Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Council of Light: The Mind is the Matter

The Council of Light: The Mind is the Matter
channeled by Rebecca Couch

You have come to know that it is the mind that causes you the greatest difficulty, the greatest challenge, the greatest grief - for it is the mind that holds you in the past and keeps you stuck in what you do not desire. It is the mind that creates the only living hell there is, and yet it is also the mind that can get you out. Because the big story of humanity is the evolution of consciousness, the mind is a primary participant in this transformation. And so if you all commit to being ardent stewards of your own minds, therein the great revolution occurs!

The most important thing to consider in relation to your mind is that you alone are its programmer and its pilot. What goes in and what perpetuates and what it generates is solely within your conscious one or thing or higher command is in charge. This is the great gift of free will. The love that pulsates in your heart is the great Divine Gift - it is like the electricity, when your mind is the central processing unit of your body that is the computer. And so your ultimate ticket to freedom is governed by your own choice of what you allow your CPU to process. Make deliberate, conscious, strict, refined, aware decisions about what you allow into, within and out of your mind. This is the purpose of the spam filters! Do not even allow the effluvia past your fire wall. Do not download or run any program that does not serve your highest good or that of your family of consciousness. If ever a bug gets into your system, eradicate it immediately - just press the delete button and shift your focus to what you desire.

The critical importance of this self responsibility to the whole cannot be stressed enough at this time. Be airtight in your diligence and you will be doing the greatest service to yourself and your brothers and sisters on the planet. This is the separation of the wheat from the chaff.the conscious sorting that is creating The New Earth. You each have a key to the outcome, you each have an important role to play in its creation, and this is all governed by your mind.

The greatest rule is this: focus only on that which is imbued with love. If it is expansive and beautiful and uplifting and colourful and meaningful and joyous and rich and awe inspiring.these are all signs that you are on the right track. Many have experienced these attributes but imagine that they are occasional or sporadic.but these are the attributes of the paradise of The New Earth and you are creating them by what you choose to focus upon! Imagine that everything in your experience is magical and intricate and interconnected and peaceful and absolutely amazing.and it will be thus.

Remember above all else at this time that what is falling apart no longer serves, so do not focus for one moment on it or the power of your mind will recreate more.and there is no greater hell than the one that is created consciously, when freedom is just a thought away. Do not allow yourself to be a prisoner of your own mind when you can choose freedom in any now moment. Do whatever you can to support your mind.choose not to watch the news, choose to focus on love in every now moment, choose to release all unhappy thoughts of the past, surround yourself with life-inspiring people, focus on the sunshine and the miracles of nature, be in nature as much as possible, rejoice in the beauty of art and music, relish water, laugh as much as you can, dance, sing, breathe, celebrate, be at peace, do not judge, trust that all is well, focus on what you desire, know that you are never alone, and above all, that you are love at your core. Love always overcomes. Love always wins. Love always, always, rises to the top.

So if there is anything unlike love in your life, first throw as much love at it as possible. If it continues, then choose otherwise. In this way, you will always be traveling the right path at the right time and all will be well. For by the power of your mind, you ensure that all is always well for yourself, your home, your community, and your world.

When the majority of minds are focused on the awesome attributes of HOME (Heaven on Mother Earth) then it will be so.

And so it is!

The Council of Light that is Within

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