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Rounding the Corner to the 5th Dimension

Rounding the Corner to the 5th Dimension
Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

Are we closer to the 5th dimension than we were a year ago? If so, in
what measurable way? Are we, as a collective human species, still
evolving in a true progressive sense? I would like to believe so, but
I am unsure. Can you give us an overview of where we are and where we
are going?

The 5th dimension is right around the corner, exactly where it has
always been, literally so. By way of distance you are not closer today
than you were yesterday or the year before, because dimensions are not
separated by distance. The exception to this rule is when distance is
measured by human thought without bias to belief. In other words, when
human collective thoughts are ordained (divinely ordered or inspired)
and not subject to lower repetitive patterns of behavior, the distance
between them is shorter. The distance, albeit without measure, can be
traveled substantially faster than otherwise. By way of further
description it could be said that dimensions are separated by commas
and not by periods. They overlap and border each other in the same
ways that nature presents the seasons to you. All dimensions take
place in the same moment but not in the same awareness. There is an
additional relationship between density and time, and it would be
helpful to understand this as well. The denser an object, the quicker
it will sink or fall. Likewise, a dense being or culture will fall
faster than one that is lighter in density. Density is sometimes
confused with weight, but they are not the same. Density is the amount
of substance contained within a specific area, and the density of a
substance can change under different conditions. Some of those
conditions include temperature, a noteworthy and interesting fact at
this time. For instance, hot air balloons rise because the heated air
within the balloon is less dense than the cooler air outside.

The density of all things and beings can be measured, but humanity has
not yet discovered how to influence, and therefore alter its own
density in order to benefit itself and its future. Ancient Egyptians
(as well as certain cultures before and after them) by contrast
understood how to do this, and were able under certain circumstances
to alter their reality and their dimension. Primarily only those of
initiatic tradition knew this and little evidence of any true
relevance remains today. Still, those who study the properties of
gold, and monatomic (one replaceable atom) gold in particular, are
often fascinated to discover that under unique conditions it will
manifest as substance without density. In other words, it can weigh
less than nothing as well as influence the density of other matter.
The importance of this that I relate is that the influence of precise
thought upon matter is what closes the gap between what you know and
what you do not know. Knowledge is not the accumulation of
information; it is the distillation of thought.

With your thoughts concentrated on the ordinary stresses of life, it
is difficult to stay the momentous tide of unconscious beliefs
associated with these. The more removed you are from being able to
think for yourself, the further away new thoughts and ideas seem to
be. A new thought is not one that you believe, or even one that you
think is plausible. A new thought is one that you invite into your
field without resistance. Like an electric current, the flow of pure
thought is best explored through the field of superconductivity, or
awareness without forethought or resistance. The neighbor and partner
of this electric current is the magnetic field of concentrated
creativity. The intersection of these two crosscurrents is where the
5th dimension begins. You will access the 5th dimension when your
frequency vibrates within this range of expanded thought and
creativity. At that point the duality that has been a part of your
daily experience will yield to a greater diversity of life and it will
seem less consequential than it does today.

Although there are natural forces that protect the integrity of the
dimensions, there is no tally of how many good deeds you may have
accomplished in the previous dimension. Access is neither gained nor
denied by any authority other than your own, yet without a like
vibration the halls (currents) would seem unstable and you would not
venture across them. That is one of the reasons why humanity strives
to liberate itself form a history that does not accurately describe
its origins. The beliefs by which humanity has lived has kept it in
bondage to its past and even now prevents it from crossing the bridge
to greater consciousness. In collective thought, it hopes to break the
barriers of time and space in order to finally see itself and
recognize its god. By what measurable degree are you closer to God
than you were a year ago? Were you ever apart? Not really, unless you
count the small places within you that doubt the perfection and
majesty of All That Is. Do you think that the 5th dimension will be
absent of doubt? What about hunger? War?

The 5th dimension is a less dense version of the 3rd dimension. It
affords a more consistently conscious view and understanding of life.
The electro-magnetic currents are more stable in the 5th dimension so
thoughts and experiences complete themselves more quickly than in the
3rd. There is more space in the 5th dimension but there is less time,
at least as it expressed in the 3rd dimension. Since there is more
space between the atoms there is less density, which means that there
is less waste. Wasted thoughts and actions account for a great
expenditure of energy on the third dimension, which generally
contributes to the global warming effect that humanity concerns itself
with. Indirectly, the management of waste also determines access to
the 5th dimension. So you see, even unconsciously, humanity takes a
stride in favor of its evolution.

