Sunday, July 27, 2008

Free Attunements From Kerrie O'Connor

"Understanding Compassion
as a New Language Teleclass" Held on 2/22/07
"Sacred Higher Brain Teleclass" Held on 7/29/07
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Master Intuitive, Kerrie O'Connor has the amazing ability to energetically read your unique energy field and, like a tuning fork, help raise your vibrational levels so you can attract what you truly desire in life. Kerrie's powerful lifelong connection to Spirit has honed her extraordinary intuitive abilities which she has dedicated to using to help humanity remember and re-awaken to their Divine Heritage and Empowerment.
With the help of her Guides and yours, Angels, Ascended Masters and departed loved ones, Kerrie is able to tap into your soul to help you achieve and direct your purpose and passion in life. With loving compassion, Kerrie will help you identify and release energetic blocks and imbalances to assist you in letting go of fear and negative thought patterns, both conscious and unconscious.
What sets Kerrie apart and beyond is her intuitive ability to access your "Original Blueprints" and help you identify and release negative beliefs that have become your "story". Her mission is to help mankind step out of their stories and into their Divine POWER. As we understand that we constantly co-create our own reality, we become masters of our own lives, write our own scripts with intention and live fulfilling, enriching, joyful lives.
EF states, "I can speak from experience. She identified a thyroid problem I have had most of my life. I am now on the road to recovery."

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