Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ELOHIM: USA Post Election Information Video

This clip is from the beginning of the 11-5-08 meeting. In it Eloheim
talks about how the US election results are part of a huge energy
shift. "Today is the first day of the run up to 2012!" Eloheim gets
quite passionate toward the end of this clip!

The full meeting includes a lengthy discussion of the new
presidential administration. Visit
http://www.thechoiceforconsciousness.com to access the audio of the
full meeting.

Quotes from the meeting:

As the new energetic establishes itself …. keep in mind the
exponentially more powerful, more transformational, ability that high
vibrational action has.

As you feed the system with your high vibration you're not pushing
against a wall any more, you are flowing, it is like you are all
rowing in the same direction now, instead of kind of rowing to keep
your place in the stream, you are actually rowing with everyone else
in movement toward transformation.

Movement through growth is the Soul's journey as a Homo Sapiens
moving into Homo Spiritus….Today is the first day of the run up to
2012!…The energy has transformed, and shifted, and moved into a new

We are moving along the ascension path and that the energetics
have shifted to facilitate that.

You're living transformationally! But the job isn't done!

When you hear them chanting YES WE CAN, that's not just YES WE CAN
because Barack Obama says. That's YES WE CAN because their Souls are
screaming for an opportunity to experience growth.


When you hear that add on, YES WE CAN experience growth, YES WE
CAN live high vibrationally, YES WE CAN infusing the society with
consciousness, YES WE CAN be leaders simply by taking a breath.

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