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The Power, Alignment and Acceleration days of August 2008

The Power, Alignment and Acceleration days of August 2008

We welcome you on this day of 7, the 199th day of 2008. On this double
prime day, we will share with you the significance and opportunity of
the upcoming power, alignment and acceleration days of August 2008.
First we remind you that every day is important. Each moment of your
life, the only moment for change and new choice is in the Now. All
things that we discuss on this topic may be initiated and integrated
into the Heart Now.

(From 7-6-2007 )
Many of you have been asking about certain days and purported energy
accelerations and "Grid" openings that are aligned to create World
Consciousness. We ask you this? What is a Day? From your own
experience and discernment, is one day more or less worthy than
another? We suggest that this "attachment" belief is an Old Way that
is passing for each day is sacred.

Yes, there are powerful grids surrounding the earth now. Yes, there
are alignments and attunements occurring on many levels of reality.
Yes, there are accelerations of photonic light entering your planet
through the Great Galactic Alignments for the Human
Soul-ar Age of Universal Consciousness. (1)

Yes, the Holy of Days is important, but nothing is as important as the
moment of now. Nothing is as important as this:

Choose Only Love

Now, with that being said, we expand on the opportunities that enhance
your moments of Now when you understand the cosmic alignments,
attunements and accelerations that are occurring. This year of 2008
(2+8), is a year of 10/1, endings and new beginnings. 2008 is a year
of the Magician (1) for those of you activating higher consciousness
and acting from the interconnection of your self and soul with all
things. When you shift your consciousness from separation and into
connection, you are truly opening to your Cosmic Human potential. The
Master Chang Tsu once wrote: 'The Universe is the Unity of All
Things." The Ascended Masters are reminding all of you to incorporate
this into the depth of your being as this 111 Trinity Alignment Phrase:

All Beings, All Times, All Space, All One (2)

There is literally an equation to the shift of consciousness that we
will simplify by stating that it occurs when you move beyond the < 50%
mark of separation and into >50% connection. Expressed graphically, it
looks like this, on a variety of scales:

When you shift your consciousness into knowing and feeling at depth
that you are more connected to Oneness than you are to your own
personal identity, you not only shift into the Eternal Lightness of
Being and the Infinite Darkness of Wholeness, but you move
into an entirely different scale and tonality of Soul Infused existence.

The scale of consciousness is shifting as you can see from the above
figure. The shift is all about connection and unification, moving into
higher states of awareness and ability to express and receive Love,
the essence of Creation. When you touch the Essence of Creation, you
create from Love and your creations are harmonious, abundant and holistic.

August is the 8th month of the year. August is associated with the
astrological sign of Leo and the sun. It is a month of enlightenment,
growth and in the northern hemispheres, the beginning of harvest. In
Celtic tradition, it is aligned with Lugh, the God of Flashing
Light, and the festival of Lughnasadh. The month of August 2008 is
ripe with powerful astrological events of great synchronicity:

August 2008 Astro Events:

New Moon (total solar eclipse) - 1 August 2008
1st quarter moon - 9 August 2008
Perseids Meteor Shower - 12 August 2008
Full Moon (partial lunar eclipse) - 17 August 2008
3rd quarter moon - 24 August 2008
New Moon - 31 August 2008

For more information on the Perseids Meteor Shower:

The new moon falls on the first day of August and aligns with a total
solar eclipse. 8-1-2008 is a numerological day of 1, new beginnings3.
On this day, from your perspective, the moon is "dark" and the sun
"disappears" for 2 minutes, 27 seconds along the path of totality.
What does this signify? That the month begins with a magnificent
opportunity for those of you who are awakening to connection with all,
to open to the enlightened darkness within.

This enlightened darkness opens the portals to the three 8:8:8 power
days, the three 8-9-10 alignment days and the nine 8-9-10 acceleration
days in August 2008. In the month of August, there will be a massive
energy shift. How do we know this? We reconnect to our lunar and
stellar ancestry, those aspects of our being that remember to look to
the heavens to observe and then to incorporate the heavenly light and
dark whole into our hearts in sacred ceremony. In this way, we become
connected to the infinite infinity, and our Sacred Creation in the
dark wholeness. If you so choose, you activate your own initiations
into the cosmic family of humanity. Open your hearts and these shifts
will move through you in confluence and into the higher states of

What exactly is enlightened darkness? It is the wisdom of inner
knowing that light emanates from within you. It is the experience that
in total darkness you are still enlightened. It is the restoration of
your own Activated Christ Consciousness. It is an ending to the cycle
of fear of the "dark" and new beginning of the integration of the dark
whole. The dark whole is that shining jewel of the bodichitta within
each one of you that opens to an infinite pattern of creative
connection and contribution to the ascension of humanity as a whole.
(Bodichitta means many things, among them loving kindness, emptiness
and inner wisdom found in the dark seed within.) The dark whole is
where creation emanates. Enlightened darkness then, our Beloveds, is
the embrace of your own divine creation.

