Saturday, July 26, 2008

What's Up On Planet Earth 7/24/08

We are still experiencing many symptoms resulting from the solstice energies. I have not felt this way myself since the shifts began in earnest around the year 2000. There is much, much movement now. But these ascension symptoms repeat themselves again and again as our ascension process continues to progress, only more and more individuals are being affected as the whole is beginning to wake up and is now ready to come on board.

For this energy alert I have listed some common symptoms many may be experiencing, why they are occurring, what is to come in relation to them, and some comforts that may be of help. At the end of the energy alert I will also address your many inquiries about healing and why it can be detrimental as one begins to vibrate higher (this will be in Part II).

This energy alert may be a long one as I have not written since July 9th, so I have added some subtitles to give you the opportunity to skip sections if you wish. It can be burdensome at times to have to wade through a long text during these trying times!

Panic, anxiety, and depression:

The solstice energies uprooted much. It was time for the big shake-up, we had prepared all we could, and hence….here it came with a bang! Most of everything was blasted out of its groove and is still floating around without having landed. This involves real manifestations such as the economy, the old systems of the 3D reality, and the loss of jobs and income, etc. Emotionally, even if you are one who has not experienced any of these, you may simply feel the emotions of those around you…if only from simply walking out your front door in the middle of nowhere all by yourself!

Panic can occur when we feel great loss beyond our control and feelings of “the end.” I had extreme panic many years ago when the shifts first began, and very few were experiencing any of this. In addition, there was nothing really manifesting in real form (or in the outside reality) in regard to “ending” at that time, so then, we can feel panic and anxiety at a subconscious and higher level when we know that we are evolving and leaving much behind….even if we literally are not. It is just that we are going into a higher dimension and not everyone else is going with us at that time. But now, the endings are manifesting in real form, so we have a double whammy for sure (this is because it is finally time for the whole to begin its journey of coming on board).

Experiencing endings before the new has arrived can cause extreme insecurity, panic, fear, and uncertainty. We are human beings still, and thus have emotions at a human level. This is one of the many challenges of ascension…dying while we are alive and still in human form. But we are continuing on, at some level know that we are here for this purpose, and thus seem to hang in there through it all. I believe we are doing a fine job and am so proud to be part of our whole! Our souls are very strong indeed…we have been around for a very long time.

In addition, we are in the process of once more losing another layer of our old ego selves. Personality traits and behaviors which vibrated lower have suddenly departed. The parts of ourselves which we developed in order to survive a harsher and lower vibrating 3D reality cannot exist here now.

Hence, another challenge of ascension and another reason for panic and anxiety. Evolving into an even more sensitive individual without defenses, barriers, or a harsh exterior of protection while still in a harsh, dangerous, and seemingly dark environment can create an immense challenge at best.

And now, with the dissolution of so much of the old world in form, as the fall is beginning to snowball, we may wonder how in the world we will survive financially, and how we will sustain ourselves at all. With much of everything leaving, including parts of ourselves we had developed to survive, no wonder many of us are panicky!

“Should I even bother trying to create anything new?” you may wonder. “What is the point right now…..or ever?” With so much in seeming chaos, it can be difficult to know which road to be on, or even if your road will still be intact in times to come. “Everything seems up in the air with no solid foundation and no direction.” Again, much has not yet landed in its new groove….but it will, I promise you.

“I don’t know who I am anymore. I used to know my purpose and now I am totally and completely lost.” “I cannot go forward in any way…I feel boxed in.” “I feel helpless, vulnerable, powerless, insecure, and at the whim of much of anything.” “My self-confidence is shot. I do not feel remotely good about myself anymore.”

And how about this one: “I feel completely invisible, unnoticed, not needed, and certainly not appreciated or valued.” This is because we are vibrating higher and cannot be seen right now. And in addition, so many are in chaos and panic with their own situations, that they cannot see much of anything except what is going on for them. (More about being invisible further on in the energy alert.)

“I don’t feel like doing a thing. I am not interested in a thing. I just want to play. I want to retire. I do not want any more responsibilities. I am exhausted. I need to rejuvenate. I need a very long rest….or maybe an endless vacation.” “Don’t bother me. I want to be in my own sacred space away from the outside world.” Or perhaps, “Get me out of here! I want to run away to somewhere very different and never return!” “I want to go home where I fit and things feel right!”

