Sunday, November 9, 2008

Point of Separation: More About Spiritual Phsics

Point of Separation:
More About Spiritual Physics
- by Geoffrey Hoppe

What is a “Point of Separation”? Tobias has talked about this in several recent Shouds, and a lot of Shaumbra have asked me what it really means.
According to Tobias, a Point of Separation (POS) occurs when consciousness moves from one “level” to another. It’s like a train leaving the station en route to the next station. There’s an important “space” from the point of leaving one station until arriving at the next. This is when the actual evolution and expansion of consciousness takes place. It’s a very special and often mysterious time, filled with as much excitement as uncertainty.

Here’s a recent example: On election night in the United States this month, there was a definitive Point of Separation when John McCain conceded the election to Barak Obama. It continued into the time of McCain’s concession speech and Obama’s moving acceptance speech. If you watched the events on television, and especially the pictures of 100,000+ people gathered in Grant Park in Chicago, you could actually feel the Point of Separation that was taking place. The U.S. and perhaps the whole world was right in the midst of a POS. It was a transition from the George Bush era into a new, undefined era. Many spiritually oriented people could feel it was a movement of consciousness that had been stuck for many, many years. At about midnight in the U.S. on November 4, the old train pulled out of the station to begin a new era of change and transformation.

A Point of Separation generally occurs after a period of turmoil, frustration or stuck energy. The end of World War II was a POS. The first man on the moon was another memorable POS. And certainly September 11, 2001 was also a POS. Immediately following these events you’ll notice a change in the way people think and act. They tend to come from a place of perspective and awareness rather than routine and logic. They think outside of their usual box, for a change. They feel a surge of creative consciousness that comes rushing forward after being suppressed for a long time.

Tobias says that “all energy seeks resolution” and that “consciousness seeks to expand and experience.” If the energies are out of balance they will create a situation, or Point of Separation from their old ways, in order to come back into balance and harmony in a new way. If consciousness is stuck, it will create a POS to get moving again. It’s an amazing simple process that is at play every day in our lives, in ways large and small.

Global Points of Separation used to occur few and far between. That’s why change came so slowly in generations past. But now with a higher overall level of consciousness and instant communications with resources like the Internet, the POS’s are occurring more frequently, and are often clumped together in groups. It’s an exhilarating time for inventors, musicians, writers and others who are using their creativity. It’s nerve-wracking and anxiety-wrought for those who prefer the comfort of the status quo.

We’ll experience more and more global Points of Separation in the years ahead. It will feel like a series of consciousness earthquakes rumbling us off our feet and out of our complacency. And just like an earthquake, the aftershocks will continue until we’ve fully arrived at our next major level, or what Tobias calls a Point of Presence. The Point of Presence (POP) occurs when humanity arrives its next level. It’s a time to rejoice, and to experience the new consciousness.

None of this should seem foreign to Shaumbra, of course. We’ve all gone through our own Points of Personal Separation (POPS) these past years. We know what it’s like to wildly and dramatically break out of our old consciousness. We know what it’s like to fly or spin through the mid-zone between a Point of Separation and our new Point of Presence. And we know, thank goodness, that we always seem to land safely in the new Point of Presence. After shaking ourselves off and getting grounded once again, we so often say, “Damn that was fun! Let’s do it again.” Whoa, cowboy! Take a moment to relax and enjoy. Sit back and watch how humanity will go through its Points of Separation these next few years. Be there to hand out water and bandages to the ones just getting off the cosmic ride through consciousness. You’ll have plenty of time for more POPS of your own, but trust me that they won’t need to be like your previous experiences. More about that in another article!