Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Activating Active Inter Dimensionality

Practical Lightworking Series: Q&A on Activating Active
Inter-dimensionality - by Brian Baruch

Q. It seems as if my light body is becoming further and further
activated, I feel my parts of my existence elsewhere, in other
"spaces", I have not yet fully integrated actively accessing these
bodies or existence yet, can you advise?

A. You have recently helped activate your "senses" to phenomena that
has been present but you simply had not consciously noticed. Your new
perceptions of these portals of existence has enabled you to attune to
the activities of higher resonance (inter-dimensional in nature).

As you graduate your perception to the processes at play, you will be
able to through "aligned altruistic intent" gain access to portals of
"active" inter-dimensionality.

The first portal available to you will be the energy of
interdimensional "time travel" to your familiar past, enabling you to
reallign past energies that were misfired and set in motion "negative"
momentum and resonance. You can reclaim these patterns through the
"freedom matrix" of "merciful healing" and "forgiveness" (of self and
others); for All are benevolent in nature sent to propel your
ascension by helping you "know" the higher "light" from both the
perspective of "exile" states (without) or through the intimate
languages of higher resonance (accessed from the aligned "within").

I recommend, first focusing on restoring the unity of "past" "present"
and "future" constructs into a united "song of ascension" and
"reunion" by clearing the lingering fragmentation that keeps bringing
forth "roadblocks" of past regressive energies that are out of balance
and "amplified," for these too must be redeemed as "sacred."

You will recognized these "blockages," as they were created through
intention resonance (perceptions) of "guilt," "anger," "fear" and
"shame." Dig deep, find these aspects of self within and redeem them
through aligned love, respect and compassion so that portals will open
for you to coalesce with All Source Divine.

Once you tend to your inner "garden", you will be able to advance
through "active" inter-dimensionality of integrating present, future
and alternative dimensional resonances, aligning these into a splendid
symphony of "altruistic love" and "unity" with All.

When you complete this stage you be rejoined and "guided" by your
higher inter-dimensional self and soul family, they will instruct you
how to best proceed.

Wholeness to All.