What is the significance of 888? "888 is the number of the name
"Jesus" in the Gematria (the study of interpreting names and
attributes of God by means of Hebraic letter and number). 888 for the
Greeks, including Master Pythagoras, represents the "Cosmic Mind". (3)

Symbolically, 888 also carries a very powerful creation geometry of
three interconnected infinities:

We open your awareness in to the upcoming Power Days of 2008:

August 2008

1st 8-9-10 Sequence/2nd 8-9-10 Sequence/3rd 8-9-10 Sequence

Power Days of 2008


8 | 8 | 8


8 | 17 | 26


2008 | 2008 | 2008

Sum of D-M-Y=

2024 | 2033 | 2042


2+2+4= | 2+3+3= | 2+4+2=

Final Number

8 | 8 | 8

Alignment Days of 2008 SEQUENCE of 8-9-10

8 | 8 | 8


9 | 18 | 27

Year (2008 - 2+8=10)

2008 | 2008 | 2008'

Sum of D-M-Y= 2025 2034 2043


2+2+5= | 2+3+4= | 2+4+3=

Final Number

9 | 9 | 9

Trinity Acceleration Days -2 prior days PLUS:


8 | 8 | 8


10 | 19 | 28

Year (2008 - 2+8=10)

2008 | 2008 | 2008

Sum of D-M-Y=

2026 | 2035 | 2044


2+2+6= | 2+3+5= | 2+4+4=

Final Number

10 | 10 | 10

What does 8-9-10 signify? In simple numerology, 8-9-10 sequences move
you through this cycle:

8 - indicating eternal motion of spirals, rhythm, vibration, integration;

9 - indicating reproduction, multiplication, regeneration, completion; and

10 - endings and new beginnings, alpha to omega.

The Power Days: 8-8-2008; 8-17-2008; 8-26-2008

What does Power mean? In its original form, power stems from
"pouvoir", meaning "to be able to". Power is the capacity to be able
to create your reality. What do you know about consciousness? That
which remains unconscious rules your life from the shadow. From the
shadow, you are re-active (or you re-activate old programs through
karma and morphic resonance). From the shadow, you are response-able
or able to respond to external stimuli and obligations-expectations.

Now, from the light of consciousness, you are creation-able, meaning
you are able to let go of expectations and allow your life to unfold
in alignment with the Greatest Good of All Concerned. From this place
of creation-ability, you create a New Now.

The Power days open this opportunity in infinite ways.

A Power Day is a triple trinity of incorporating the symbol of number,
in this case, 888, into the core of your being. You do this by
visualizing and feeling the infinity symbol emanating from the
singularity within your heart, and then expanding into the triple
trinity, creating the seed of life, activating all aspects of your
physical and subtle anatomy and then interconnecting with All Beings,
All Times, All Space, All One. This brings in the full power of your
cosmic consciousness; this occurs on three "dates", 8-8, 8-17 (8),
and 8-26 (8). Each successive date, you may deepen into the power
within you, connect to the dark seed of creation, and create a new now
from Only Love.

There are infinite ways to do this. We do not lead you step by step
through this process. We do not suggest that there is only one way to
activate your power. Why? because the essence of Mastery is to listen
to your own inner teacher, to connect with all things in your own
unique way and to create your path to the heart and hara4 through your
wisdom and through your love and by your intention. Mastery, our
dearest friends in light, is no longer about a "Master" showing you
step by step the "how-to's", otherwise, you continue to look outside
yourself for answers. In the same way, Initiations into your own
Cosmic Humanity, are no longer passed on by a "Master" to a student.
You must learn to initiate yourself, to experience yourself as the
Master you are, rather than ask someone to en-master you. Do you
understand? Power is about ending the en-master and enslavement
dynamic. The new beginning is being your own Master.

The Alignment days logically follow the Power days: 8-9-10,
represented by the three dates which comprise this numerology:
8-9-2008, 8-18-2008, 8-27-2008. Alignment means an "arrangement in
straight or parallel lines". The root form of the word "line" means "thread
or string or row of letters". On alignment days, you may create a thread
between yourself and all things, and then pull the thread into your heart
where separation ceases and the line becomes the circle and creates
itself again into a sacred geometries. On alignment days, you may wish
to consciously choose what you are aligning with: are you aligning your
thoughts with the chaos and crisis that is so prominent in your news
media? Are you aligning with the increasing frustrations of the exterior
world represented by increasing prices and decreasing resources? Or
are you aligning with infinite connection, expanding compassion and
limitless love? As we stated in the beginning, do that now! There is no
need to wait. (4)

The three-day Acceleration days incorporate the Power and Alignment
days and potentially bring them into a completion pattern that moves
you each time into higher states of awareness and deeper states of
inner peace. We qualify this with potentiality because these are very
powerful accelerations. How you go about opening to the infinite
possibilities within each is dependent upon your heart and your state
of openness to receive and integrate the accelerations. Open your
hearts and these shifts will move through you in confluence and in the
higher states of consciousness. Stay in the mind of fear and the
shifts will be experienced as cosmic confusion. What is cosmic
confusion? It is a feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and
powerlessness. It is the answer many of you give to essential
questions pertaining to your purpose here and your soul essence: "I
don't know". We suggest that you do know, that you are powerful and
you are creation-able. The key to these activations again, is an open
heart and connection to your own hara center. For it is not the mind
or your thoughts that are creating your reality as is commonly
believed; it is the state of openness or constriction of that which
exists at the center of your being: your heart and your willingness
and ability to give and receive love. It is also the state of connection
or disconnection deep into the body, at the hara chakra, where you
know who you are and why you are here.

Accelerations of subtle energy coming from within and without are
occurring all the time. When the accelerations are accelerated by the
numerology in your calendar, you are being called to consciously
create your reality more and more of the time.

Now, let us end by returning to the beginning; these specific dates
are interesting from a numerological perspective, signifying power,
alignment and acceleration. The month of August contains many cosmic
events to remind us that we are connected to all things and that in
darkness there is light and in light there is darkness. You are
creation-able, you are connected and you are powerful; Remember this
above all:

All Beings, All Times, All Space, All One

Peace be with you,
Master Kuthumi

1' See Kuthumi's 8-31-2006 Autumn Equinox Discourse for more
information in the Archives section of

2' The phrase All Beings, All Times, All Space, All One equals 111 in
Pythagorean numerology.

3' 8+1+2+8=19=1+9=10=1

4 'Hara is the seat of your spiritual power and the place of connection
to your spiritual purpose. It is located in the gold energy center
around the navel.

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