Friday, July 18, 2008

Breaking free of the EGO!

Breaking free of the EGO!

We are in the midst of a period of great expansion this summer leading
up to September that may be causing unusual sensations and reality
adjustments to occur. Don't be alarmed if you wake up one morning and
can't quite figure out why you were so attached to that person, job,
activity or substance in the past. It just doesn't hold any interest

This stage of ascension involves many adjustments and recalibrations
in our body, minds and spirit. As the old patterns, habits and
attachments fall away, it opens up receptive space in our being for
more Soul truth and purpose. I see it as an awakening of our very
being into Oneness!

Not only are we shedding unwanted behaviors and stuck beliefs, but we
are also allowing more of our Over-soul to be ever-present in our
inner core. This means we can begin to articulate and take action in
behalf of our original god-self. Imagine what life would be like
operating from the purity of the god-self!

As we come into more alignment with our true nature, our inner essence
and our loving Soul presence, we can begin to drive our lives in a
different direction...into the path of ascension and Union. This path
looks like no other! For it is entering a realm we have not attained
in past history. This path allows our human self to access a
multi-dimensional Universe of all possibilities.

Up until now we have existed in a selective, isolated world hologram
of ego-gratification and separation. The primary drive in our human
existence has been survival, seeking pleasure and acquiring material
wealth. This is motivated from our lower chakras being permeated by
the corrupted planetary enslavement program. It may come to some as a
surprise, but our ego-personality is just an embodied mind-control
program downloaded with our horoscope, family of origin patterns,
religious dogma, media messages and societies dictates. We are not our

The key to accessing the ascension path is surrendering the lower ego
desires, which keep us separated in the 3-D earthly realm. Our egoic
programming projects a human reality of individualism and
dis-connection from the world of nature. This driving force within
pits us against each other, as we claw our way to the top. It creates
a divisive under-current of competition and exclusivity. It tears us
apart from the Unified Field of all un-manifested potential. We stand
alone in our egoic individualism, feeling empty, insatiable and abandoned.

We are facing a profound human dilemma! How do we connect to the
ascension path and merge with our god selves, when we are locked into
an ego-personality program hell-bent on preserving its individual
separatism? We are conflicted in the very depths of our core! How do
we connect and manifest with the unlimited potential of the Universe,
as long as our egos remain separated? We are caught in a Catch 22!

This phenomenon has reached epic proportions as we continue to focus
and clear out the multitudes of divisive egoic programming from our
bodies, hearts and minds. This is not a passive path! During this
ascension stage we need to re-focus all that inner drive for consuming
and acquiring into clearing and detaching all ego-programming from our
consciousness. This needs to become a "shake-down"! We will not break
free of ego-control without active intervention.

As we continue to receive the increased particle acceleration, we can
optimize this opportunity by aggressively repelling all interfering
programs, patterns, beliefs and fears from our energy field. This
process takes laser-sharp focus, pure intent and the inner will to
become whole again. We must discern the difference between what we
need, not what the ego wants. By raising our vibration with light
particles we begin to push up to the surface all egoic shadow
consciousness to be released. Take advantage of this powerful
cleansing period to rid yourself of all remaining attachments to 3-D
separatism. Embrace the feeling of becoming One with the
Universe....this is your original home!

As we soften the edges of our physical density, activate the God Seed
code, and connect with the energy of the Unified Field around us, we
enter into collaboration with Universal Abundance. It is this
opportunity that avails to us the magnetism to manifest from the
collective field of all existence. The old linear, masculine program
of mental and physical effort to manifest is collapsing out of our
systems. As Earth and humanity move into the pole reversal and the
shifts in the electro-magnetic field, we will see the 3-D manifesting
program collapse (downward economics). So we need to learn how to
merge into the Unified Field with our whole being, and manifest in
Union now!

And this is the final irony - to manifest in form we need to dissolve
our form! To provide for our earthly needs we need to merge back into
Union with the multi-dimensional Universe. This is the challenge! Our
ego-minds keep us in separation as individuals, but our hearts are
yearning to become ONE with the collective field of Source. We have to
learn how to embrace being in a collective energy while staying
connected with our unique Soul voice and essence. Simultaneously being
ONE with the Universal Field and our original spark of Creation (god
self) at the same time!

We do this by merging into the Pool of Creation - the Unified Field of
all potential. Let your body, heart and mind connect and feel the
energy field pulsing all around you, floating and suspending you in
its gentle movement and vitality. Surrender and sink into the "pool"
of anti-matter, just like floating in a sea of light particles or
shimmering fluid of non-matter. It is pure alchemical god energy.
Allow the hard edges of your body to dissolve into the pool of light.
BECOME the pool of god particles!

We need to merge with the non-form, alchemical anti-matter to start
the creation process to manifest form in the 3-D material world. Sink
deeper and deeper into the feminine pool of anti-matter, tune into the
awareness of what you need - and spin it into forward-motion inside
your core. As we train the ego/body to dissolve into god energy
(Unified Field) we can begin to absorb the particle acceleration into
our cells. These god particles open the mini-vortices in all the
meridian channels in our energy body to allow our Over-Soul to flow in
and fill our body and our lives.

Now is the time to convert to the new method of life support and
proliferation. We are being called to return home (Unified Field) and
forge a New Earth for all of humanity!

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