Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ag-agria: Spiritual evolution is the gain from each life

Ag-agria: Spiritual evolution is the gain from each life

As you close in upon the end of this year, you are no doubt reflecting on how quickly time has been passing. It will continue to be so, and as you enter the New Year you shall experience many events that will clearly be seen as a prelude to greater happenings. Looking back you will be able to see where the changes commenced, and the manner in which they were used to move you onto a new path. Already some of you see how the dark forces have been allowed to overstretch their ability to manage events. Also how they now face a certain collapse, which will make it easier to remove them from their positions of power.

With our guidance and protection you are the big players in the current events taking place. First will be your choice for a new President, and then your support for the beginning of far reaching changes. No one would expect immediate miracles, but with the right approach and the power of the people remarkable progress will be made. The inauguration of your new President will see the start of a new era, where you will pull together and achieve many goals with some speed. At present you can only speculate as to how you will pull yourselves out of the pit that the dark ones have created. The plans have been laid down, and will fulfil the destiny and direction that you are intended to go. Our presence and help in such matters will become more known, and as we have done so in earlier times we shall guide those of the Light.

It is difficult to convey the truth of what is happening, to those who do not wish to acknowledge our existence. However, as time goes by there will be a more informed public about our activities and why we are here. You can perhaps understand why we concentrate on making our presence obvious in your skies, rather than open contacts at this important time. There is a perception amongst you that accepts our peaceful intentions, and that has taken a long time to achieve. Actual contact has to be carefully planned and involve those who have agreed to it, even although they think otherwise. As you are so often informed, nothing that has a major bearing on your life happens by chance. Even what you may see as unwelcome forms part of your life plan.

The object of your lives in physical embodiment, is that they shall give you the experiences you need to expand your spiritual awareness and understanding. No one would say that it is necessarily easy and in fact it can be absolutely overpowering, but also very revealing about you. Deep down you know what lessons in life you need, and traits of character that are liable to let you down. When you have gone through a traumatic time look at the forces that are behind it, and if you can accept that there is something to be learnt from them. You carry links to past lives, and emotions and fears from them play a large part in your present one. However, it is not all one sided and you also bring love and understanding that is growing all of the time. Spiritual evolution is the gain from each life you have had, and now many of you have accelerated it to a degree that you stand ready to ascend.

Spiritually your biggest leap forward will come from accepting that you are all One. For too long you have been separated by your schisms, colour, language and creeds, but modern day education and communications have narrowed that gap. There have been too many different gods, with too many interpretations as to their place in your lives. In a world that is a time capsule of so many different periods of religious teachings, it is no wonder that it is difficult for you to find a common thread that links you all together. That will come in a relatively short time, but only if people are prepared to ease their rigid hold to their beliefs. The truth will be presented in such a way that everyone shall have the opportunity to consider it. Ascended Beings shall return to Earth for this purpose and address you though your different forms of communication. The message will be for each of you and it will presented without creating fear, and explained with great love and understanding.

We have no desire to uproot you or pressurise you in anyway, but you are entering a vital period where a change of direction could be most beneficial to you. It is desired that everyone shall have an opportunity to know what lies ahead, and it will be their choice as to what they accept. Ascension is your pathway to freedom and the higher realms, but you have to see it as your goal and work towards it. The energy is such that it will be attracted to those who stand in love a Light, and seek a higher expression of it in their lives. It is a unique time in this cycle that offers a release from duality, and death such as you understand it. Your future Self will when the necessity arises take a new body without the need to experience dying again.

The future awaits your presence with its promise of a Utopian existence with unparalleled beauty and a peace beyond your imagination, one that brings utter joy and happiness. Who would turn down such an opportunity, yet some dear souls are simply not ready for such a great leap forward. They have their ties to Earth and its lower energies, and prefer to continue experiencing what it has to offer. For them there will not seem to be a change at all, and they shall go their own way to experience another cycle of opportunity to grow spiritually. Since in reality there is no time as you understand it, Heaven can await the coming of such souls and its doors are always open. Our message is that you should not be concerned for your friends or loved ones who cannot rise up with you now, but know that in the energy of love you are forever linked. You will come together again, and it may well be your choice to act as their Guide such as others have done for you.

I am Ag-agria of Sirius, and pleased to have had this opportunity to address you on behalf of the Galactic Federation. Great Light continues to pervade the dimensions of Earth, and there is a coming together of your rising energies that shall merge with them. It will lift you up even faster than before, and you will spend less time attracted to the lower vibrations. Your will find them much less fulfilling than ever before, and your focus will be on the higher energies. You are Beings with a capacity for great love, and it shall serve you well at this time. Give freely of yourselves and you will be helping others lift up. In your near future, service to others will become your way of life. We see your real selves, and love you immensely for your great desire to lift up again.

Thank you Ag-agria,
Mike Quinsey