Tuesday, November 25, 2008

12:12 The Gateway of Completion - Spiritual Hierarchy

12:12 The Gateway of Completion - Spiritual Hierarchy

Greetings beloved warriors of light!

Today we come forth to offer insight to your present energetic

We would first like to affirm that this present portal into higher
states of consciousness has not been for the faint of heart. It is
becoming increasingly difficult to be without support and we honor you
for your choice to hold steadfast to the light for the duration.

But there is coming a reprieve.

Soon the celestial and heavenly bodies will shift to align more fully
with the future intentions of the planet and it will be for those who
choose to align with the vibrations of new earth who will finally
begin to prosper.

(Note: Pluto enters Capricorn on November 26th bringing in a New Era!
Resolutions that seemed impossible will suddenly become possible as
the beginning of this Era attracts many unexpected opportunities. New
(contracts) purpose is moving in and old issues (contracts) moving
out. The New Moon in Sagittarius heralds this transition as the long
awaited shift of events finally begins.)

We again remind you that a new day is dawning and we would like to
assure you that though we have seemed very far away over the last
several weeks, that we have in fact been very close to each of you.

The energetic effects of the most recent shift has been one of great
physical detoxification. Your biology is being rapidly purified due to
the deepening expansion of light in your lower three dimensional
vortexes. These three energy vortexes, also called chakras, are
responsible for the creation of thought into physical matter.

The solar plexus is undergoing a deep purification to enable the full
potential of your God power. The sacral chakra is undergoing a deep
purification to enable the implementation of your co-creative desires.
The root chakra is undergoing a deep purification to enable your full
ability to ground these desires into physical form.

Once the purification process is complete, each of you will have the
ability to represent the spiritual realms in the physical domain in a
relatively unobstructed way. The result of this purification coupled
with plugging into the proper grid for divine manifestation will yield
the co-creation of heaven on earth.

We would also like to make clear that the coming 12:12 gate of 2008
will be a time of completion for many. (Note: The number 12 is in and
of itself a completion phase but becomes a portal when the frequency
is duplicated) A new cycle commences and those who are tied to the
future timelines of creation will step firmly into the new.

You have been wholly prepared on spiritual, mental, emotional and
physical levels to begin a new way and this portal will bring you to
the other side of karmic mis-creation.

Rapid manifestation, ease and abundance are timed with many global
events leading up to and into the new year. When the 12:12 gate has
closed, it will represent the time of new beginnings that you have
long sought after, strived for and waited in earnest to employ. Old
contracts of service expire and new contracts are deployed making way
for higher creations that will lead humanity in the direction of great

Take this time of Thanksgiving to be grateful for all that you are and
all that you have done on behalf of the planet and her people. Know
that the purification of your life was one of great and noble efforts
to purify an entire population steeped in fear and all derivatives of

You are the mighty, the noble few who chose to sacrifice for a better
world and your time to shine is nigh.

As you prepare to walk through the upcoming gateway of completion,
know deeply that you are the cause of great forward movement and
quantum leaps in human consciousness. Stand tall & proud and hold your
head high, for the days of spiritual repression are numbered.

Take each step forward in grace, knowing that due to your selfless
efforts, the outcome to your heartfelt desires can finally take form.

We are the Spiritual Hierarchy in reverence for the silent spiritual
warriors of earth. Praytell.

Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo at ThinkWithYourHeart.net

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