Sunday, July 27, 2008

Choosing An Identity Aligned with Your Highest Vision

Choosing An Identity Aligned with Your Highest VisionIt is possible to hold a vision for your life year after year withoutseeing it manifest in your physical reality. Many people hold themselvesin a place of judgment, feeling there must be something "wrong" whentheir dreams seem to elude them. There is nothing "wrong," though youmay need to adjust your perspective to manifest your vision. We willoffer here some insights into how you can transform this circumstance.One of the most common reasons people fail to manifest their dreams isthat their current "identity self" is not aligned with their highestvision. If the vision your higher self brings you is that you are anenergy healer but your present identity is that you are a clerk at afast food restaurant, you have some changes to make in your identity.As long as the self with which you are strongly identified is vastlydifferent from the self that is experiencing your highest vision, youwill go through your days with a feeling of being "outside looking in,"with your deepest desires perpetually beyond your reach.This does not have to be the case. By making a simple adjustment inperspective, you can begin living your highest vision within yourpresent moment. In this way, by identifying with anything you choose tobring into your reality, you make it "real" in your world.We offer here a process for adopting a new identity self aligned withyour highest vision.One) Enter a quiet, meditative state. Allow the highest vision for yourlife to come into your mind. Hold this vision in a steady focus, seeingit in as much detail as possible. Feel what it is like to beexperiencing this reality. What does it look like? How are youinteracting with the people around you? What activities do youparticipate in?Two) Ask your self, who is the self experiencing this reality? How isthis self different from your present-moment self? What would you haveto believe to be this self who is experiencing your highest vision? Howdo these beliefs differ from your present-moment beliefs?Three) Observe the differences between this self and your present-momentself. Move back and forth between the self experiencing your highestvision and your present-moment self. Step fully into the feeling stateof each self, observing each in detail. Continue to work with theprocess of moving back and forth between the two until you have a clearunderstanding of their differences, their similarities, and can moveeasily between the two.Four) Set your intention to adopt the self who is experiencing yourhighest vision as your identity self. Allow this identity to become yourfocus self.Five) As you move through your days, allow this new identity self toinform your actions. Observe your thoughts. Observe how you relate tothe world from the perspective of this new identity.This is a process you can use over and over again as your highest visioncontinues to grow and evolve in your journey of becoming.For more information, visit