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2012 & the Emergence of Divine Light

2012 & the Emergence of Divine Light

Kiara Windrider

What on Earth is going on? Amid ecological ruin, financial collapse,
political breakdowns and social upheavals around the world, can we
look for clear signs of optimism and hope?

It seems clear to me that if something does not radically change on
our planet soon, we are doomed to go the way of the dinosaurs. Whether
we go out with a big bang in some sort of cataclysmic event, or go out
with a whimper slowly suffocating in our own wastes, may not make much
of a difference.

Meanwhile, the Mayan calendar, which according to most scholars ends
on December 21, 2012, continues to evoke all kinds of speculations. We
are not so far away from this date. Will it come and go with no more
impact than one day passing into another? Will the world suddenly end
with a bang in one of several doomsday scenarios? Or could this date
represent a birth passage, an initiation into a deeper planetary
consciousness that could transform our perception of reality as we
know it?

If so, then when and how does all this happen?

Amid all the mysteries and controversies surrounding the Mayan
calendar, we do know that it was a predictive calendar going back
thousands of years, and that ancient timekeepers set it up to measure
galactic rather than solar cycles.

What is this galactic cycle being measured? Astrophysicist Paul
LaViolette coined the phrase "galactic superwave" to represent a pulse
of high-frequency cosmic and gamma ray particles emanating from the
center of our galaxy. This pulse is like a galactic heartbeat, moving
out in concentric waves traveling close to the speed of light, one
major pulse every ten-fifteen thousand years, each one lasting for
several hundreds of years.

While LaViolette does not explicitly equate this pulse with the Mayan
calendar, I have come to believe that the end date of the Mayan
calendar could well be referring to the next peak of this galactic
superwave moving through our solar system.

Based on geological and mythological records pertaining to earlier
cycles of this galactic superwave, we can predict that the next
passage of this wave could have a very significant impact on our
consciousness as well as on the physical body of our planet.

The last impact of this wave was approximately twelve or thirteen
thousand years ago, initiating a chain of circumstances that on a
physical level precipitated enormous earth changes and eventually the
sinking of an entire continent known in our mythologies as Atlantis.

This is certainly a scenario that could be repeated this time around.
I believe, however, that collectively we have achieved a state of
consciousness where another scenario becomes possible.

Sri Aurobindo, a highly evolved mystic and Indian freedom fighter,
envisioned more than a hundred years ago the total metamorphosis of
the human species in the very near future, preceded by the signs of
apparent chaos that we are seeing all around us.

He referred to the descent of a "supramental light" that would
infiltrate our bodies and all systems on our planet, creating an
entirely new species of humanity and transforming the Earth.

The cycle of the "yugas" expounded by the great Indian yogi, Sri
Yukteswar, may also have to do with this periodic pulse of the
galactic superwave. We are currently at the end of a Kali Yuga,
awaiting the next passage of the galactic superwave to propel us into
an imminent Age of Light.

What are the mechanics of this transformation? Geological records
indicate that the most recent passage of the galactic superwave was
associated with a collapsing of Earth's magnetic field, and perhaps
even a polar reversal. In our own time, scientists report that Earth's
magnetic field has experienced a sharp decline within the past 150
years, and continues to decrease exponentially.
How is this relevant to us? Our thoughts, feelings, memories and
identities are held within an electromagnetic field surrounding our
physical bodies that we refer to as the "aura." Our personal auras are
directly linked with Earth's electromagnetic fields.

As Earth's magnetic field continues to collapse, it could create a
profound shift in our consciousness. Most of us experience ourselves
as a fixed identity based in the past, separate from the rest of the
universe. This is the fundamental cause of our dualistic perception of
reality and the root of aggression, greed, violence, and fear--all of
which could be changing soon.

Along with the collapse of Earth's magnetic field, scientists are also
predicting a quantum shift in the base harmonic frequency of matter as
a result of this incoming superwave. All matter within our solar
system is preparing for a frequency shift. As our bodies start
vibrating to this higher frequency, new programs within our DNA could
be activated, allowing us to anchor the frequencies of our

The confluence of these two phenomena--a decrease in Earth's magnetic
field accompanied by an increase in matter's frequency--indicates that
we are in the process of dissolving a personal identity based in
separation and duality, while at the same time downloading the highly
potent frequencies of our Higher Dimensional Self into our physical,
emotional and mental bodies. Sri Aurobindo saw that we would soon be
living in bodies of "true matter," collectively transmuting as a
species from the "human human" into the "divine human" capable of
experiencing the full potential of our divine self here on Earth!

Is it possible that the end date of the Mayan calendar represents the
first large-scale impact of the galactic superwave into our solar
system, activating a sudden and profound collective shift unlike
anything we have seen before?

Many of us are already beginning to experience this shift. Our bodies
are changing. We are going through extreme emotional roller coasters
as subconscious fears come up for release. Our safe and familiar
world is falling apart. We are literally losing our minds. Our linear
flow of time is giving way to a multidimensional reality where the
laws of nature no longer work the same way, where perceived
limitations of time, space, matter and consciousness are dissolving.
We are exploring the edges of what we once thought impossible.

The economic, political and social chaos we are currently experiencing
in the outer world is also part of the process. Systems based in the
old paradigm of greed and dominance are falling away, while new
systems and understandings of the universe are evolving which resonate
with the new energies coming in.

New technologies are being discovered to replace our dependence on
power companies and oil. New systems of healing based on subtle energy
fields are emerging to complement the current medical model. And we
are discovering new ways to release subconscious fears and trauma from
cellular memory in order to access and embody the multidimensional
consciousness of our galactic selves.

For those on a spiritual journey, we are recognizing that it is not
enough to briefly experience cosmic states of consciousness while
leaving the body behind. We are being asked instead to transform the
physical body by embodying this cosmic light into cellular
consciousness, a process which changes our very DNA. Like a
caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, we may well be preparing
for the most profound genetic transformation in recent geological history.

This is an intense but exhilarating process, and has been part of my
own exploration for many years. Some years ago, it led me to Deeksha,
a hands-on transmission of divine light originating in India. More
recently, and even more profoundly, it has led me to working with a
morphogenetic field of divine light known as Ilahinoor, with roots in
the mystery school traditions of ancient Egypt.

Linked also with "ascended masters" such as Jesus, Babaji and St.
Germaine, and with the multidimensional consciousness of whales and
dolphins, Ilahinoor is an ancient and universal morphogenetic field
designed to prepare the physical body for merging with the lightbody.
As the intelligence within the body is linked to higher vibrational
fields of the incoming cosmic light, deep subconscious fears and
traumas can be released from cellular memory, allowing us to express
the unified consciousness of our multidimensional self.

My website offers more details about how each of us can easily and
profoundly connect with this morphogenetic field. The time has come
where each of us must recognize ourselves as part of a bigger whole
and take responsibility for our part in the collective transformation
of humanity and the Earth.

My new book, Journey into Forever: Surfing into 2012 and Beyond, goes
into a more detailed exploration of these themes.

Copyright (c) 2008 by Kiara Windrider. All Rights Reserved.

[ Kiara Windrider, MA, is a psychotherapist, author, and spiritual
teacher. He currently lives in Turkey, and enjoys traveling worldwide
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