Depression and apathy can occur right now as everything is in seeming chaos, we cannot manifest in the way we used to, many are not seeing each other, we are now vibrating higher and the outside and old reality is vibrating lower…which always causes depression as the outside reality has not yet caught up, and there is much suffering occurring (making one wonder if anything “good” will ever happen again). This will pass, I promise, and when it does, we will be grateful for the new space we are in.

(Comforts and what is to come will be listed at the end of the common symptoms list in Part II.)

Health crises, relationship breakups, job losses, financial stresses, and a general experience of having your life fall apart:

We are rapidly accelerating now into a higher dimension, and everything has to go. So then, everything needs to align, get primed, or leave this reality in order to arrive in the new one (and yes, death in the old 3D fashion is a path as well). Whatever is not vibrating at this new and higher level (or whatever level or rung of the ladder is next for you and your loved ones), will receive a corresponding experience of choice at a soul level to create a situation designed to get everyone to where they need to be.

Many scenarios are occurring now, and at many different levels. Those more embedded in the mainstream or old reality will experience the most shake-ups, as this world is rapidly leaving now. Those who have been through their own challenges and shake-ups of the ascension process for several years will experience less, but will still be having shake-ups in relation to where they are vibrating…they will just go to a higher level from where they were before, usually involving shake-ups in relation to ego selves and new ways of relating and being.

Are you behind if your life is really collapsing now? Have you missed the boat? Are you not where you should be? Is something wrong with you? Are you being punished? Are you not “ascending” fast enough? Absolutely not.

At our soul levels, we are all right where we need to be. Some of us chose to lag a little further behind as we needed to hold the space at that particular level until it was time to move our level ahead and take many with us. We are all masters here, knowing exactly what we are doing and doing it remarkably well. We know where we need to be. There are no mistakes. And sometimes different choices are made as well, and this is when suffering usually occurs to encourage us to make another choice in order to be in alignment with our original soul plan. We each have a unique and different scenario going according to what feels best to each and every one of us.

A health crisis is one of the first ways many choose to begin aligning to Source and our souls. It usually gets our egos out of the way in a crash course style, so it is a good and common choice to begin with. Loss of control is paramount then, so we become dependent on a higher power and really learn to surrender and trust. This is happening now for many who are just starting their process.

Relationship breakups are common as well. One soul begins to vibrate higher and the other soul usually sets the higher vibrating soul free by “dumping” them. If we can know why, and that the “dumping” soul is doing so because of a great love for us and as a great support for our continued growth, we can then know that all is in divine and perfect order. We will all meet up in the end anyway and laugh and cry and hug each other.

Another scenario which is occurring more frequently now is when two souls totally separate to give each soul an opportunity to find itself entirely on its own without having the support or leaning on one another. When each one learns to connect individually to who they really are, to their souls and to Source, they can then find each other again and re-unite. This is why it is becoming more common now for things to separate completely before they can re-unite one again.

Job losses have always been a common ascension experience. As we begin to vibrate higher than our job in the main stream world, we are thus separated from it. We were not meant to suffer through this process, so most of the time (the far majority of the time) we are somehow miraculously taken care of.

Much is falling apart now as the old world is taking its fall. Much is then being turned inside out or rather finally right side up. Re-aligned, re-aligned, re-aligned.

The higher dimensions serve to magnify everything. So then, for those who have been on their ascension path for quite awhile, or perhaps even purged and released much in a short period of time, what is then magnified will be much more pleasurable. This is why miracles and new beginnings can occur for some and not for others. And again, we are all right where we need to be with our own set of individual challenges at each level.

Sleeping and wanting to nap all day:

Those bearing a significant amount of light carried much in regard to the ascension process, and this role is now over for awhile. Now we get to rest. A large part of our “job” is done. We have let go and get to hibernate and take some time for ourselves. So then, all we might want to do is rest, take it easy, S-L-E-E-P, and be a slug. No more carrying the light for the entire planet…no more lifting it up….no more new projects right away… more supporting, holding, and saving. Just like a long rest after being in labor before birthing a new baby, a rest is needed before we experience the very new baby.

Experiencing great distress at and/or a strong need to no longer be alone:

In the higher realms, there is no separation. Unity vibrates much higher. As we begin to vibrate higher, we are now wired for unity. Thus, being alone no longer feels good or remotely right. It can feel downright uncomfortable at best and encourage us to seek out new group connections, re-unions with family or perhaps relocations where family and friends are, and the like. Innately we know it is time for community.

