Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ker-On: Our Ultimate Consideration is Your Evolution

Ker-On: Our Ultimate Consideration is Your Evolution

The world waits to see if the Presidential voting will result in a new direction for the people of America. Waiting to see if their consciousness has opened to the need of a leader who will take them out of the present chaos, and create new pathways towards the Light. There is a tiredness and sense of defeat amongst many people who see no way out of the dark. Yet, there is a rising awareness that change must come on an unprecedented scale. The balance moves towards change and one that is spiritually inspired. It will be a major step forward and the first of many, that shall see a new and positive approach to restoring people's rights and freedom.

The success of the people is through the power of their consciousness, and vision of a better world that is not plagued by continual wars. It will bring about peaceful conditions with an end to confrontation, and also corruption that is endemic amongst most governments of the world. They will demand and achieve such changes, and once they can be seen to be taking place there will come a quantum leap forward. It is all part of the plan to release you from the dark forces and their control, and they shall fall never to return to their seats of power. In the future there will be no place in your lives for the dark ones. Many Dear Souls of the Light await their call to serve Mankind, and will step forward when the opportunity arises. That time fast approaches and will be the culmination of much work, that our allies have put in with our help.

For you who have been aware of the plan for many years, it will be a time of joy as you see the proof of change finally happening before your eyes. However, be patient as having come thus far, there is still a lot to do to prepare you for our coming. We know so many of you look to us to openly participate in your affairs as soon as possible, but for the meantime it will have to be discrete and covertly carried out. Be assured we are aware of the dark plans to interfere with our progress, and no major event will be allowed to prevent its objective. We are to put you onto a new path that fulfils our promises to you, and it is divinely assured of success.

Once again we see so much suffering in what you call your Third World, but in time there will be One World where equality and sharing will ensure that no one is treated as a lesser Being. The divisions that have been deliberately placed between you will be removed, and eventually not even language will be a barrier. We have devices that can over come such problems until a future time when telepathic communication will become commonplace. Until we are given permission to move in and help you we have to hold fast, as however well intentioned we are it will be considered as interference in the life plans of the souls involved. The ultimate consideration is your evolution and the experiences that you have elected to go through.

Physical changes are more under our control, as Mother Gaia must be allowed to prepare for her own Ascension. We can lessen the effect by the use of our influence and technologies to direct the energies in a less harmful way. Your Earth is poisoned and dying but with our help and your will, together we shall reverse the process and it will be returned to one of beauty and harmony. It must be so as this is one cycle where the end times will not result in mass death and destruction. You have passed this way before, and we mean that so many of you were present when Lemuria and Atlantis were destroyed. That memory lies deep within you, and you are determined to take this opportunity to ensure a successful conclusion this time round. It will be so and we shall ensure that there is no interference from the dark forces, as their power will have been removed from them. Already we curtail their ability to cause more wars and use their nuclear weapons, and we know that it has been their objective in the Middle East.

If only all people realised how you are all connected, and literally what you do to one, you do to all. You are experiencing Karma as the Human Race, and you cannot continue to treat others as if they are separate from you. You have a responsibility to look upon each other as brothers and sisters, and put their welfare equally next to your own. These are times when the world is crying out for leaders that understand their obligation to all people, and the strongest and more powerful will be looked upon to lead the way. Your present financial predicament is opening the door to such a realisation, which is why you cannot return to the old model. Some are trying to restore the status quo, but it will not work and any such attempts will fail.

Within the darkness that clouds your lives, the Light not only remains powerful but continues to increase exponentially. It will awaken the hearts of those that have been closed, and from the glimmer within shall come a glorious blaze of Light. They may be hesitant to fully open up, but as they see the Light beginning to grow all around them they will also acquire the confidence to do so. Eventually the Light will have reached such levels it will result in a quantum leap forward, and Ascension will be the natural conclusion. We do not forget those that choose differently, and their progress into a new cycle will be handled with equal love and care.

You must know by now that it is you who do the choosing where Ascension is concerned. We together with your Guides or Teachers can lead you to the truth, but you decide what you take out of it. If we see you move away from the true path, there is no intention to move you away from it. You can experience exactly what you desire, and we respect your choice as part of your evolutionary experience. However, we are here to ensure equal opportunity and that all is carried out as divinely decreed. We carry out the Will of God and that is with great love and understanding, as there is no other way.

I am Ker-On from Venus looking in on you again. Some of you have experienced my home in the higher dimensions, and the memories carry with you of the beauty and harmony that exists in them. Your new Earth which is forming in readiness for you will also be one of great beauty, having been fully restored and cleansed. By then your dreams and visions will have been fulfilled, and you will have become fully enlightened Beings of Love and Light.

Thank You Ker-On,
Mike Quinsey