Tuesday, July 29, 2008



The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create."
Leonard I. Sweet

One is symbolized by the sun! And has within it the power and force
to make nothing into something. Its success lays in its will to be; in
its boldness of purpose, and most of all in its individuality and
single mindedness of being. For at deeper levels, at 1, there is no
other. Conjure in your minds eye, what it is like when everything is
one. There are no others to consider or align with, no differences,
and that is why number 1 people are self willed. And yet it is because
of this, unfettered by such dissipation of its energies, that the 1,
geometrically symbolized as a point (of pure brilliance), can burst
into becoming everything –and this is the raw energy number 1 people
have, including the tendency to be bold, original and dynamic. Action
and impetus, another characteristic of number 1 people, arises from
this clarity- for clearness of purpose, automatically leads to
confident action. Which but naturally leads to success and thus can
number 1 people be easily successful if they utilize their strengths!

As the first zodiac sign, all Aries have a touch of 1 in them- and all
1’s have a touch of Aries! It is masculine number and can be
aggressive and assertive and yet inspiring, enterprising and endowed
with leadership qualities. In tarot the magician, wheel of fortune
and sun card hold the 1’s energies – guiding all 1’s to tap into their
potential and manifest smoothly like the magicians they can be; to
ride the wheel of momentum without losing their centre point of
balance, and shine like the sun that symbolizes them! Sun-like 1’s
can be generous indeed. The risk they run is that 1 energy, in spite
of its potency is pure potential, and like sperm it needs to be
earthed into proper channels to produce tangibly rather than get
frittered away!

As the first number, 1 is about new beginnings, either of a cycle, or
stage in your life. It can be a new birthing, and yet like the seed
inherently has the tree within, this beginning if well utilized has
both the goal and its achievement intact within it!

You are a number 1 person if you are born on the 1st, 10th, 19th of
any month. Its energies intensify if your entire birth date (day
,month and year) adds to a 1. Its energies also play out in your life
if your name totals 1 numerologically.


Two’s are the moody blues, symbolized by the waning and waxing moon!
Yet like the moon can light up the night sky, 2’s have intuitive
wisdom about matters unknown and unseen. And as the absolute
unqualified 1 becomes ‘another’ in 2, to see, seek and know itself
better, 2’s very purpose to exist is this yearning to know self ; and
to seek this through another, in relationship! Divinity, for them is
indeed mirrored in the face of a beloved- be it the significant other
or friend, family or god!

Come conjure with me the paradox of being number 2 - as an extension
of number 1, twos’ inherently long to unite and yet this seeming
separation and duality is its reason to be! In this polarization, 2’s
need to explore both currents- explore opposites and choices and yet
come together in unified action and integration rather than weaken
self through conflict, confusion and opposition! This balance when
arrived at can become one of their biggest strengths! A clue: Practice
lightness and interplay rather than ‘this or that’ for 2 extends the
original impulse of 1, and thus tends to be very intense! Tap into the
deep reservoir of unconscious wisdom, but don’t get lost in the
illusion, hidden depths and secrets which are part of number 2 as the
foray indeed into duality and Maya!

Each number has its strengths and challenges and your role is to move
into its balanced energy in personal ways, befitting your unique
station in life. A balanced 2 energy is harmonious, cooperative,
sensitive, flexible, wise and receptive. They have a great passive
(feminine) power, indeed far more resilient and durable than the more
overt power of 1! They work very well behind the scenes, but often
bring alive the adage “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

Other influences: Taurus the second zodiac sign bestows on 2’s their
love for beautiful and fine things; the Moon imparts deep emotions.
Tarot’s High Priestess is especially symbolic, describing 2’s deeply
penetrating powers, wisdom and patience; yet when she is ‘reversed’
she warns that manipulating can be part of 2. The Judgment card
promises 2’s a constant awakening into higher states of being,
fulfilling that infinite potential you have as High Priestess, with
the Justice card -emphasizing balance and equilibrium- making this

You are number 2 if you are born on the 2nd, 11th, or 29th of any
month. Its energies intensify if your entire birth date (day, month
and year) adds to a 2. Its energies also play out in your life if your
name totals 2 numerologically


