Saturday, November 29, 2008

Higher Light Transmissions

Higher Light Transmissions

Manifesting New!

November 29, 2008

More than ever before you each have an opportunity to make extreme
progress as far as developing your light body and moving to higher
frequencies. So much astral debris has been removed from your
environment and thus assisting to emptying your self of confusion and
the wills of others.

The past 11:11 portal pushed the whole world in to a new area which
brings in new adjustments for all that is of earth, on earth and
within earth. These adjustments help to move even more astral debris
and mis-creations out in to the atmosphere where they are then
recycled as is all energy. This being the state of the material world
and with this infusion of new, each of you has opportunities to be
very creative and change the world you live within. This recycled
energy is becoming form as your new ideas, new systems, new ways of
working, new relationships, and so many new creations.

For as the Earth clears out old outmoded forms and releases the energy
of those creations in to the atmosphere, there is then an abundance of
pure atoms and the very building blocks of all matter. This is an
excellent opportunity to begin some creations in earnest.

Dreams manifest

Dreams about new forms of social systems, perhaps new ways to school
the youth are ripe for creation. With the larger shifts in to 5D
consciousness, there are needs of many going unanswered for the ones
holding the ideas are not feeling supported to implement them. Yet the
way that manifestation works in the higher realms is such that it
calls for a complete adjustment in subtle ways.

First one must be willing to go beyond the old established pathways to
abundance. That is to think that it can only be accomplished through
bank loans. When an idea is of substantial substance and would be a
great support to the many, it collects its parts through the etheric.
As like attracts like the creators of such programs would plan many
parts of the whole to create that magnetic effect. Each part that is
envisioned is blueprinted in the etheric and collects the substances
needed to form it in the material substances.

It is best to work in groups on such projects, and creations for the
minds and hearts of many are needed to move these creations in to
manifest forms. As each person contributes their ideas, parts and
opinions, it is as though an artist hones a piece of marble in to a
visible form, and yet it begins unseen.

Three Basic Steps

In each creation you need to address its basic functions, what the
ethical goals are, and what the outcome needs to be for this idea.

An example of this is the basic functions of a new school idea might
be to provide an environment for students to learn with minimal
teacher guidance through a multi-skills format. This multi-skills
format could utilize many tradtional subjects encountered in present
forms of school and yet they are tackled all at once through
problem-solving, planning of a whole program. The ethical goals could
be simply working well as creative teams through communications,
delegating of tasks and supporting the efforts of all youth within the
group. Outcome could be the completion of such program with everyone
having practice in math, reading, writing and creative problem
solving, positive group interactions and feelings of accomplishment.

When these three basic steps are addressed, there is enough mental
substance that creates a pull to it becoming form. Basic functions,
ethical goals, and projected/desired outcome are vital to creating the
new forms.

Building blocks

Basic functions are defined in all living and non-living forms on
Earth. Without its basic functions defined it cannot come in to matter.

Ethical goals are necessary in order for anything to form in 5D. When
a project is designed for the good of many, and works in harmony with
nature, there is ample support through the etheric realms and the
blueprint is formed of etheric substance and begins to radiate out
allowing collection of the particles needed for matter to form.

Desired outcome assists in the refinement of its basic functions. If
no outcome is desired the program will not gain enough momentum in the
higher realms.

These steps are to also be applied to your personal life. Consider
what is it that you need and then define the three properties well
enough so that the needs materialize.

Manifesting in the Golden Age

For creating in the 5D energies is not like what most are used to.
Thus we see many very creative people stagnant in their life, feeling
a bit lost in how to make something happen. Many of the most creative
souls are in this step of learning new ways to manifest realities. The
old ways no longer work. They do not work and cannot work. If they can
be well defined by the three steps, then people will see them
manifest, while others less defined will struggle or see no movement
to it.

So take these three steps and fill in the blanks, write them down, say
them out loud, discuss them with others, plan the pieces in between
and allow for the universe to respond.

You will still take practical steps to bring the idea, project or
program to fruition and yet while walking towards your goals the
synchronicity will become evidence that it is going to come together.
Some pieces may be outright donated, people step in to roles needed
and there will be a momentum gained as more of it comes together. This
momentum also assists in bringing in complimentary pieces that perhaps
were not perceived in the early stages of dreaming your ideas. Be open
and receptive to your inner promptings.

Fifth dimension brings in the joy of working together on joyful ideas.
Accomplishing them brings in more joy. We just know that you each will
begin to loose all sense of old realties through the joy that these
transitions bring. It is confusing at first; yet try something,
anything in a new way and perhaps this infectious joy will find a
permanent home within you, your friends, associates, townships or

We watch with Joy and enthusiasm for your cherished dreams to come in
to manifestation in this new way of living.

~ Carolyn Thompson & Higher Light Council

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