Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Coming Solar Eclipse

The Coming Solar Eclipse

"Fasten your Seat Belts"

Hello everyone,

There are two significant things occurring during the next two weeks,
both of which can bring about very significant shifts in the direction
of events. The first is the Solar Eclipse on August 1 at 3:12am PDST
and the second is the coming Mars opposition to Uranus, which is
already having some effect and becomes exact on August 6 at 11:37am
PDST. As an aside, the Solar Eclipse and the lunar eclipse that
follows, affects Obama's chart while the Mars/Uranus transit affects
McCain's. The campaign strategies of both these candidates are about
to change significantly.

First let's go into the Solar Eclipse. One of the more accurate ways
to look at eclipses is by examining what's called the Saros cycle for
that eclipse. This one's called 10 South. The nature of this series is
one of breaking out of a very negative situation where there is no
hope to a more positive space that contains many options. The solution
will be shown by the Cosmos and needs to be taken up without much
delay. (This excerpt come from a wonderful Australian astrologer,
Bernadette Brady.) This eclipse is Plutonian in nature asking us to
recognize the essence of a situation and to be willing to break free
from it no matter how strong its pull on us. The relevance of this
eclipse for a particular person depends on where it occurs in the
natal chart.

This eclipse affects Obama and something odd has been happening that
we still don't understand. During his trip to Iraq, Israel, Germany
and London, he was very well-received. But the poll numbers showed a
definite decline at the end of last week. There hasn't been time to
interpret it yet, but my sense is that this Eclipse is going to force
him to change his strategy and become more forceful in his campaign
rhetoric. Watch what happens at the end of this week.

The second factor is the growing opposition of Mars to Uranus. While
it occurs on August 6th, it is already creating a sense of impending
change and shifts in our environment. This planetary pair can cause
external and internal earthquakes, hurricanes, power blackouts,
explosions, and accidents. Whether or not there are actual events like
these or not, this time period can certainly feel like something of
the sort is occurring within us. This is what is affecting McCain's
chart in a very significant way. He is going to feel the need to shift
his campaign strategy and attack like he hasn't before. There are
already rumors he is looking at bringing race in as an issue. How can
he do safely do this? By bringing up the issue of affirmative action.
He is against it and he may choose to bring up his position on that
and force Obama to talk about his. This is one of those very
emotionally driven issues that is seldom looked at concretely and in
detail, but which can drive a person's deci

I want to thank those who wrote after the last email, including those
who disagreed strongly. It is always helpful to me. While many people
receiving this newsletter are for Obama, many are for McCain and feel
just as strongly about their candidate as those who favor Obama.
Thanks to all of you for your responses.

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All the best,

Jim Sher
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