Sunday, November 16, 2008

Today's Angel Message

Today's Angel Message

Dear Ones,
Think on all of the things that you have feared in your life --the things that brought you great distress and worry.... How many of those concerns actually came to reality?

Of all the emotions that you experience, fear is the one that has the most potential to keep you from your happiness and your purpose. When you are afraid, it is as though your body, mind and spirit shut down and go into a period of flux, while you weather out the perceived difficulty.

When you are fearful it is not always possible to be receptive to alternate possibilities. It is not always possible to perceive the support and help that is available to you. Dear one, when fear grips your heart, you pull in and focus on that which frightens you. How can you see your good and your success when darkness and uncertainty wrap you like a cloak?

The best antidote for fear is action. When you step out and do something to alleviate the situation in even a small way, you will discover that things usually de-escalate fairly quickly. If you knew the team that walks with you every moment of your day, you could lean more and trust that we are here to help with all your needs and worries.

Dear ones, today take a moment to ask for us to help in any circumstance or situation. Call on us to be with you and bring to you resolution or solutions. Ask for our assistance in breaking through the fear that robs you of your joy. Our love for you is greater than any fear --real or imagined-- and we are sent by the One who tells you that you are loved and important. We will not fail you.

Each morning from Monday to Friday, Deb or Jean sits at the computer, meditates, and asks the angels what direction they have for you. We invite you to forward this message (along with the copyright at the end) to those in your life who need a boost to their day.

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