Sunday, November 2, 2008

Energies Report November 2008

Energies Report November 2008

Well it's just after 6.30 am here in New Zealand and the sun is
shining, I have been up for about an hour already. Some mornings I can
go back to sleep and have what I call a "power sleep" and get a fright
when I wake up at 9am or later, then another morning I wake at the
crack of dawn and that's it for the day, on speaking with friends I
find I am not alone with these odd sleep patterns. I do feel that it
is all to do with the energy changes that are assailing us daily on
Planet Earth, if it is not caused by planetary shifts then it is
caused by interdimensional shifts.

With the New Moon in Scorpio on 29th. October we entered a new cycle
of self-empowerment and relating to others at a deeper emotional
level. At the beginning of November Saturn and Uranus oppose each
other in the sky, which is basically the old (Saturn) and the new
(Uranius) confronting each other to create a new energy which will
allow us to let out light bodies shine a little brighter. The full
moon falls in Taurus on 13th November. That is just a little of what
is happening astrologically.

Physically there are all sorts of things happening, I am having some
of the most amazing dreams, they are so vivid and real, and when I
wake up I am not sure if I should be here or if I should be there.
This for me means that in my sleep state I am making the
interdimensional shift, I am spending my time in the 4th. dimension,
downloading information. It is very hard to explain when our language
is so limited, how do you describe a colour that does not exist in the
3rd. dimension, or the fact that you can move from place to place with
just a thought, when in our reality at this time it is impossible. The
changes that are happening for me and many others are so radical they
seem a little crazy to some people. Sometimes I feel so powerful that
I think that if I don't dispel some of the energy I will supernova. We
are growing into our light bodies and this means that we have to think
outside the box, we need to let go of old ideas that limit our
spirituality, we need to recognise that we no longer need a "go
between" we can access all the information the universe has to offer
just by believing we can.

It is time to recognise that we can do and be anything we want, no
more negative thinking, we are our own worse enemies, we limit
ourselves every day with old thinking. Believe me, I know how
frustrating it is. I set myself the task of being positive, not
letting negative thoughts get in the way of my progress, and I have to
say that I feel that I am on the up side rather than the down side, I
am at the point where I know when I am going to have a negative
thought and 80% of the time I can bat it away before it reaches my
conscious mind. This exersize involves letting go of a lot of "stuff"
and sometimes that stuff includes people. When we are changing
energetically the more we clear ourselves the less we can have
negative people around us, I find that I am doing a lot of cord
cutting right now, letting go of a lot of guilt. When I realised that
everyone that I have ever had a relationship with was still attached
to me by an invisible cord, I had a light bulb moment and understood
why things that had happened years ago, even back to my childhood were
suddenly in my face again, it is time to let go of all the things that
are holding us back spiritually, emotionally and energetically, it's
time for a spring clean.

Globally with the so called "Financial crisis" things are hotting up,
in the USA they have their election on the 4th. November and we have
our election here in New Zealand on 8th November. The reality is that
changing Governments will not change our energy, only we can change
that, there will be those who are very happy with the outcome, but
there will also be those who are not. So let us as individuals make
the choice to be happy and in joy just because we can, if we affirm
this thought each day on waking it will have a positive effect on us
as individuals, and a flow on effect to everyone we come into contact
with, and will the static 3rd dimentional government exist in the 4th
dimension, I for one don't think it will. Until next time I wish you
all Peace and Many Blessings.

"Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a
kindness." SENCA (c4BCE-65CE)

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