Only wanting to do what you want to do, or rather not wanting to do anything you “have to” or what someone else wants to do:

When I first got clobbered with major ascension symptoms, I really had this one. I thought that I must be the most selfish person in the world, and thus tried to “tap” this seeming issue away through EFT, which was how I addressed my symptoms in the beginning before I was no longer able to (EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique…a process for restoring yourself to a higher level of being through tapping the meridian points on your body. I believe their website url is ). Much to my surprise, I discovered that this state of being cannot be removed, as it is one which vibrates higher, believe it or not!

When we reach the higher realms, much is purified and only the most refined states and energies remain. In this way, we are then in alignment with who we are and what we are about in our purest state. This relates to our own special purpose and contribution, and thus, we can no longer be in anyone else’s reality, dream, or the like. As we begin to vibrate higher, we also share a reality or dream with our soul team along with the general reality of the whole, so we still do have overlaps in some ways. Sounds strange, but wanting to do what lights us up and what we can relate to is where we need to be.

Feeling invisible and not valued or needed:

Some of us may feel invisible because we are invisible. This latest shift in June catapulted everyone higher and many are vibrating higher than others who are in the old world, so we are no longer noticed. We may not be in the land of problems, crises, and the like, so we literally no longer live there and cannot be seen.

So right now, for the most part, we are not yet ready to be seen or needed as not enough of the whole have hit their rock bottom. We need to be “asked” for our knowledge, talents, and assistance, and will not be until souls reach this point and get desperate or completely lost. Most must surrender first. As we have been growing our angel wings for awhile now, and still have far to go yet, just like angels, we will be asked for help, guidance, love, re-assurance, and then be able to assist those in need. So just like situations which we ourselves have experienced when we surrender and then the light arrives, we will be able to be that light for others, but not until they surrender and ask. This time is coming, but it is not quite here yet, but will be very soon.

Feeling beat up, abused, worn down, and clobbered at every turn:

It will get better. Things will smooth out. We are not given more than we can handle, but just enough to fall apart so that our ego selves have to get out of the way. We can no longer be in charge like we used to, as it is our connection to our souls and to Spirit which calls the shots now. When we become beaten down, we begin to appreciate the smallest of things, and in the higher realms, it is only the simple things that really matter. As we evolve, we come to realize that the little things we thought were so important were only coming from our ego selves anyway. We begin to value and appreciate the love and friendship of another above all else, the life of community, and the kindness of our brothers and sisters. Our picky old ego selves are seemingly gone, and we realize that what we thought was so important really was not important at all.

Stay tuned for Part II…(if you’re still with me!)
Part II

More symptoms…but lots of wonderful things are arriving now and due to soon arrive as well! We are really getting over the hump now, so some of these symptoms may have already passed for some of you, or perhaps never occurred at all.

No sense of place:

It is very common to have this feeling during or right after a substantial shift of the energies. We receive an internal shake-up, are catapulted to a new level of vibration, and the outside reality no longer fits us. We can thus feel that we no longer belong anywhere, cannot relate to anyone or anything, feel quite alone, and nothing much feels good to us anymore. I have listed some comforts for this symptom further along in this energy alert.

A need to eat often with what feels like low blood sugar attacks, or simply wanting to gorge on food:

When we are re-aligning within and greatly morphing, our bodies can really take a hit and thus require much more energy than normal. Protein is the key here. During these times I have to eat every two hours and this includes a healthy dose of protein. The gorging or wanting to fill up is a different thing. With so much loss occurring along with losing much of who we thought we were, we can at times have a desire to fill up somehow. This can manifest as wanting to eat large amounts of food and wanting to really feel full.

Craving anything “new”:

After we move ahead to a higher vibrating “level” or dimension, it can feel uncomfortable to be in anything “old.” For those who are highly sensitive, this can manifest as severe discomfort and an almost gagging or repulsion for anything which existed before. It is in our wiring….we are being encouraged to move ahead into the new, or rather can no longer tolerate the lower vibrations or things of the past. We have been reborn and are now vibrating within a very new space and reality.

Becoming easily overloaded and overwhelmed:

With the new energies now in place, much has been dislodged and relocated to a new residency. Much pushing then, is occurring. This can cause feelings of hyperventilation, squeezing, headaches, and an overall feeling of stress. With so much going on within and without, we can easily become overloaded. Rest is vitally important now, as well as saying “no” to much and being willing to stay simple. When I experienced this scenario to an extreme many years ago, I could not even have a conversation, as it used up too much of my energy reserves. Resting and making things simple was my only salvation. This greatly assisted with the panic and anxiety as well.

