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A Lesson on Demanding.

A Lesson on Demanding.
A Thought Adjuster Transmission – November 11, 2004.

A Lesson on demanding seems strange to you, for what is there to talk about? It even irks you when too many demands are placed upon you. But that, child, is the nature of the human being. He or she never seems to be satisfied, and always demands more, which is fine as long as the demands are reasonable and are not becoming a habit of instant gratification, because no precious lesson of acquiring patience to wait would be learned, and many an opportunity for developing character would be lost. Demanding can be two-fold. The one of lesser importance is the materialistic one; the demanding to know, and the urge to buy and own things. That perceived need to want more and more can never be satisfied. There is always the urge to own more. The same applies to food. If no proper self-discipline is put into place, and the person never listens to his or her body signals, then that clamor to be filled is like a run-away horse, with all sorts of negative results. And as with worldly goods, there needs to be a measure of self-discipline, too. Unbridled-ness, and a giving into temptation, for that is what it is, also brings with it a certain misery if funds are lacking to pay for the extravagance.

Let us now tackle the most important part of demanding. This is the part which is precious in God’s sight; the demands His children place upon Him to be heard, to be listened to. You know by now what I am going to refer to, and that is true. Not many people keep their demands up when their wishes are not immediately fulfilled. Then they dare to say that there is no God, or that it makes no sense to even try, for why should a high and mighty God listen to a puny mortal when He has universes to run and to uphold? However, the secret is that God is so high and mighty, even the smallest cry from the human heart does not escape Him. It is just the opposite. It is the human who does not take the time to listen to His answers. Through chronic impatience, he or she is already on another subject, which needs to be fulfilled, and so the human mind hops, skips and jumps from one thing to the other, rather then taking time to sit peaceably in the Presence of his or her Gift of God within to make friends with that Gift. Note My advice: Establish that oh-so-necessary connection, which does help the human to cope with whatever life dishes out.

When you demand something of God, sit still and listen for an answer, which, no doubt, would be forthcoming with a greater understanding as to why things must need to await the proper outworking. Sometimes the demands to know seem outrageous, and because instant gratification is practiced, people will even go to others who claim to know more, and can supposedly ‘look into another’s future.’ The future is shrouded in the mists of eternity, and everyday lived in faith will bring the most favorable outcome, although it may not seem so to the individual at the time. Do not rob faith of its sweet incense rising before the throne of God. Trust that God is big enough to handle your small affairs, never mind how many demands you place upon God. It is the strength gathered along the way, the disappointments suffered, the lessons learned, and the wisdom thereby gained, which makes the mortal grow towards immortality. And herein lies the lesson to demand the best road in life from God, and letting Him lead you through it all.

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