Thursday, November 6, 2008

SaLuSa 05-November-2008

SaLuSa 05-November-2008 The great awakening continues to take place, and many souls areopening themselves to enlightenment and becoming one with those whohave found the Light. You have been preparing for this time over manylives, having already decided that you would put yourself forward forthe process of Ascension. These final years are clearly the mostimportant ones, as they offer a unique opportunity to move out of thecycle of reincarnation. Even those souls who have already made thechoice to remain in the 3rd dimension, are nevertheless aware thatthey will gain by having been present at such a time. They will carrywith them subconscious memories of this period, and it will assisttheir awakening on a later occasion. No experiences are without theirvalue and particularly at such an important time. Everyone is touchedby the higher energies that are descending upon Earth. With the political changes that will follow the election of a newPresident, there is a renewed interest in life and the expectation ofa new path being taken that will lead to peace amongst all people. Canyou see how the divine plan is working out exactly as intended, andhow you plumb the depths of chaos until the Light is powerful enoughto lift you up again. The path of Humanity is destined to take you outof the control of the dark forces. Already they plan to influence thenew President, but they reckon without his determination to create anew paradigm that brings fairness and honesty into politics. Therewill be much cleansing within the halls of power, none more so thanthe many organizations that have supported the Illuminati. Once thepeople see the changes for good taking place, it will result in anupsurge of support for them and there will be no place for the darkones to hide. There are souls of good intent in all walks of life, and they need asign that their day is coming. It will release all of the pent upenergy and direct it into reshaping your society, more in line withthe model that will carry you onto a new path. We find that if yougive people hope they will respond, and join in wholeheartedly withthe moves to carry Humanity forward into the New Age. It will not takelong before they realize, that they hold the power to change all thatis out of balance and needs bringing onto the Light. For many thesecoming times will be unbelievable, as many events will follow on soquickly. It will be clear that a new course is being laid down, onethat acknowledges the rights of all people to share in the wealth ofthe world. Gone will be the belligerent and warlike approach of past leaders andthose in places of power. Be assured that many lighted souls just waittheir opportunity to move out of the shadows, and support those DearOnes who have taken up the responsibility for world-shaking changes.Behind them are our own personnel who will protect them in their timeof emergence. The dark will find very soon that their power is beingcurtailed, and there will be growing opposition to their attempts tocling onto it. It has been written that the dark shall concede to theLight, and so allow the final stage of this cycle to go ahead.Therefore you can remove your attention from the dark forces and theirdemise, and focus on manifesting your vision of the future. Live yourLight now, as you do not have to wait for it to bring the changesabout. By doing so you will be helping the Light to become fullygrounded upon Earth. When you are told that your true reality is different to what you havebeen experiencing, and that life as you live it in the 3rd dimensionis an illusion, realize that it cannot harm you if you stay on thepath of Light. Those who are out of balance bring adverse results tothemselves, and that is the Law of Attraction at work. There is no godthat is meting out punishment, and your true God is one of UnlimitedLove and Light. You choose your experiences and also lessons to takeyou forward on your evolutionary path. Now the cycle of duality iscoming to an end, and the Law of Grace will allow for your progressonto Ascension and little need for further lessons. All souls wherever they are in the Universe follow a path similar toyours, and likewise when they have passed beyond the need forexperience in duality, move on to dimensions of Light. It is not theend of experience but instead of being so intense as it is in duality,the whole vista of the Cosmos opens up to you where harmony andbalance already exist. As you ascend each level, so the degree ofperfection in everything becomes more pronounced and beautiful.Eventually you move fully into the Light and out of the dimensions ofform. However, with your heightened levels of creative power you canpresent yourself as a Light Being. Hence, when you see such Beingsthey are surrounded by an aura of shimmering light, and it shines fromevery cell of their bodies. The energy and light that accompaniesgreat Beings, is felt as an empowering love that lifts you up whilstyou are in their presence. We of the Galactic Federation see that on Earth, the Light isbeginning to bring out your love for your fellow beings. It is sonecessary as you emerge out of the darkness, as so much is needed tobe done. The tasks are formidable to lift up the lives of those whoare the poorest, often with little possessions and without access tothe basic requirements to survive. We have high hopes that events willmove on rapidly, and that we can join you before very long. You needour help to deal with the needs of the people, and galvanize the manywilling helpers into a competent working force. Time is racing by, andas things stand we see our opportunity to openly meet you coming upvery fast. You are on track for the changes that will make it possible. I am SaLuSa from Sirius and observe the Earth from on high, and itshows many areas of darkness but also an expanding grid of Light.Bursts of high energy are reaching you from out of space, and theseare hastening your upliftment. Your evolution is of great importanceto all of us, and you would be surprised if you knew to what extentyour activities are followed. As you might say, a fatherly eye watchesyou intensely and ensures that you are allowed your free choice, todecide how your lives will progress. Beloveds, we carry out the wishesof the Father/Mother as we are dedicated to the Will of God. We aretherefore dedicated to your well-being and success. Thank you SaLuSaMike Quinsey. Please do not use the above email address, it is one way only.My address is michael.quinsey@...To "subscribe" to the ET First Contact List go to: or and click on the "subscribe" button.You must subscribe/unsubscribe from your own computer in order toreceive confirmation that your request has been actioned.Change your address by "unsubscribing" your old one, and "subscribing"the new one. Make sure you "Tick" the appropriate box each time.