Forgetting where you are and losing your place:

Many times when I am driving in vast expanses of country here in the Southwest, I can forget where I am, who I am, or what reality I am in. This can occur at other times as well when we begin to vibrate higher. It is as if we are not connected to anything at times, and are thus hanging out there in a space which gives us the opportunity to create whatever we choose. As we vibrate higher, we hold onto much less. Energy is in and out, very quickly and moves very fast without clinging or holding on. Anything not being held in our consciousness will simply cease to exist. Getting used to this can be scary or at best confusing, but it can also allow us to create fresh and new at any given moment.

There are countless other symptoms relating to our ascension process, and many more are listed in The Ascension Primer, as well as in the form of book excerpts for your viewing at the sidebar link on this page at, but in order to remain brief for the purposes of an energy alert, I have listed here the most common for this particular time.

Tools for Comfort

When we go through a substantial shift into a higher dimension, it can really wreak havoc on much of everything within and without. In this regard, it can greatly help if can find ways to stay connected to the higher vibrating energies, as so much else is falling away. During these times we really need to feel good again, and connecting to higher ways of being and living can greatly soothe us. Below are some remedies which I have found to be very helpful during these times:

Stay in your creativity as much as possible. In the higher realms, creativity is what it is all about. Thus, creativity always carries a high vibration no matter what dimension we are residing in. For me, sewing, designing a new fabric project, painting, writing, gardening, cooking, and creating much of anything immediately takes me into a beautiful space and I feel wonderful and connected again. It also serves to get any negative thoughts out of the way, as well as our ego selves!

Be in the company of as many little ones as possible. Our little ones naturally carry a higher vibration and we can easily feel oh so connected once again. We see them and they see us. They match us so much more closely than much of anything else. My granddaughter Amayah has saved me countless times during an ascension shift. These little ones love us as much as we love them!

Get distracted and stay away from the news, the outside world if need be, and just keep as busy as possible in your own world. This past week while I was at my daughter’s we had no TV, no internet, and spent almost all of our time readying for the arrival home of the babies, playing, laughing, eating, and cuddling. It was pure bliss. The only reality I was aware of was the reality of a loving environment with my family and four grandchildren. We slept together, showered together, massaged each other, combed each other’s hair, and basically found ourselves continually in one big ball of golden brown and white skin (my grandchildren are African-American bi-racial)!

Spend time in nature as much as possible. This can be a tough one right now, as even when we are in nature, we can still pick up all the changing and disruptive energies. But the earth is ascending as our vehicle, and being around her energies can connect us as well. Here in the high desert of New Mexico we are experiencing the monsoons and it is awesomely beautiful. Incredible sunsets, magnificent cloud formations, the smell of wet sage, and wildflowers abounding can make one feel as if they have arrived in heaven.

Take a break and rest. If you are able to, take a day designated just for you. Read a trashy magazine, lay in bed all day, go for a walk, read a pleasurable book (not a self-help book!), tinker around the house, or just sit in the sun. Things will indeed begin to rev up for you again, if they have not yet begun to do so, so a time out now can really be what is needed.

Bond with your animal companions. They are a part of our individual community and our family and it can feel wonderful to spend as much time with them as possible as a part of our whole.

Just stay away from what is crashing and re-aligning…or stay in your sacred space. Our sacred space, or what we have created, is very much in alignment with who we are. Thus, we can feel secure, grounded, and just plain good when we are there. Staying home can feel best at times.

What Is Yet To Come

Things will be settling down as our re-connections become more and more intact, and this is already beginning now. And yes, everyone will begin to experience miracles and new beginnings. Hitting rock bottom created opportunities for change for many, so then, much will be re-structured, re-aligned, and settled into very new spaces.

Much will be different and will continue to evolve and change in a disruptive and destructive way until we reach 2012. Thus, there will continue to be upheavals for a few more years for many, but most of everything will be intact and ready for the very New World to be created fully by 2012.

Coming together in community will be paramount, and we will be forming smaller groups of supportive souls who know each other intimately in times to come. Our old ways of living and being created separation, anonymity, and the like, and this will soon be a reality of the past.

