Saturday, July 19, 2008



Dearest Heart Lights,

I AM Takeli now: a Light that shines forth in abundance, knowing,
that all that is to come to me now, is orchestrated to fulfill my
life’s purpose and dreaming. I am a voice to those who are ready to
awaken to Love as the reality on which all is based upon: who are in
the process of understanding self as no longer of good/bad, but of
perfectedness; and that the journey ever unfolds in greater and
greater understanding of self as one who truly is a powerful Light of
Creator’s Love.

Each of you, as well, came here on a mission: to do the journey of
awakening to Love: Love of the self; Love of each other, on the Earth
plane of conscious awareness now.

Who you are, is a powerful light of Creator: there is no reason at
all, to stop to consider yourselves less than, any more. Your life’s
purpose is awakening within you: it shines forth like a beacon now,
for you to follow the path of your Heart’s guidance. It is to listen,
to the quiet voice within, that tells you constantly now, to do that
which is of life’s purpose to you: to leave the old behind, and to
step forth into the new, seemingly at a moment’s notice. In Truth of
all Light, it is a carefully planned occasion: one where you are able
to choose to follow the dream you have held within for so very long,
as it may appear to you, in the moment of its presentation to you.

There is no path of fear based reality in existence, other than where
you choose to create it: set aside the fear, and listen, to your
heart’s longing. Feel your child self awakening within you, for many
have smothered that voice of Love inside of the self, and relegated to
it the journey of the child – to be listened to on occasion, but
considered not possible, for this or that reason.

Listen now, to that inner voice, that speaks to you of things that are
beyond your usual understanding of self, of what can now be
accomplished. It is time to dust off the cobwebs of your Truth, Trust
and Passion, to allow the energy of your Truth to be present: what
serves, what does not, in this life you live right now. Choose to
shift yourself, into a state of “I CAN”; and watch the doors fly open
to your true self: the one who is accomplished, who is in complete
co-creation with her/his higher self, and who chooses now to honour
that pathway of Love, that beckons enticingly to you, to take another
step, and another, as you continue to allow the path to unfold in
fullest measure. It is a pathway that appears somewhat challenging at
first, yet, as you take the step, then another, and another, with the
intent to do the whole of the journey that has been opened up before
you, you will find yourself doing that which you thought, prior to
this occasion, to be somewhat impossible, perhaps silly, to be
thinking of such a thing.

Have the courage to follow your convictions, of what life should be
about for you now: take the step, to be in a place of Heart Light
expressed in unity consciousness; it is no longer, about the
separation of one from another, or self from the higher self: you
are, your higher self now. There is little difference between you:
only, to honour that the part of you that knows who you are, already,
is now guiding your path for you, into that which you came here to

It is now the Shift, in fullest measure: those who remain in doubt
and fear in their behaviour, will find themselves falling by the
wayside, held into a third dimensional experience where the laws of
polarity prevail.

The path is open to all to walk upon: it takes willingness to
transcend the fear of creating in error, of appearing unstable to
those of a more linear orientation of their thought patterns. It is a
pathway of great freedom and change, that ever begins with the first
step: to Love thyself, enough to heal out of the fearfulness of the
third dimension, to move forward now, without fear of failure, into
that which truly serves YOU, and in so doing, the greater whole.

Place your trust in your higher self: the part of you, that is
seeking a greater awareness from you, that it IS you. Create for
yourself a journey based in Love: one that you delight in being part
of, and begin to move towards it, effortlessly, for your Heart’s
Passion and full desire are part of it, intrinsically woven into it.

Create a clear statement as to what it is that you wish to achieve,
examine it from all possibilities for its fear of failure, and
jettison these parts of your statement. Make it strong and bold:
place it in the now, in the “I”: for it is the I of Creator’s Love
that you are being, in this moment. Look at it often: read it aloud
to yourself, and allow all feelings to arise within you at this
statement, that you may focus your Light on that which does serve the
all that you are.

Call into yourself, your knowing of self as a powerful master, walking
this plane of consciousness in disguise as human; delight in your
place in the beauty, the power, the joy, of all of Creator’s Love, and
know that you are supported in this greatness of Love, to co-create
with the higher self’s capacity to shift energy, to align it to your
purpose, for this which you have defined for yourself, is its purpose
as well – there is not the separation any longer, that you might still
be aware of in your human Light.

Honour thyself, as the greatness of mastery that you are: ever
honouring and in gratitude of your Creator’s Love: a Love that denies
you nothing, that you might align yourself into the journey of the
Love that it is, expressed in you.

Have the courage of your convictions: be bold in your plans, and
allow, for all that you would desire to accomplish to be brought forth
now; for so it is. It is the time of shifting energy: to be about
your walking the path of Spirit, even as you continue to pretend you
are the human you have ever been in this lifespan, that appears so
real to you. It is a grand illusion: it is a game; it is, what you
make it out to be, in active co-creation with those around you.

Find now, those who will support your expansion, your growth; release
of the restrictiveness of past thoughts, and allow, accept, flow, with
the Love of Creator, to flex those wings, dust off the true you, and the arms of Creator itself :)

It is no accident, you are here on the planet at this time. You came
here, with a special purpose in mind: one that takes you out of the
small self, and into that which you truly are, beyond the physical
body’s expression of the Heart Light within. Allow the other bodies,
the emotional and the mental, also to take the back seat in this
process of remembering, realigning, into the all that you are: place
self in the hands of your Spirit Light, and fly free, in Love, in
complete harmony with all that is around you and before you, within
you, to bring forth now.

