Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Planetary Grid Transmissions

The Planetary Grid Transmissions
New Moon Solar Eclipse
Friday, August 1

Our advancement into the new Golden Age continues in greater acceleration.

The strengthening grids and continuing influx of solar energies,
galactic alignments and other cosmic influences are greatly affecting
energy system recalibration on both a human and planetary level. The
holographic energy field of our New Earth is anchoring and the old
grids and foundational base from which we previously attached our
reality perceptions is nearly obsolete. Without this past plane of
perception, old paradigm rules no longer apply. As a result, we are
now boldly confronted with major life choices in order to advance at
this evolutionary pace.

There are many of us who have and are making transition and perceiving
from the New Earth hologram and this extraordinary field of expanded
receptivity. We are able to easily assimilate the incoming solar
encodements and then automatically radiate forth this golden light of
amazing Grace that is entering on to this plane.

Referred to as the Grace Light, this highly transformative energy is
now being received and radiated from people that have achieved purity
in their human vessel and are greatly cleared of emotional egoic mind
attachment to this dualistic plane.

Not everyone is yet able to fully assimilate the new codes and this
incoming energy. Within the collective field of those "on the path",
there are many people who continue to struggle with an inability to
let go. Core fear patterning still persists which creates great
resistance to the swift changes that are taking place. This is
primarily stemming from the strength of the controlling ego mind and
its conditioned attachment to the material world, personal beliefs and
the limited linear perception.

There is also great emotional attachment to the personality self,
whether that be what is right about self or wrong about self.
Conscious or unconscious, this pattern of self absorption at any level
creates an unauthentic state of being and subsequent hardship.

One of the biggest hindrances to resisting the new energy is emotional
mind attachment to suffering. Many people continue to hold on to the
perception that life is painful, love is painful, the process has to
be hard. The commonality in all of these examples is the presence of
EGO MIND and the attachment of held emotion to our experiences.

These are not new issues of the human condition. Buddha and the other
great Masters have been talking about the mastery of Mind for eons.
The real wake up call here is that these mind attachments, fear and
resistance patterns persist in a perception field that is collapsing!
As a result, and with the new grids and holographic field coming into
place, old dualistic patterning and reactionary behavior is being met
with greater and greater resistance and is even being instantaneously
rejected. This energy is returned back to the projector in a pretty
big wave.

Consequently, those of us who remain in fear and resistance during
these shifting times are opening up to greater levels of suffering and
spiritual illusion. This is very prevalent within those people on the
spiritual path who may "think" that they are advancing into greatly
expanded states of consciousness. These beloveds embody very little
grounding and authentic now presence in the human expression. There is
also a lot of mind chattering about "Ascension" and "Oneness" yet
continued limiting patterns of the human condition. This is also
coming from those claiming to be teachers and masters of the new

We must continue in our vigilance to clear false perceptions!

Our transfiguration into the new divine-human blueprint entails the
complete transcendence of the lower chakras into the heart center, our
new radiating gateway of universal, unconditional love. By remaining
attached to emotion and false mind perception, we experience great
blockage in the lower chakras which is creating interference in the
energy body during a greatly accelerated time of transfiguration. It
is going "against the grain" so to speak.

In this resistance to letting go, coupled with the collapse of the old
grids, many in our family are opening into much challenge and
confusion. This can also potentially manifest into more serious maladies.

Again, previous gridding which supported our dualistic plane and its
associated thought forms is quickly collapsing. Old paradigm rules no
longer apply. The key to assimilating and aligning with the new energy
is to step completely out of the mind and become simply an observer to
how the new energies are moving us and our life. In this letting go,
Grace is there waiting to catch us.

Vigilience is required by all of us to master the mind and release the
obsession with thinking. True empowerment comes through humility of
the heart. Grace is the guide. When we are in the heart and
remembering our divinity, we can embrace everything in the moment and
then that moment will open up to us completely. In this authenticity,
Grace reveals how we are continually supported.

One of the biggest and most simplistic keys to our advancement is to
observe and see everything in the present moment as the guidance and
beauty of Grace.

New Moon Solar Eclipse and the Planetary Grid Transmissions

We are entering into yet another very auspicious moment ~ the New Moon
Solar Eclipse on August 1. Astrologically, this cycle gives increased
support to help free our minds and emotional attachments while
continuing to empower the processes of our transition into the new
divine-human blueprint.

In this moon we are unifying with each other on the Crystalline Grid
with the intention of liberating our mind and emotional obsessions. We
are freeing all attachment to the "I" personality self. We are
calling in support from our guiding team to assist us in clearing
remaining fear and resistance patterning while permanently removing
all blockages in our lower chakra energy centers.

During this moon phase and until the next full moon, we are breaking
though emotional and egoic mind patterns which keeps us absorbed and
attached to held beliefs and perceptions that are no longer valid as
we move forward into the new energetic fields.

We especially call in grid support from those people who have already
made transition and are perceiving from the New Earth hologram. We are
transmitting our own codes of light through the grid matrix to all
people choosing to receive infusion of New Earth energy.

We are working with the golden cosmic rays and the light of Grace to
help us expand our perceptual realities so that we can more readily
receive and respond to the emerging holographic fields and energies of
the New Earth.

From the Heart of the Sun,

Children of the Sun