Travel will be greatly compromised, and this will serve to support the unity reality. Air and auto travel will be highly limited to those of affluence, and air travel will almost be rare. Train travel will be the norm and serve as the primary source of movement into other areas, as well as smaller inventions for very local travel yet to be introduced.

Families and loved ones will relocate in order to be together geographically and to serve as support units for their whole. The walls of judgment, separation, and ego-personality states will rapidly dissipate through these times of change. The area where I currently reside is comprised of retired Buddhist monks, a strong gay community, retired main stream individuals, healers, Mormons, and many creative artists. Everyone here gets along as we need to support each other. It becomes easy to see only the soul, beauty, and gifts and talents of another while disregarding the package they are contained in, as we are all one and we greatly need each other. And this is how it will be for most everyone soon. We will actually finally “see” each other!

“Local” will be paramount. Smaller communities will sustain themselves and support each other. And this is when our own special gifts and talents will be needed, recognized, and highly revered. This is the way of the higher realms. And yes, smaller communities can exist within a metropolitan area as well. Where I currently live, the nearest store is an hour away. But we have avid gardeners and growers here, a strong farmer’s market, we each share our experiences and supports for sustainable and natural building, and I can literally hike, write, get my mail, connect with others, take yoga, and much else without leaving my own back yard. In this way, the gas prices have very little impact as well. I rarely need to get in my car. Running errands is virtually extinct.

Barack Obama will become president of the US. His soul has predestined this path at this particular time. He carries past life energy of Abraham Lincoln and other masters and highly evolved beings. This has been planned at higher levels for some time now. He brings the energy of unity and change and will have an effect which we have not seen in eons of time. I have known this for quite some time, but Hillary followers got very angry with me! If you are one who favors John McCain, please refrain from letting me know. This was not my idea…I am just the messenger!

The supports we have longed for, for so very long, will finally arrive. And they will come in the form of each other. Financial supports will arrive through our store-fronts (kindly find more detailed information about store-fronts in the energy alert for July 9th located in the archives).

August of 2008 will bring in some beautiful energy. Much will have been resolved and settled in by then, and thus, more will be intact at last. We will experience another opening to the higher levels, and like fairy dust being sprinkled over us, the magic will appear at every turn. I tear up when I see these times as they are so very beautiful.

Why Healing Can Be Detrimental When We Reach A Higher Vibration

After we reach a higher vibration within, we are then vibrating higher than our old wounds, past experiences, and the like. In other words, we have evolved beyond lower vibrating experiences which caused whatever needed to be healed. If we receive a healing in this new state of being, it can only serve to take us back into old denser energy and re-activate something which no longer exists. A healing at this stage can really screw us up and get us out of alignment and off track, and is most certainly not necessary.

This mostly pertains to certain types of counseling, healing modalities which serve to clear out old energies by needing to connect to them first, or any modality that focuses on what is “wrong.”

In addition, the ascension process serves to prepare us for the higher realms completely on its own. It is a beautiful process that knows exactly what it is doing quite naturally. If we try to assist or interfere, to expedite it or make it happen by ourselves, we will only serve to open way too fast, create discomfort, jump ahead of where we are and thus not be aligned, and perhaps make our loving non-physical care takers wonder what in the world we are doing as they are so lovingly monitoring the whole process!

In the beginning stages of ascension healings can be very helpful. They can serve to relieve some of the pain and suffering resulting from the higher energies hitting and activating old wounds which need to be cleared and released. But even then, this assisting process needs to be monitored very carefully and it can be tricky.

So then, for those just beginning their journey, healings can greatly help. But after a certain threshold has been met, they only serve to be detrimental to the recipient. Many of you who are healers will know through your expertise who needs what and when. You are masters at connecting to the higher energies and allowing them to run through you while getting out of the way.

I have not had a healing in many years and have been fine. Most of what I am referring to here is in regard to the ascension process. I still go to the dentist, took an antibiotic when I had a kidney stone, and would seek medical attention if needed in an emergency (such as a rattlesnake bite!), although I have not been to a doctor for many years.

Hope this helps those of you who have been asking…it can be difficult to explain but I would imagine you get the drift, and if you are called to be a healer (as we all have the ability to heal), you would have this sense and expertise without me explaining.

In addition, as we evolve higher, we begin to have the desire to simply have a life. We want to create the life of our dreams and be in it. We no longer have a desire to save or fix. Healers will still be needed though, for those evolving up the ascension ladder, so healers will still be needed and highly revered in this arena.