Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Greatest Barrier to Experiencing Fifth Dimensional Consciousness

The Greatest Barrier to Experiencing Fifth Dimensional Consciousness

(Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness, Part 4)

We sense a level of skepticism when we tell you fifth-dimensional
consciousness is available in your present moment. This is especially
true of those still experiencing difficulties. You say, "If I were
truly living in the fifth dimension, my experiences would be flowing
more smoothly." It's important to understand that while the fifth
dimension is accessible to you, it's not mandatory. This is the
difference. In order to step into a room, you send a signal to your
feet and legs to move you forward. It is the same with stepping into
the next dimension. You must set an intention and propel yourself

Some of you say "But I have done this. I set my intention and
propelled myself and nothing happened." If this is the case, consider
if there are ways in which you aren't fully embracing the infinite
nature of your being. Examine every aspect of your being to determine
if lingering, residual thoughts, feelings and beliefs are anchoring
you into third-dimensional consciousness. Once you accept you are the
creator God of your own reality, you will find yourself becoming
increasingly aligned with the powerful nature of your Divine being.

Self-Pity as a Third-Dimensional Anchor

The greatest single barrier to entering fifth-dimensional
consciousness is the emotion of self-pity. Self-pity is the doorway
-- the catalyst so to speak -- for many troubling and weighty emotions
such as anger, jealousy and resentment. We are talking about the
whole gamut of negative emotions.

Underneath the emotion of self-pity lies a convoluted maze of
thoughtforms. Distilled to their essence, these thoughtforms bind you
into the illusion of hapless victimhood. Self-pity denies the Divine
essence of your being. In order to experience self-pity, you must on
some level believe you are a small and hapless being in a very big and
scary universe.

Karmic Blueprints and Your Wounded Inner Child

As a child, it is easy to believe you are a small blip in a big and
insensitive world. As you grow in spiritual understandings and
reconnect with understandings gained in other lifetimes, this
helplessness fades away. That is, unless some part of you remains
trapped in a "wounded inner child" perspective. From this perspective,
it is easy to believe you were victimized by your parents. Many still
cling to the belief that emotional wounding they suffered in childhood
binds them to irreversible circumstances. This is limited thinking.
Once you understand that you chose your parents with full knowledge of
the experiences they would offer, you are able to free aspects of your
consciousness still trapped in childhood traumas. This emotional
freedom helps heal your sacred wound. This wound usually occurs
before seven years of age and stamps out the "karmic blueprint" you
will work with throughout your lifetime. This karmic blueprint is
derived from previous lifetimes and represents understandings you
intended to gain in the present lifetime.

Self-Pity as Prerequisite for Negative Emotions

You may be surprised to learn self-pity is the most used emotion --
and the most useless. Self-pity must first exist before fear and
anger can come into play. Feeling sorry for yourself creates negative
emotion. Self-pity denies you are an all-powerful being who set up
the circumstances of your life prior to your birth. It denies you
access to the gifts of each experience you create in your life. It
denies you access to Inner peace and self-love. It denies that you
hold an important spiritual purpose for your present lifetime, that
you are a wise and powerful being with a vast array of spiritual gifts
and talents.

The key to moving past any tendency toward self-pity is accepting
responsibility for one hundred percent of your reality. When you
accept you are the creator of your reality, you short-circuit any
tendency toward self-pity. This allows you to align with the powerful
essence of your Divine nature.

Soul Contracts and Pre-Birth Planning

It may very well be that outer people and circumstances appear to play
a large part in some of your experiences. If others have played a
vivid enough role that you were totally engaged and convinced, give
them an award. They are friends of your soul with whom you created
contracts before incarnating into your present lifetime. Understand
many of the events of your life were chosen by some aspect of your
consciousness prior to your birth. This was not your conscious mind
but an aspect of your higher consciousness that knew exactly what you
needed to experience in this lifetime.

As you come into the realization that you preplanned many of your
experiences before you came here, you might be tempted to judge
yourself. This is totally unnecessary. You're not being asked to
judge yourself, only to see yourself. Each experience is programmed
to help you come into deeper levels of understanding who you are. As
you awaken to your true nature, the entire universe reveals itself to

In light of this, do you now see how absurd it is to experience
self-pity? If you planned it all, there is no one outside of you
doing anything to you. If you look at any circumstance long enough,
you will see how it is helping you grow and expand. As you accept the
gifts of your experiences, you are transformed. As you come into a
place of gratitude for the experience, you align with your higher
self. This is a powerful alliance that empowers you to create and
experience whatever you choose on planet Earth. You effectively
become spirit incarnate and as such you're able to step easily and
effortlessly into fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Next week we will explain the role spiritual guidance plays in
accessing fifth-dimensional consciousness.

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