Before exploring the 5th dimension in detail we must five a nod to the
4th dimension, which is the bridge to the 5th. The 5th dimension is
widely accepted to be the concept of Time. Time is the concept that
gives relevance to the shift from the 3rd dimension to something else,
but it is not time as it is currently measured. Better put, it is the
curvature of time by which time expands or contracts with relevancy to
how much light is present within the space that is being measured.
Basically, when more light is present, time accelerates (both forward
and backward). The result of this acceleration is a more refined
experience, one that is more seamless and less abrupt. The 4th
dimension unites the 3rd and the 5th by quickening sequences and
segments of time wherever that is a possibility. This is accomplished
by curving or bending time. Time is sequential but not linear, it only
appears linear within the hardscape of the 3rd dimension. Beyond these
barriers, the measure of time is not as you know it and the speed of
light is not constant.

The importance of the 4th dimension is that it is fueled by
consciousness, and it is this that strengthens the fabric of time and
space. The 4th dimension is the bridge between the 3rd and 5th
dimensions because it invites the field of possibilities to become the
field of probabilities, as well as that of experience. As you imagine
a better world and attune yourself to living in one, your
consciousness becomes more enlivened and you quicken the pace of your
endeavors until your awareness matches your experience. So the 4th
dimension is responsible for what you call the quickening. It is also
responsible for some of the unusual and irregular experiences that are
generally associated with time period, especially where your body is
concerned, as this is the most physically dense aspect of life for
most. That being said, it is noteworthy that thoughts can be as dense
or even denser than physical objects.

Once you cross the seamless and invisible bridge to the 5th dimension
you will find that life there is less complex than in the 3rd
dimension. It is amply creative and artfully expressive. Because it is
less dense, form and shape is more subtle and graceful. This is
particularly true where architecture is concerned, as 5th dimensional
construction does not depend upon wood, steel or concrete to anchor
its buildings to the earth. Glass is less brittle and more resilient
because it is made differently. This discovery will be made as current
recycling plans become more efficient and the market for such products
expands. Shortages of current materials will lead to the discovery and
use of other resources. Given the existing standards by which health
is measured, the 5th dimension offers a leap forward in the well being
of the individual and the community. Given presently accepted
practices, the 3rd dimension can no longer guarantee nor sustain its
existence. The value of life has decreased to the degree that there is
less sanctity for life; therefore there is also less sanity in life.
The mental faculties of old and young alike continue to decrease,
while the stresses of the middle age are on the increase. A greater
capacity for mental and physical health is essential at this time and
humanity's diet would benefit from the addition of more calcium rich
foods, as well as supplements that are more mineral rich. 5th
dimensional thought is more mindful and its thoughts less chaotic.
This requires a higher than average oxygen intake and today you would
describe the experience as 'heady'.

The 5th dimension is not somewhere else, it is right here beneath your
nose and under your feet. You cannot see it? Look again, but this time
with blind eyes that know there is nothing to see. Where does the 5th
dimension begin or end, can you tell? If you cannot see it, does that
mean it is less real? How many must acknowledge its probability before
it becomes a part of daily experience? What experts must accredit
which scientific finding? The more real you allow the 5th dimension to
be right now, the sooner you will have an experience of it. A
dimension cannot prove its existence to you, nor can a teacher reveal
a mystery to you that you cannot reveal to yourself. Remember that
while the half-wise are the keeper of the keys, the wise have no need
of locks. Let nothing and no one prevent you from your next step or
your own next thought.

The 5th dimension is not a haven for those who have endured a
difficult life and it is not a cosmic reward for those who gather near
heaven's gates. It is the natural progression for those who propose
rather than oppose life. This does not mean that you must abandon your
battles or that you must lower the standard under which your flag has
pledged its allegiance. Yet I ask, how many of your battles are within
your own ranks? How many weapons are still in your own arsenal as you
call upon others to surrender they're own? If you feel that the pace
of your development has slowed and you do not feel Spirit in
attendance near you, choose a moment each day in which to silently
abdicate the throne you sit on; the one in which your life seems even
remotely more important than your neighbor's or your friend's.
Instead, be enriched by the wonder that is life and know that its
everlasting quality encourages and invites even the sewer rat and the
cockroach to evolve, for they too have their place in this world.


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