Thursday, July 31, 2008

Atmos: Those of the Light shall remain

Atmos: Those of the Light shall remain with
Mother Earth as she also ascends

Our connection to you is stronger than ever, as your energies reach up and join with ours. The result is that the strength of the Light upon Earth is permeating all around it, affecting the dark energies and lessening their power to pull you down to their level. It has grown into a most formidable Light that is daily awakening more people to the truth. With your consciousness growing the dark forces find that their hold over you is weakening, and their attempts to cover up their real agenda is failing. There was a time not so long ago when you were very gullible, and partly due to your trust of officialdom you were easily manipulated and having your freedom taken away. Now their actions are coming back to haunt them, as the truth emerges.

You represent a powerful energy that can no longer be contained by the dark, and they see it eclipsing their own and becoming the driving force on Earth. You are but a short way from achieving the victory that will not only reverse the onward march to destruction, but also restore your sovereignty and freedom. This was all foreseen a long time ago, but the manner in which you will achieve it is down to you. Even now there are many paths that have been created that will remove the last cabal, and each one moves forward in its own right. They are destined to reach fulfilment, and reveal to the world the manner in which you have been mislead and used for ulterior purposes. Few governments can claim to be innocent of deceiving the people, using lies and subterfuge to gain their own way.

In the time following First Contact, you will experience a change in the old ways of governance, to one that truly represents the people and their spiritual aspirations. Where religion has previously split the people, there will be a coming together in a common recognition of the truth and understanding that there is only the One God. Some will fight the changes, but common sense will prevail and many will change their beliefs. Freedom of choice will be greater and not less, and patriotic fervour will be replaced by recognition of the Oneness of Humanity. You are One Race, and in recognising the Infinity of life will accept that you have lived upon Earth in many guises, in a multitude of lives. You are neither black or white or any other colour, but have been of all persuasions in your long journey through time.

The common factor that applies to you all is your immutable link to the Source from which you originated. How many times have we told you that you are One, yet it is forgotten and separatism raises its ugly head. Fortunately the Light is breaking down those self imposed barriers leading to better relations. Indeed, your ability to travel all over the world and see how other people live and experience their culture, is showing you the importance of all of these different expressions. Enemies have been created since time immemorial, and they are convenient to excuse wars that have often had nothing but material gain in mind. Land and wealth have been the objective of the stronger countries all through your history, and today it is no different.

The war in the Middle East has long been understood as one revolving around control and ownership of the oil deposits. It teeters on a knife-edge as it threatens to escalate into a greater conflict, and become of worldwide proportions. Against it stands the Light that is revealing the truth behind the false reasons for starting the campaign, and there is a great power for good that opposes its further expansion. It is time to shut the door on confrontation and put in its place co-operation, to speak peace instead of war and think of sharing and caring for each other. Those who have turned to the Light understand the need to halt the path that leads to annihilation, and set course for the path to Ascension.

Clearly one path has to become your preferred way forward, and those who have love and compassion in their hearts the freedom to express themselves. The two cannot continue to run together side by side, and consequently there will be a point when they will divide. It will be the giving of freedom to both groups to continue on their own path, and those of the Light shall remain with Mother Earth as she also ascends, and the choice of the rest to remain in the lower dimension also honoured. At a higher level there is no judgement involved in this action, but simply the outworking and compliance with your freewill choice. We therefore ask that you too honour each other's choice for your future experiences.

We would hasten to add that it is never too late to turn to the Light, and it will be easier understood after First Contact has taken place. By then the truth of your connection to us will have become known, and more importantly to each other. We of the Galactic Federation come to you not just to restore the Earth and advance you into the new technological age, but also enhance your understanding of God and the Laws of the Universe. This is necessary as you grow in your creative powers, as they must be accompanied by an awakened consciousness. Progress will be quick and you will take a great leap into the future, and eventually become fully conscious Beings.

The advancement that you are about to experience would not be available to you unless you were prepared for upliftment. In the last 50 years you have made incredible progress and overcome all manner of attempts to hold you back. It is why you have now become the Wayshowers, and have helped mankind find the path to the Light. It revolves around the expansion of your Light and manifestation of your Love for all life. It is the sharing of it, and its healing qualities that are also helping the Earth itself. The great events that are looming large that will change Humanity are getting nearer, and we register your desires and prayers for the peace they will bring.

I am Atmos from Sirius, and it is pleasing to note that the many sources of information about Ascension, have lifted your expectations beyond such events as Armageddon. This was predicted and foreseen as a possibility for the end-times, but is no longer valid in its original form. Your growing awareness of the power of the Light has changed the path you created, for one that holds Light and Love. Carry your Light as your banner of freedom, and lift up the hopes of others as you carry out your daily tasks.

Thank you Atmos,
Mike Quinsey