Three arising from the merger of 1 and 2 is a number of synthesis -
harmoniously coming together, blending and creating anew! For when
any two forces come together a unique third is created – and like any
new born it must grow in individual ways! Thus does 3 vibrate to
Jupiter a planet of growth, expansion and movement, bestowing on
threes their love for travel and freedom of speech & action. Indeed 3
is known as the number of first perfection, because it is here that
the impulse of 1, explored by 2, first takes tangible form
(geometrically the triangle) making 3’s innovative and enterprising!
Many ancient cultures only had names for numbers 1 & 2 with 3 onwards
just being labeled ‘more’- and this plays out in their life as their
love for success and the good things in life!

Come conjure with me the climax of number 3 as the tension of 1 & 2 is
released in their union and actual birthing of what was only
potential. Thus is 3 a number of passion and manifestation- the number
of creation indeed- with 3’s usually being optimistic and cheerful and
known to benefit from (and easily attract) the opposite sex! Yet deep
within them they have the ambition and drive of 1 and the innate
wisdom of 2 making them straddle both worlds: the material and

Each number has its strengths and challenges and your role is to move
into its balanced energy in personal ways. A balanced 3 energy is
creative, truthful, harmonious, tolerant and enterprising yet in
imbalance it can swing to being aggressive, impractical, egoistic,
volatile and spendthrift!

Other influences: Gemini the third zodiac sign bestows on 3’s their
wit and quick mind and Venus imbues them with its magnetism and love
of form and beauty! Tarot’s empress symbolizes their connection to
nature and ability to create abundance; yet ‘reversed’ she warns that
excess can be part of 3. The hangman promises 3’s higher states of
being if they tap within, with the world card whispering to them that
they can indeed have it all and create heaven on earth if they choose;
yet it is by remaining connected within and detached externally that
they will truly enjoy their success and not get trapped instead!

You are number 3 if you are born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of any
month. Its energies intensify if your entire birth date (day, month
and year) adds to a 3. Its energies also play out in your life if your
name totals 3 numerologically


Four is the number of actualization where the power and potential of
1, actually materializes into physical form! It is indeed 1 made
visible! Representing the inherent order present in the universe by
its 4 directions and seasons, it is number 4 that gives structure,
order and organization to the free flowing 3; and in that it helps
establish the material plane or your dreams in tangible ways! For it
is 4 which adds the cubic depth allowing the corporeal human
experience to come into being; it is the blend of 4 elements at the
root of all physical life; and our 4 limbs that enable the practical
labor involved!

So come conjure with me the solidity of 4, because for the first time
after the burst of 1, exploration of 2 and creative endeavor of 3 it
comes to ‘rest’; the foundations are laid, concrete grounding is done
and there is a feeling of safety, security and stability in this
initial achievement. And in the comfort zone of these 4 ‘walls’ is the
beginning of ‘identity’ - of that which you have established; that you
are; and in deeper terms the introduction of the human ego or id. And
here lies the innate tussle within number 4’s! They excel in giving
structure and definition; or become rigid and limiting instead! They
swing from creating healthy levels of security and stability to
stagnating within it! They wonder incessantly whether to rest in the
accomplishment of who and what they are, or make further break throughs!

Each number has its strengths and challenges and your role is to move
into its balanced energy in personal ways. A balanced 4 energy is
loyal, practical, organized, and efficient in putting ideas into form,
creating foundations that last and managing material and financial
interests. In imbalance it can swing to numbing its emotions and
becoming dreary, thrifty, cautious, uncompromising, and lost in detail.

Other influences: Cancer the fourth zodiac represents the 4s need for
comfort zones! Tarot’s Emperor reflects the empires 4’s can establish,
and the Death card hints at the need to move on. Uranus makes sure 4’s
don’t stagnate, and the setting sun also symbolizing 4, as different
from the rising sun symbolizing 1, tells us that the sun and its power
is finally closer to earth in actualization and rest.

You are number 4 if you are born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of any
month. Its energies intensify if your entire birth date (day, month
and year) adds to a 4. Its energies also play out in your life if your
name totals 4 numerologically

By Divyaa Kummar