Monday, November 10, 2008

Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness

Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness, Part 3)

Many of you are currently in a "waiting" space. You are observing the
changes taking place around you and waiting for the next step to open
before you. This next step is often perceived as a great opening in
human consciousness where love, world peace and blessings flow in
abundance. This is occurring, but some aspects of the New Earth are
still not yet widely understood.

The next step may not be exactly as you have perceived it, and this is
why there is a sense of waiting and uncertainty. Remember, it is
impossible to enter a new space by continuing to do the same things.
Only the new can activate the new. To step into the new, you must
become the new. You must bring your energy into alignment with the
New Earth.

To take this step of activating energies still latent within your
consciousness, it is necessary to look closely at ways in which you
are still habitually entrenched in old energies and old ways of being.
Fifth-dimensional consciousness is accessible within your present
moment. If you hold beliefs or attitudes that say otherwise, it is
time to examine ways you are blocking your access to these energies.

The Nature of the Karmic Wheel

A belief that binds many into third-dimensional consciousness has to
do with karma. Many still habitually see themselves as needing to
satisfy karma, whether it is from this life or another. This is
similar to the perennial student who has difficulty leaving the
university setting. The final stage of "graduation" requires you to
take on a new level of self-responsibility that allows you to move
beyond cause-and-effect.

What you think of as the "karmic wheel" is simply a set of universal
understandings set forth as the curriculum of Earth school. Each
being who incarnates to Earth arrives with the goal of furthering
their understandings and gaining needed insights and experience. At
some point after many, many incarnations, you complete these basic
understandings, which are determined and governed by the same laws
that govern the universe.

The Challenge of Stepping off the Karmic Wheel

You may find yourself feeling some resistance at this point. You may
be saying "it's not that easy to step off the karmic wheel." Deep
down, you may feel you don't deserve to live free from the duties of
preconceived "lesson plans." This is not unlike the person graduating
college who must now learn to design their own curriculum and lesson
plans without the input of their team of advisors. It is not that you
will no longer undertake new areas of growth and exploration, but that
you will now consciously choose and design these areas. This requires
you to take 100% responsibility for every aspect of your existence.

This is what life is like beyond the confines of the karmic wheel. You
step into the identity of "captain of your own ship." From this point
of empowerment, there is no longer any illusion of blame or
victimhood. As an empowered individual, you meet each new challenge in
your life with an open heart and mind, ready to embrace new levels of
understanding. From this perspective, you are not a burden on those
around you. Instead, you lift others up with the gift of your life

Your Karmic Debts Are Paid

Many old souls have already paid the price of admission to this new
time. You have paid your karmic debts. You have completed all
homework and lesson plans. You have examined yourselves repeatedly,
have taken great care to connect with your guidance and put into place
all that has been asked of you. There is nothing keeping you from
entering the fifth dimension.

Understand, you cannot be forced to step past karma. In a free-will
zone, you are free to grow through suffering and exist in state of
limitation. This is a choice. What we're telling you is that you are
free to enter a place of fifth-dimensional consciousness and step into
a new dimension within your own consciousness.

We offer here a "snapshot" of a soul that has satisfied karmic lessons:

This soul has practiced the ethic of good stewardship on the Earth,
honoring and nurturing all kingdoms of life on the planet. They have
willingly assisted those who walk two steps behind them, opening doors
and mapping every frontier they encounter that others may walk more
freely there. They have come into the understanding that what they do
to another, they do to themselves; they have learned to see through
the illusion, to joyfully greet all circumstances in their life as
learning experiences, and to readily transform all energies they
encounter with unconditional love. They have set their highest
intentions, cultivated high-vibrational energies within, and radiated
the light of spirit to all they encounter.

If this is the path you have followed, we congratulate you for your
efforts. You may now receive your diploma and step off the karmic wheel.

If you still have some areas to complete, you can use the above
description as a blueprint for bringing about this completion. You may
also find it helpful to undertake a journey of self-examination to
identify areas of your life you need to bring into sharper focus.

The Journey of Self-Examination

In order to step fully into this new dimension, you will need to
examine every habit, every remaining attitude and belief that binds
you into the third dimension, tethering you to the karmic wheel.

Examine the vibration of what you put into your body. Do you put
low-vibrational packaged, toxic, irradiated and energetically dead
foods into your body? Drugs, alcohol and pharmaceuticals can also
contribute to a low-vibrational existence.

Examine your habits. Look at what you do on a daily basis. Are your
habits lifting you higher, leading you to a time of greater love and
peace, or are they leading you into more of the same limiting energies
you have experienced over and over?

Examine your emotions. Do you still blame others for any aspect of
your existence? Are you still engaging in self-pity and feeling
yourself a victim of life? Are there any ways in which you burden
others by refusing to take complete responsibility for yourself? Do
you often experience negative emotions and feel the world is against
you? If so, it is time to go back to square one and study the Law of
Attraction and other universal laws. This is the path to understanding
how the universe truly works.

Examine your vision for your life. Is it limited in any way? Do you
receive visions that you write off as "undo-able"? What do you see
for yourself? What is your current identity? Is it in need of an
update? Examine any ways in which you limit who you can be and what
you can do.

As you examine and address each of these areas, you are able to snip
any strings that still hold you into third-dimensional consciousness.
Once this is done, you are free to step into the next version of
yourself, the "you" who is free of karmic debt and experiencing the
vastly expanded energies and flowing blessings of the New Earth.

Next week we will discuss the greatest barrier to experiencing
fifth-dimensional consciousness and outline ways you can, within your
present moment, choose to clear anything that blocks your access to
the New Time.

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