Monday, July 28, 2008

Discovering the Red Carpet of Synchronicity

Discovering the Red Carpet of Synchronicity

We are in a period of great flux which has the potential to bode well.

If we do not turn our attention away from bread and circuses, which keep us occupied and enslaved in eternal consumption, drugs, alcohol, sex, violence and hypnotic "entertainment", we may make the same mistake that's been made other times in our history. In times past, such as Atlantis, this has given a few at the top an advantage. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Selfishness, which is a total commitment to service to self, leads society to where we are now: facing extinction. The good news is that the military-industrial complex is already dead and crumbling. There is no room in the New Earth for wars, disease, deception, distortion or control. Those who incite and precipitate such activities are already doomed to failure. Where will it all go? Who cares? Leave the dead to bury the dead. This is why it's not necessary to focus on such matters; in fact, focusing on the actions of a corrupt elite lowers one's energy and attracts more density to us. What we CAN do is alter our perception and change the "assemblage point" from which we view.

There is nothing "new" about this information; for the most part, it's "preaching to the choir". But here's the point: we are very much like a compass. Imagine a compass, the kind on a car dash, made of plastic with a floating piece marked with the four directions. As the car turns, the alignments move to reflect the direction. We identify with the plastic covering, our bodies, and have become mesmerized with its appearance. The direction continues to shift and change, but for the most part we are unaware of our true direction and path. Underlying life as we know it is a growing malaise, a creeping angst and discontent. It's as if something is wrong, very wrong, but you can't put your finger on it. No one is home, and we long to awaken; it is our birthright, but we must "finish the job". A realignment or shift to the inner workings, the four directions, a 365 degree turn within our Selves, realigns us with our own spirit and purpose. Once that choice is made, it's easier to know where we're going, and how to steer our car, (life) in a harmonious direction. This alignment is different for each soul.

We Are Facing Many Crossroads

All things work best in alignment, be it automotive for cars, chiropractic for bones, or invisible regarding spirit or soul. Once we make the "inner turn", away from the appearance of chaos, control and destruction and move towards our own joy and purpose, the Universe rolls out its Synchronistic Red Carpet. No need to go to a seminar, chant or bang drums, unless you want to. One need only observe what the universe presents in one's own life to move into alignment with true North, one's own internal connection to Source. That place has been likened to the calm in the eye of the tornado. A rose is still a rose no matter what language one uses, and beyond the labels, the still point just IS. We just ARE. All the labels and beliefs are window dressing, which we use to reassure ourselves that life has meaning. Beliefs are not required for direction and purpose. We chose our direction(s) prior to incarnating, allowing for many choices, similar to a branching tree. One choice leads one direction, while another takes us somewhere else. In that instant of enlightenment, everything changes yet everything remains the same.

Making Choices

Once we align with our own "inner compass", there is a sense of connectedness and direction. Growing awareness reminds us to make small, medium or large "course corrections". When in doubt, just look in this moment at what is presenting itself in the NOW, and choose. It becomes obvious when we choose something that's in a lower frequency by how we feel. If a course of action leads us to feel fatigued, guilty or confused, then take a closer look at how that is wired within, discover the "payoff", and make a new choice.

New choices empower us by building bridges of neurons within the brain. Everything is energy. We have spent too much time building bridges to nowhere, spending our spiritual capital. It is a blow to ego to admit making poor choices, but we empower ourselves by recognizing our mistakes and by not repeating them. That is the "inner work". Most is work on recognizing "ego", or veneer and letting go of it. Veneer falls away rapidly, and we strive towards BEing the reality, not the appearance. There is only so much vital "energy" to use for awakening. If we are busy with foolish nonsense, our energy goes outward and is consumed. There isn't enough for our inner growth. Awakening is a practical matter that requires attention, intention and awareness.

Each soulflake is in a different "place"; some are not ready to face unpleasant truths, and that's fine. We approach many crossroads when we all will face our own demons, angels and gods. That which is real endures. If one stops to ponder what really mattered in life, it's likely to be the loving moments; one's first love, the love of family members or friends, and those special moments which can only arise when life bonds in the heart. We are all connected at the heart and the hip, and what one does, affects us all.

Every person is a vital and invaluable contribution to the whole. Until the veils are lifted from our eyes, we navigate intuitively by listening within, aligning with our inner compass, and following our heart's direction. Each moment presents an opportunity to choose the "high road". Eventually, the low road disappears from view. No road is better than another, but if the goal is climbing to the top of a hill, then walking down is contrary to that goal. It takes longer when we dally, but eventually one reaches the top. If there was a pot of gold sitting there waiting, would we dally? This is how it really is. WE are the pot of gold we are reclaiming, but we must rise to the occasion, and the moment is always "NOW".

Happy Journeying!
Zany Mystic