It is time to release from the tenacity of the third dimensional
experience: replace it, with the Love that ever guides you, into that
which is expansionary to your growth, to bring forth the dream from
within, in fullest measure. The time of struggle, of difficulty, is
truly past: allow, accept, receive, the Love of the fourth Light. It
is your intent to be there, that opens the door; step through it, by
your willingness to shift out of a fear based reality focus, and walk
strongly in the vibration of unity consciousness, as you generate new
possibilities that have at their base, the Truth of Love that you are,
that you came here to be, at this momentous time of shifting energies
and transformation upon this Earth plane of focused Light.

All that you need do now, is to align yourself, utilising the power of
the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating*, brought forth by the
Master Guide Kirael, to assist you in discovering the full beauty of
your Truth, your Trust, your Passion. And to those who define
themselves in other pathways of Love, I say to you, well and good:
they are the stepping stones, towards these simple knowings:

Know your Truth; feel the beauty of Love in all that you do, in the
power of Trust to define the journey, as you discover your Passion of
Creator’s Love within. Use Clarity to focus yourself into the Truth
of all Light; Communicate from a space of Love and willingness to do
the journey, to the fullest that it can be experienced now; and
utilise Completion of all that which no longer serves you, in
readiness for the path to expand with you into the next part of the
cycle of your evolutionary processes.

Begin now, to walk your path in these simple Truths, and you will
prosper. And where you energise and amplify the path you walk upon,
by being in active co-creation with the higher self now, in the form
of the tools of Prayer and Meditation, Sleepstate Programming and
Masterminding, you will find the path most clearly defined to you, in
every possibility you may set before yourself to create, with the full
power available to you, to shift and align yourself into Love: into
the Light of Creator’s Love that enables this Great Shift in
Consciousness to be all that it might be to you on Earth now. in this
you are both the human Light that you are; and the part of Creator’s
Light that shines a pathway for others to learn by your example, what
it is to be in Love.

I honour you for your gift of listening to words such as these: let
yourself now feel, in your Heart’s Light the Truth of them to you, to
your pathway of Love: a Love that is so great, it does not prevail in
the third dimensional experience. To shift yourself and your journey
into Love, requires of you a willingness to commit to your Truth, your
Trust, your no longer let yourself be held back by fear
of any nature; for all that you create and succeed with, will show to
you, your self: a beautiful part of Creator’s Love, that now walks in
active co-creation of the journey with all that you are, ever
unfolding in greater beauty of Love...

And so it is.

I AM Takeli, also known as MMagdalen of the onyx weave of Goddess
Light: each of us, has many knowings of self, many names to unfold
from within: let the Love be free, and allow the part of you that is
your higher self, shine out from within.

* The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating were brought forth as a
guide for us to take us into a Love-based reality; you can find them
in the online store page at http://www.kirael,com :)

Dearest Heart Friends, the Light is active within us all...for me of
late, every day is a new journey of understanding myself in a
different times, feeling out of Love, only to be brought to
a new reality focus that is more in a space of honouring who I AM :)
The brakes are off, its full speed ahead, to let ourselves honour
ourselves as powerful and empowering, not to shrink from that any that, I stepped into Night of Light a while ago, and into
planning a group trip to Hawaii, and more unfolds daily, it seems!

I have opened to truly honouring myself at a new level, in my own
understanding of self as Goddess Light, here to bring balance and
peace within by holding Love as my focus in all that I
Goddess name is identified to you now, as MMagdalen, holding the
vibration of onyx in the seven transitional colours of Goddess...hence
this new ink colour, which I am getting used to :)

And, my name is shifting officially as well, to Takeli, rather than
Tikele, next week :) And, it is the final change :)

The August 8th Night of Light will be my final one; it seems I am to
prepare to move to Hawaii soon – a place that has a special place in
my Heart, even as I do Love the energy of this vast continent of
Australia, the land of my birth. It is time to move forward and
expand into a new adventure: one I am in the process of co-creating
now :)

And...the adventure of Hawaii in terms of the trip I am planning in
early October is also shifting and changing, as I write this, to allow
those who wish to be part of the Signature Cell Healing course (Level
1) at the Honolulu Church of Light on 3rd, 4th, 5th October, to
experience that – its a wow! It does mean that the adventure is now
to be based in Honolulu for the duration, rather than the Big Island
part of it that I had planned for it at the beginning...however, the
Shift is definitely moving us all into our mastery, and it seems more
appropriate to have that be a part of the journey now, in this form :)

So, if you wish to be part of the work I am doing now in Australia,
don’t leave it til “later” - come and be part of it now, for there is
only ever the now, any more! You can find details of the events I am
holding on my website, go to and click on the
Events page...and while you are at it, click on the Personal Sessions
page too, and discover if it is right for you to experience a Shining
in Harmony session, or a shorter healing or spiritual guidance/healing
session :)

Love, hugs and many Blessings,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Spiritual Guidance, Signature Cell Healer, Medium
Circle of Light Evening, Sydney, 6th August
Night of Light mass healing event, Sydney, 8th August
Journey of Spirit – Meditation, Sydney, 10th August
Circle of Light Evening, Adelaide, 21st August
Journey of Heart’s Love workshop, Adelaide, 23rd & 24th August
Lemuria: Sacred Journey of the Heart, spiritual journey to Hawaii,
2nd – 15th October 2008 for details of events and private sessions
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