Sunday, July 27, 2008

Freeing the Mind from limitations

Freeing the Mind from limitations in order to engage a higherfrequency of thought - Cameron DayAscension can be defined simply as raising one’s frequency of thought.When limiting frequencies are removed from the psyche, higherfrequencies of thought can flow through a person’s mind and body.As more and more people in the world raise their frequency of thought,the rest of the planet is uplifted. When every person on the planet isthinking and acting from a place of love and giving, we will be ableto consider our society and ourselves “ascended.”Such a planetary transformation will require each of us to "clean up"our unresolved emotions and limiting thought patterns. Hopefully thissite can be of service to you in your own unique journey ofself-discovery and self-cleansing.
Click here to start the Cosmic Flush free self-clearing techniques available on this website can helpyou to:• Experience infinite energy and boost your frequency right now
• Clear your energy field of harmful external projections• Quiet the ego mind• Identify and address the issues holding you back, and...• Experience new levels of Joy and Love as a resultAlso available are remote (long distance) energy clearings thatutilize the techniques given on this website along with other advancedmethods of energetic clearing. Energy clearing sessions are done byCameron Day, who has over ten years of experience in remote energy work.To learn the self-clearing techniques, start here with the Higher Selfmeditation. read more about remote energy clearing, click here. testimonials on remote energy clearings, click here.