pathare gradually returning to an understanding of universal laws andcosmic truths. As you traverse the path toward enlightenment, you willgradually rectify and eliminate all erroneous concepts from the pastthat have created your false, creed-bound traditions and your limitedreality of scarcity, unworthiness, superstition and fear. Viaself-examination, you must develop a new creed of life and decidewhether you will follow the path of Light or the path of the shadowlands.We are asking those of you who have faithfully followed our teachingsto join together in the World Pyramid of Light in the highest fifthdimension during this important time. As you unite with your spiritualbrothers and sisters from around the world, we ask you to join in agreat prayer together: "BELOVED FATHER/MOTHER GOD, I ASK FOR MYHIGHEST GOOD, THE GREATEST GOOD FOR THE EARTH AND ALL HUMANITY."Breathe in the LIGHT, and breathe OUT the sacred Adamantine Particlesof Creation activated by your unconditional loving energy. "BREATHE INLIGHT ** BREATHE OUT LOVE ** BREATHE IN LIGHT ** BREATHE OUT LOVE."The Infinity Breath exercise will enhance your efforts and increasethe personal benefits you will derive; however, it is not necessaryfor this powerful meditation and prayer to be effective. By doing so,you will radiate forth from your Sacred Heart core the AdamantineParticles of Life/Light that you have drawn forth from the CreatorSource, and it will be gathered and magnified one thousand fold. Thisblessed elixir will be used to assist humanity and the Earth, it willreinforce the determination and dedication of the righteous, dedicatedsouls, and will gradually cut off the resources of those who are onlyinterested in power, control and domination of the masses. Also, whilein communion with your Father/Mother God, radiate your gratitude andheartfelt thanks for the many blessings that are being bestowed uponyou. Not with words, beloveds, but with an outpouring of love fromwithin the core of your Sacred Heart. It is also a most wondrous giftto yourself, for you will know without a doubt that you are connectedto the Source of ALL as the love is returned to you in greater andgreater measure.When your Sacred Heart blazes forth with the Living Fire of AdamantineParticles, which are the particles of infinite Creation, you willbegin to manifest miracles beyond imagining. When you regain access tothis precious Elixir of life and ignite it with your loving intention,all the qualities of God-consciousness begin to flow through you andout into the world of form. The practice of discernment requires theuse of the wisdom and the advanced intelligence stored within yourSacred Mind. However, you must not judge those whose truth does notconform with your own. Discernment is deciding what your personaltruth is, which creates the rules and wisdom you are to live by. Themind can be a masterful servant, but without its connection to theSacred Heart it can be a destructive master. That is why it isimperative that you activate and empower both the Sacred Heart and theSacred Mind. The ego attracts disharmony and dissatisfaction, andcauses you to look outside of yourself for solutions and a state ofequilibrium. The ego mind judges and condemns; however, the SacredMind requires that you filter information/knowledge through the SacredHeart, thereby making the best choices for the greatest good. Movingfrom judgment to discernment means making choices via the wisdom ofthe Sacred Mind and the compassion of the Sacred Heart. This meansdeveloping your own creed based upon the truth as you know it and thenliving that truth to the best of your ability, while allowing othersthe same right. Seeking and living your truth is your covenant withour Father/Mother God and it is the path of harmonious and fruitfulliving. When you separate yourself from the Supreme Creator and theGod parents of this universe, you also separate yourself from the flowof Adamantine Particles and diminishes your Life Line to the Source.Beloveds, as you gain self-mastery, you will begin to view lifethrough a filter of love. You will become an observer and a positiveinteractive force, not a reactor who reinforces or compounds anegative situation that comes your way for your learning. When yourprayers are wrapped in the loving energy of your Sacred Heart, theyare always answered for your greatest good. Prayers from the ego-selfare answered by allowing you to seek your own solution through thefilter of your misconceptions, and via the distorted frequencypatterns of your inappropriate actions. You must embrace all facets ofyour God-consciousness. Do not see the trials and tests in your lifeas punishment, but as an opportunity to discover the illusion oflimitation you have built around you which is keeping you from truefreedom of expression and creation. Self-mastery means that you decidewhat you wish to experience and the path you will follow. You initiateaction instead of reacting to circumstances and other people’sactions. As a human Being, you must be aware of negative emotions asthey arise. Immediately neutralize them through the transformativepower of forgiveness. Many of you on the path are very old souls and are experiencing yourlast reincarnation on Earth, if you so desire. You have completed yourearthly mission and did not need to return, but agreed to do so inorder to be a wayshower for your soul families and loved ones. Beforeincarnating, you agreed to help anchor the higher frequencies of Lightneeded to assure that the greatest number of souls would be ready andable to take part in the ascension process now in progress. We knowwho you are. We of the higher realms recognize each of you throughyour Soul/energy signatures. As your intuitive abilities increase, youwill also be able to recognize us through our loving vibrationalpatterns or our energetic signature. Once the shield that you haveplaced over your Solar Power Center is removed and your Sacred Heartis ignited with Adamantine Particles, the beauty of your Soul and thefire of Spirit will always shine through, and your auric field willbegin to expand and grow in radiance. You are laying the foundationfor higher truths: a new creed for all humankind, a creed of freedom,equality, abundance and peaceful co-existence and, most important, acloser connection with our Father/Mother God and with us. Beloved sons and daughters of the Light, the glorious gifts andopportunities being offered to you are beyond the comprehension ofmany of you and the unawakened masses. The information we, theservants of our Mother/Father God, have given you over the past fewdecades has never been revealed to the masses before. The secretwisdom teachings were reserved for the select few, the initiates anddisciples who took an oath to reject their loved ones, all earthlypleasures and possessions. Slowly and laboriously, sometimes overseveral lifetimes, they dedicated themselves to intense study,deprivation of physical needs, and rigorous training, exercises andinitiations. Many perished or fell by the wayside, for some of thetests were dangerous and beyond the capabilities of all but the mostdisciplined and hardy souls. Many of you who are fearful and hesitateto move forward on the path of illumination were among those whofailed or perished in past initiations. You did not fail, beloveds,for you helped set the stage and open the higher frequency pathwaysfor the miraculous times you are in the midst of presently. Duringthese unprecedented times, you are not being asked to abandon yourfamily, your possessions or earthly pleasures. In fact, just theopposite is encouraged. As a self-master you must strive to live inboth your inner and outer worlds; if you deny either one, you are notfully conscious and you are out of balance. You have not been asked toretreat into a remote sanctuary to gain en-Lighten-ment, but to createa sacred sanctuary, a column of refined frequencies of Light aroundyou, so that no matter where you go, you will take your sacred spacewith you. You are being offered an opportunity to don your cloak ofLight and accept the crown of immortality as you join the ranks of‘ascending masters’. Dearest hearts, be of great courage and resolve,for you are the guiding Lights for humanity. The rarified Lightfrequencies and codes of ascension must flow through you and out intothe world. You are honored for your dedication and steadfastness, andyou are loved profoundly, I AM Archangel Michael