Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You and 3D

You and 3DThis reality is about experiencing the other as if it is not you.However, the other is always a mirror spark of your own essence andthe surroundings are your energy, your creation. As the universe isbeing freed of chains of energetic slavery from races of darknessusing our energy for their own purpose, the reality in which we livebecomes more and more our own choice again. You understand ? Thelooks of this reality were not our choice for a long time, everythingaround us was designed to give the impression that the surrounding wasreal so that we would give our energy to that reality throughenergetic bonds. We looked at things believing they were real andtherefore the energy exchange happened, however we gave energy to ahologram, thus losing it to something else. That something else was abasket of energy engineered to be used by other races that were highlyinterested to gain it from us. Now we are taking back the right ofliving with our own energy and our free choice of what we want toexperience here on earth : if we like flowers we will find flowerseverywhere, if we like mountains, we will have many mountains in ourlives, if we are joyful, this will be reflected in our surroundings.We will be able to reconnect to all the elements of this earth,understanding water and fire, air and earth, and play with thoseelements as we travel through experiences and reflections ofourselves. This reality is dynamic and changes all the time, there isno such thing as a static unmovable reality, everything always moves.The true nature of the human being on this earth is that the realityand the universe is at our service. We are here to mirror each other,to enjoy each other and to live in the multitude of what earth canprovide to us. Being strong creators we need to look at what we allow ourselves toexperience. As long as the dominating energy of darkness is present,we can experience inner disharmony in ourselves through anger,irritation, sadness or any negative feeling, and the outer world willadhere to this energy and show that outside of you. The effects of itwill even not wait long for manifestation, they will appear directlyin a way or another. It is your task to watch what you allow in yourmind and to see how strongly you still believe that outside to be real.Everything emanates from you as you are the energy creator of yourworld. The first point of reference is you and then the rest exists.In earlier times, when humanity could not yet understand this andlived in this world as if things happened by accident, we were fooledto believe that the opposite dynamics ruled the world : the outsidedetermines who you are. This was reflected on all levels : you weretold to be this and that, the outside forced dominating rules upon youto follow, an outside god made you fear and wanted you to believetheir own 'good' and 'bad', others determined how you would live and die.How much humanity has forgotten its own source of energy.But this is changing now, the light has made a breach in the dam ofdarkness and has touched the heart of humanity, the awakening intodivine self cannot be stopped anymore. Some old mind games are stillbeing played out, however light is everywhere now. The human DNA hasbeen awakened and cannot be stilled. Drama might at this stage try toemerge even more fiercely however will more and more be recognized as'futile' and 'empty', carrying no energy in its essence and belongingto a past only to be remembered as a strange story of duality. Actsof separation and emotional imbalance are part of an illusionary worldand will lose their grip on humanity as we all evolve into another state.We are finding our moments of clarity and of understanding, one afterthe other, and soon the whole game will be understood beyond themental comprehension, and we will know the truth from inside. The eraof the guru has gone, we are lead by ourselves ultimately, even if theoutside is a help in our evolution, the final decision will always betaken by ourselves alone. It cannot be different, being the directspark of yourselves and the creator of your own surrounding, there isbasically no true power outside of you, so how could you want tofollow any outside source of information ?The truth is only and ultimately with you for you. You can still playwithin this reality to experience it, however it will be understoodfrom the perspective of your center. It is your responsibility to bepresent in the moment and to see what happens around you as that isthe mirror of you. You will then understand how to act upon it. It isyour task to flow into your life and allow things to enfold before youas you are trusting yourself to give you whatever you need. It is yourwork to understand and follow the urges of yourself, instead of theones found outside of you. It is a state of relief and inner peace inwhich you find total bliss. You have become your own totality. (byKomaya July 2008) You are invited to react to this article, your voice counts...Komaya-San
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Quote from David Icke "When each one of us stops acting based on whatis right for us as individuals and begins to act based on what isRIGHT and JUST for all beings on this planet, the tide will turn andBig Brother will be no more".
Quote "Be a citizen of the Earth and connect to it, you cannot escapethe fact that it IS you, so do not deny yourself'